Can I Know My Spiritual Guides?

Spirit Guides

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. Today we want to talk with you about spirit guides. So many of you ask, Who is my guide? What is my guide’s name? What does my guide look like? You have many questions–so let us speak about them.

When you pray, Who is my guide?, it’s a little like asking, Who advises the president? The correct answer is, it depends!

You have many Spiritual Guides

Every human has any number of spiritual guides. You have guides that direct you spiritually, professionally, and health-wise. You also have joy guides that want to show you how to enjoy your life more. Some guides help you care for your pets, gardens, lands, and property. Some guides ensure that you make connections with those people you agreed to meet in your pre-incarnation contract–such as spouses, partners, co-workers, and the like. Each person also has family guides that watch over your family line.

You do not have to Consciously Know Your Spiritual Guides

It does not matter whether you are consciously aware of these guides or not; they are more than content to work in the background! It is sort of like the old mechanic’s joke. The mechanic charges more if you talk with them while they do the work–and even more if you give them advice! Hopefully, you now understand that you have more people rooting for your success than you once believed!

Wisdom is More Important than Looks for Spiritual Guides

Let us speak about the guides that help you grow spiritually–for these are the ones mystics talk about the most. Inwardly, we all know that there is a significant difference between spiritual success and physical success. Truthfully, if humankind were to meet their guides physically, they might be disappointed. Few were physically beautiful, successful in business, or popular with all of the people of their day! Not at all! Even today, spiritual people overlook those who are modest, humble, unassuming, meek, poor, or reclusive. But we want you to know this; your spiritual guide loves God and spiritual growth above all. Source has elevated them because of this. As your spiritual guide, their one goal is to help you ascend as high and far as you possibly can travel on the God-Continuum in this present lifetime.

What do my Spiritual Guides Look Like?

Let us talk about what your guides look like. Guides are androgynous. Because of their advancement on the God-Continuum, they are now beings of balanced polarities. They have no need for masculine or feminine gender identities.  It is true that all of your guides have lived many lifetimes as both men, women, and variations of these! When your guides appear to you as a male or female, it is only as an accommodation they believe will help you. Among humankind, some listen better to males than females and vice-versa. Your guides use whatever form they believe is best for you. In time, most mystics report that they work with both male and female guides. What we have said about gender is also true about the appearance of spiritual guides.

Your guides will appear to you in a form they believe is helpful to you. If you respond better to a guide dressed as a monk, or perhaps the way they clothed themselsves in the times of Jesus, that is how they will appear to you. The guides dress in ways that better allow you to receive their messages.

What is the Name of my Spiritual Guide?

Humankind is very concerned about names. To have credibility with a human being; one must usually announce themselves by some name or another–even if it is a ficticuous name. While we humans have created thousands of names titles for God, Source-Consciousness, and the Divine, heaven is more concerned about vibratory states! It is okay to ask for a guide’s name, but it is even more important to pay attention to the messages you receive. Often, guides withhold their names until both of you are better acquainted with the energy they bring.

Truthfully, names are conveniences that guides use to communicate with human beings. Trickster guides (the mischief makers) often declare that they are Jesus, Mother Mary, or some highly recognized deity. They enjoy fooling humans who would pay them no attention if they knew who they really were!  Is it possible that Jesus or Mother Mary is your guide? Absolutely and highly possible! The point is, we must learn to judge our guide more by the quality of their vibration and the wisdom of their messages than some name they provide us.

You can Name Your Guide

Many people do not know, but it is perfectly fine to assign a name for your guide–provided you ask them before you do. If you have been receiving advice and wisdom for a period of time and don’t have a name, ask your guide how they would feel if you assigned them a name. It’s all good.

What if You Don’t Know Your Spiritual Guide’s Name?

The message is more important than the name of your guide. If your message is filled with hope and goodness–that is a spiritual message. If it is filled with anger and hate; it is not a spiritual message even if your guide claims the name of a holy angel. As we said before, names are conventions that guides use in their communication with us. Our guides have held many earthly names. Having said all of this, guides will frequently give names that describe their work.

Brother Thomas says that “he” chose his name because it represents the love of God by Thomas Aquinas, the skepticism of the apostle known as Doubting Thomas, and the great love of science and logic, Thomas Edison. Brother Thomas sometimes uses the pronoun “we” in his dictations indicating that he is speaking for a group of beings like him–instead of himself alone.

Can I See and Know My Spiritual Guides?

Loved ones, you can quickly know your guides! Our messages of love and wisdom are how you know us. Spend time with us, channel our words, and you will come to know us as well as any human friend. Can you come to know our true appearance? That is trickier. Yes, you are fully able to perceive the projections we send you–and we often send them to you to assist our conversations with you. When you form an appearance of us in your mind, it becomes a quick and easy way to summon us.

Truthfully, as we have said in another lesson, our true appearance, like yours, is fire.  When you meditate upon the violet flame, that is a more appropriate snapshot of who we are than some physical form we have created for you. We remind our followers that humankind has become so enmeshed with the human experience that most have forgotten their true “fiery” form.

Meet Your Spiritual Guides in Meditation

For those who are willing to ask for help and spend time in meditation, it will not be long before a guide appears. Sometimes it is a voice that speaks into your mind. Others may have a clear vision that is full of details. Just keep in mind the most important things are to set aside time for meditation and to humbly ask your angels, spirits, and guides for any wisdom and guidance that you need. As we knock upon the door, it opens. Those who ask, shall receive!

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