Can I Know My Spiritual Guides?

Spirit Guides

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray. Today we want to talk with you about spir­it guides. So many of you ask, Who is my guide? What is my guide’s name? What does my guide look like? You have many ques­tions – so let us speak about them.

When you pray, Who is my guide?, it’s a lit­tle like ask­ing, Who advis­es the pres­i­dent? The cor­rect answer is, it depends!

You have many Spiritual Guides

Every human has any num­ber of spir­i­tu­al guides. You have guides that direct you spir­i­tu­al­ly, pro­fes­sion­al­ly, and health-wise. You also have joy guides that want to show you how to enjoy your life more. Some guides help you care for your pets, gar­dens, lands, and prop­er­ty. Some guides ensure that you make con­nec­tions with those peo­ple you agreed to meet in your pre-incar­na­tion con­tract – such as spous­es, part­ners, co-work­ers, and the like. Each per­son also has fam­i­ly guides that watch over your fam­i­ly line.

You do not have to Consciously Know Your Spiritual Guides

It does not mat­ter whether you are con­scious­ly aware of these guides or not; they are more than con­tent to work in the back­ground! It is sort of like the old mechanic’s joke. The mechan­ic charges more if you talk with them while they do the work – and even more if you give them advice! Hope­ful­ly, you now under­stand that you have more peo­ple root­ing for your suc­cess than you once believed!

Wisdom is More Important than Looks for Spiritual Guides

Let us speak about the guides that help you grow spir­i­tu­al­ly – for these are the ones mys­tics talk about the most. Inward­ly, we all know that there is a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between spir­i­tu­al suc­cess and phys­i­cal suc­cess. Truth­ful­ly, if humankind were to meet their guides phys­i­cal­ly, they might be dis­ap­point­ed. Few were phys­i­cal­ly beau­ti­ful, suc­cess­ful in busi­ness, or pop­u­lar with all of the peo­ple of their day! Not at all! Even today, spir­i­tu­al peo­ple over­look those who are mod­est, hum­ble, unas­sum­ing, meek, poor, or reclu­sive. But we want you to know this; your spir­i­tu­al guide loves God and spir­i­tu­al growth above all. Source has ele­vat­ed them because of this. As your spir­i­tu­al guide, their one goal is to help you ascend as high and far as you pos­si­bly can trav­el on the God-Con­tin­u­um in this present life­time.

What do my Spiritual Guides Look Like?

Let us talk about what your guides look like. Guides are androg­y­nous. Because of their advance­ment on the God-Con­tin­u­um, they are now beings of bal­anced polar­i­ties. They have no need for mas­cu­line or fem­i­nine gen­der iden­ti­ties.  It is true that all of your guides have lived many life­times as both men, women, and vari­a­tions of these! When your guides appear to you as a male or female, it is only as an accom­mo­da­tion they believe will help you. Among humankind, some lis­ten bet­ter to males than females and vice-ver­sa. Your guides use what­ev­er form they believe is best for you. In time, most mys­tics report that they work with both male and female guides. What we have said about gen­der is also true about the appear­ance of spir­i­tu­al guides.

Your guides will appear to you in a form they believe is help­ful to you. If you respond bet­ter to a guide dressed as a monk, or per­haps the way they clothed them­selsves in the times of Jesus, that is how they will appear to you. The guides dress in ways that bet­ter allow you to receive their mes­sages.

What is the Name of my Spiritual Guide?

Humankind is very con­cerned about names. To have cred­i­bil­i­ty with a human being; one must usu­al­ly announce them­selves by some name or anoth­er – even if it is a fictic­u­ous name. While we humans have cre­at­ed thou­sands of names titles for God, Source-Con­scious­ness, and the Divine, heav­en is more con­cerned about vibra­to­ry states! It is okay to ask for a guide’s name, but it is even more impor­tant to pay atten­tion to the mes­sages you receive. Often, guides with­hold their names until both of you are bet­ter acquaint­ed with the ener­gy they bring.

Truth­ful­ly, names are con­ve­niences that guides use to com­mu­ni­cate with human beings. Trick­ster guides (the mis­chief mak­ers) often declare that they are Jesus, Moth­er Mary, or some high­ly rec­og­nized deity. They enjoy fool­ing humans who would pay them no atten­tion if they knew who they real­ly were!  Is it pos­si­ble that Jesus or Moth­er Mary is your guide? Absolute­ly and high­ly pos­si­ble! The point is, we must learn to judge our guide more by the qual­i­ty of their vibra­tion and the wis­dom of their mes­sages than some name they pro­vide us.

You can Name Your Guide

Many peo­ple do not know, but it is per­fect­ly fine to assign a name for your guide – pro­vid­ed you ask them before you do. If you have been receiv­ing advice and wis­dom for a peri­od of time and don’t have a name, ask your guide how they would feel if you assigned them a name. It’s all good.

What if You Don’t Know Your Spiritual Guide’s Name?

The mes­sage is more impor­tant than the name of your guide. If your mes­sage is filled with hope and good­ness – that is a spir­i­tu­al mes­sage. If it is filled with anger and hate; it is not a spir­i­tu­al mes­sage even if your guide claims the name of a holy angel. As we said before, names are con­ven­tions that guides use in their com­mu­ni­ca­tion with us. Our guides have held many earth­ly names. Hav­ing said all of this, guides will fre­quent­ly give names that describe their work.

Broth­er Thomas says that “he” chose his name because it rep­re­sents the love of God by Thomas Aquinas, the skep­ti­cism of the apos­tle known as Doubt­ing Thomas, and the great love of sci­ence and log­ic, Thomas Edi­son. Broth­er Thomas some­times uses the pro­noun “we” in his dic­ta­tions indi­cat­ing that he is speak­ing for a group of beings like him – instead of him­self alone.

Can I See and Know My Spiritual Guides?

Loved ones, you can quick­ly know your guides! Our mes­sages of love and wis­dom are how you know us. Spend time with us, chan­nel our words, and you will come to know us as well as any human friend. Can you come to know our true appear­ance? That is trick­i­er. Yes, you are ful­ly able to per­ceive the pro­jec­tions we send you – and we often send them to you to assist our con­ver­sa­tions with you. When you form an appear­ance of us in your mind, it becomes a quick and easy way to sum­mon us.

Truth­ful­ly, as we have said in anoth­er les­son, our true appear­ance, like yours, is fire.  When you med­i­tate upon the vio­let flame, that is a more appro­pri­ate snap­shot of who we are than some phys­i­cal form we have cre­at­ed for you. We remind our fol­low­ers that humankind has become so enmeshed with the human expe­ri­ence that most have for­got­ten their true “fiery” form.

Meet Your Spiritual Guides in Meditation

For those who are will­ing to ask for help and spend time in med­i­ta­tion, it will not be long before a guide appears. Some­times it is a voice that speaks into your mind. Oth­ers may have a clear vision that is full of details. Just keep in mind the most impor­tant things are to set aside time for med­i­ta­tion and to humbly ask your angels, spir­its, and guides for any wis­dom and guid­ance that you need. As we knock upon the door, it opens. Those who ask, shall receive!

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