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My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I am a friend to all mystics and those seeking ascension through the raising of their vibration. One of my dearest friends is the entity humanity knows as Jesus the Christ. Jesus is not only one of the most acclaimed prophets of the earthly realms, but his energy on the God-Continuum also places him among the highest of the ascended masters. Jesus is not the only ascended master there is, but he is among the highest of them.

The consciousness of Jesus abides at the nexus point between fully merged Divine Consciousness and the exaulted ancient ones who serve the worlds of matter, time, and space.

Brother Thomas

The Right Hand of God

The Holy Bible describes Christ as living at the right hand of God. Though this language is figurative, it accurately describes his location on the God-Continuum. The consciousness of Jesus resides at that place which divides the matter-space worlds with the fully merged consciousness of Divine Source. The Biblical saying that No man comes to the father except through me is literally true. It does not mean that one must be a Christian, it refers to the location of Christ upon the God-Continuum. Like a continental divide, his energy is the dividing point between fully merged Divine Consciousness and the matter-space worlds.

Who is Jesus?

As it relates to humanity, the entity Jesus is among the oldest of the created souls. Jesus was the name of an earthly man. Christ is a term that means anointed. Jesus Christ literally means, Jesus the anointed. The anointing of which we speak is the Christ Consciousness which allows humankind to fully know the truth about the unity of all things and the Spiritual Sovereignty of one’s soul.

Like all who travel the worlds of matter, time, and space, Jesus learned the same lessons required of all who journey the physical worlds.

To those who have been given the Bible’s secret wisdom, Jesus represents the perfect completion of Adam (the first man) and his future incarnations as the biblical prophets Enoch and Elijah. His ascension as Christ is the figurative representation of the completion of the Soul’s journey from creation to full ascension. This potential represented in the personage of Jesus is available to all souls. Jesus said that followers after him would do even greater things!

Brother Thomas

Beyond humanity, Christ intentionally remains at a designated address within the God-Continuum rather than live fully a merged existence as some souls choose to do after long service. Jesus place at the right hand of God bestows upon him the oversight of heavens and the earth of this hyper-dimension.

Can we know what Jesus said?

Given the passing of several thousand years beyond Jesus death, a great deal of lore and dogma have come into existence surrounding the life of Jesus the Christ. Even the Catholic church, one of the longest-lived Christian organizations could not easily decide which books about Jesus belonged in the official canon of books (the Bible). Contrary to many claims, no one really knows for sure which words recorded in the Bible are Christ’s.

People around the world today are taught received historical teachings about what Jesus supposedly said. It is important to affirm that no one objectively knows the exact words of Jesus. Mystics who follow or consider Jesus as one of their ascended teachers must rely upon a subjective faith when deciding what to believe about the man Jesus–as well as his teachings! This is also true of many other ancient teachers we revere.

We know that many people take issue with the claim that we cannot know the actual words of Jesus. Even so, it is only intellectually honest to admit that we hold to a subjective faith over objective facts (the lack thereof) when it comes to Jesus and his teachings. Further, we clearly state that faith in Christ is more of an art than a science.

Brother Thomas

What did Jesus teach?

According to the Bible, when the religious leaders of the day asked Jesus which commands were the most important he stated, Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. We believe that the most accurate words of Jesus are those recorded as his “sermon on the mount” (Matthew chapters 5 – 7). We also recognize the many parables as likely stories told by Jesus. These stories, which have multilayered meanings, are similar in form to many other religious teachers. Honestly, if one wishes to go to the heart of Jesus teachings, spend time with the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12). There are only eight short verses to study.

Did Jesus really live upon the earth?

Though the Bible makes strong claims, if we are intellectually honest, there is no hard evidence (facts beyond dispute) to prove that Jesus actually lived upon the earth. Using the Bible to prove a Biblical claim is what is known as a tautology–or circular reasoning. Hard evidence, for instance, would be historical records from the Roman empire and so forth. Even though we do not have official records, there are good reasons to believe that Jesus did live as the Bible claims.

One of the best reasons to assume that Jesus actually lived has to do with the spread of Christianity around the world. The long history and establishment of the Catholic church, as well as writings by the early church leaders, convinced millions of people that Jesus lived. There is also factual evidence that shortly after the time of Christ, hundreds of men and women willing sacrificed their lives than renounce their faith. While many of the New Testament Gospels were written years after Jesus death, they claimed to be written by eye-witnesses. These witnesses, in turn, began a movement that was convincing to millions of people unto this very day.

Belief in Jesus Requires Faith not Evidence

There are countless books on the subject of Christian apologetics (reasons for believing in Jesus). We have seen many of them and have come to this conclusion. There is no subjective hard evidence that one can rely upon to factually support the claim that Jesus lived. To believe in Jesus, one must make a choice to believe (faith) and to place their faith upon these subjective claims.

To those who believe in the validity of knowing truth beyond scientific and objective means, faith in Christ poses no problems. Christ is about training the heart instead of placing trust in the observable order about us.

Brother Thomas

Though Brother Thomas is a firm believer in the existence of Christ, one does not need to believe in Jesus in order to be a mystic or spiritual person. The teachings of Christ are one of many paths leading to transcendence.

Was Jesus born of a virgin?

The answer is both yes and no. Actually, the biblical word that is translated virgin also means “maiden” or young woman. This word does not necessarily have to mean that Jesus was born to someone who had never had sex. Christians rely upon the virgin birth in order to demonstrate that Jesus was both divine and human. Jesus is not any less divine just because he was conceived by human parents.

Jesus, like all humanity, had an earthly mother and a father. This does not make him any less important or divine.

Brother Thomas

Did Jesus perform miracles?

The Bible describes Jesus as a miracle worker who could walk on water, turn water into wine, manifest food for crowds, heal the sick, and raise the dead. Again, it is hard to know which of these things, if any, are true and which are lore.

A question for Christians today is this. Would you still believe in Jesus if no miracles were recorded? Are his teachings enough or must you make him a Superman?

Brother Thomas

We have no trouble believing that Jesus did many fantastic things during his life upon the earth. At the same time, we are convinced that Jesus’ teachings are more important than any miracles he may have produced.

Even though you to see a person levitating right before your very eyes, don’t allow yourself to be overly impressed. Rather, examine the life and teachings of such a person before deciding to believe or follow.

Brother Thomas

We affirm that Jesus was a master teacher and an amazing healer. He could channel the universal life force energy and do many exciting things. This same life force energy is available to all. One day we too will have the ability to manipulate this energy as he did.

Did Jesus have a wife?

Scripture mentions no wife for Jesus. We believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and that they had children together. We believe there is a living lineage that continues from this line today.

Is Jesus the Christ the son of God?

If you read our teachings in Spiritus Lumine, you know we believe that there is only one thing going on! Nothing exists or can exist apart from Source. Everything is God–a part of God. The fact that we exist in human form does not change this profound fact. Thus, we may all claim to be “sons and daughters of God.”

Jesus is a Son of God in the same way that all awakened men and women are. What is truer is that Jesus exists at a position on the God-Continuum which separates the heavenly and matter worlds. This unique location bestows upon him the responsibility of powers and dominions that are unfathomable to most of humankind.

It is not helpful to think of Jesus as a singular force apart from the rest of the God-Continuum. Many exalted beings such as angels, ascended masters, and the like do sacred work as well. All who seek to know Divine Consciousness may rightfully claim to be daughters and sons of God.

Did Jesus arise from the dead?

Mystics know there is no such thing as death. All souls are eternal. None of us die. Even so, humankind does not yet have mastery over life forces that allow us to heal and reclaim a dead body. Jesus had this power–and one day we shall have it as well.

Having said all of this, as amazing as it may seem, we believe that Jesus the man was crucified and that he rose from the dead. Jesus powers were and still are unimaginable. Both his death and resurrection were part of his plan for being upon the earth.

Does Jesus Save Us from our Sins?

We cannot accept the statement that Jesus died for the sins of the world, as it is commonly expressed and understood. The notion many Christians teach is that God’s holiness and justice requires a perfect sacrifice to serve as the punishment of our sins. This teaching further states that God’s holiness cannot abide the presence of any sin. Thus, if Jesus had not been willing to die upon the cross; all of humanity would suffer eternal damnation. This confusing teaching is supposed to illustrate God’s love.

Divine Consciousness does not condemn anyone–much less torture someone for all eternity because of mistakes made while living upon the earth.

Brother Thomas

We too believe in God’s perfectly abiding love. We hold that God does not condemn humankind to a burning hell because they are less than perfect–or even sinful. In fact, we hold that the very purpose of our incarnation is not perfection–but to improve and get progressively better. All of us are a fractal aspect of the divine. The human teaching that sin separates men and women from the love of God ignores our very reason for incarnating in the first place. We especially dismiss the claim that all are lost (condemned to hell) unless they accept the forgiveness of sins offered by Jesus.

It is true that Jesus died at the hands of sinful men and women. True also that he forgave them of their actions which resulted in his death. It is truer that the person of Jesus was killed because his teachings disrupted the social and religious order of the day. The religious leader’s in the region where he lived suffered a great loss of social esteem because Jesus easily convinced crowds of their hypocrisy. These same leaders had many friends in the Roman government and they convinced these leaders to put him to death.

Love versus Power

The life of Jesus exposes the very real differences between choosing to live a life based upon power versus love.

Brother Thomas

Today, if people chose to love God and people over religious and political teachings, chaos would ensue! Imagine a world where national borders do not exclude people. Money and power serve only a few. Were money used to enhance the human condition instead of providing profits for only a few, the world would be radically different.

What might the world look like if humans behaved as Spiritual Sovereigns instead of listening to political leaders who pander to the whims of the largest crowds they can assemble? What would happen if we all refused to kill one another? If all treated others as they wish to be treated, the world would change overnight. The collective consciousness of Earth would be greatly enhanced.

A proper understanding of Christ’s teachings can transform the hell of one’s daily existence into a paradise. Misunderstanding and misuse of scripture can make people’s lives a living hell.

Brother Thomas

Proper faith in Jesus leads one to union with Divine Consciousness just as surely as many other paths. Being filled with the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God changes one’s life for the better and helps one to ascend further along the God Continuum.

Jesus is more of an experience–a Christ Consciousness.

The Jesus we encourage you to study is not tied to any tradition or religious heritage. Read his radical teachings for yourself in the sermon on the mount and see what, if anything, you desire to incorporate into your life. Resist the temptation to allow others to explain these teachings to you. As a spiritual sovereign, you are perfectly able to to make these decisions for yourself. If you are already familiar with them, try to read them again with fresh eyes–as though it were the first time.

Jesus as a master teacher and ascended master

Jesus was a master teacher during his time upon the earth and he is an ascended master outside of the Earthly plane as well. Christians will often as you to “invite Jesus into your heart.” We invite you to do the same–minus the religious baggage that most denominations will impose upon you. Like all of the ascended masters, the master Jesus is willing to help any who call upon his name.

The sum of Jesus’ teachings is that we should love God with all of our hearts, soul, mind, and strength–and to love our neighbor as we love our self. This respect for all people–no matter one’s race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender, or any other distinction is what opens the heart for Christ to dwell and his consciousness to abide. Any person who accepts this teaching as a daily practice and invites Jesus to dwell within their heart as a mystical practice will receive the mystic Christ Consciousness–whether they call themselves Christian or not.

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