The Initiation of Awakening

My dear mystical readers, this is Brother Thomas. I am your guide and devotee of the Violet Ray–the beautiful energy that is distributed throughout all dimensions of time and space by the Spiritus Lumine to serve as a heavenly beacon for those seeking the Light of Source-Consciousness. We proclaim that now is the time to let this violet light be the instrument of your awakening! Yes, this Violet Ray (and the Violet Flame we ask you to imagine in your meditations) not only purifies, it causes the Soul to awaken to ITs self!

The Initiation of Awakening

Awakening is a special moment of Soul Initiation when the Soul-Being realizes the actual significance of what it means to be a Spark of the Divine!

We guides await expectantly for this moment in the same way that humans anticipate the birth of their children! As Souls awaken, we guides see your light from across the dimensions of space and time and  come to your aid–much like a midwife to assist your awakening. Once you awaken, be assured that the God-Continuum will send additional guides to help you process this important initiation.

This awakening of Soul-Self is no little accomplishment. This is the moment Soul perceive’s its birthright and responsibility to become the Spiritual Sovereign Source created it to be. This is the moment when Soul consciousness replaces the human awareness with a realization of the oneness of all things, the unity of time, space, matter, and the vastness of all created things–as well as the seeds of creations to come. In this slice of eternity, the awakened Soul realizes once more the encyclical charge given unto them by the Infinite-Vastness of Source-Consciousness at that very moment when IT set a Spark of ITs Source-Conscious-Lifeforce aside to create the Soul that you are!

Awakening Changes our Views

The initiation of Awakening is the place where Soul sees the futility of describing creation in terms of time, space, place, matter, and the like. There is only the interplay of Source Consciousness at work and nothing more. There is only one thing going on. There is no enlightenment to seek, just the realization that your existence as Soul is Source’s very own way of being you! The Spark of the Divine, which is who you are, allows you to leave the nest of Oneness and experience a new quest as a Sovereign God.

The Awakening Initiation is the moment when the criticism of life, as humans view it, ends–for it no longer makes sense. The Soul now knows that all things which occur happen precisely as the Oneness imagined it should. All human perceptions of good, bad, right, and wrong, fold into a continuum of events written and produced by Source-Consciousness as a holographic story. This is a story where harm is perceived, but none is done. Source cannot harm ITself.

Awakening: No Death or Dying

Awakening reveals the fallacy of death and dying. Renewal, arising, and falling occurs–nothing more. Source is all there is, and Source cannot die. Where would it go? Our Spark of the Divine comes and goes as it will as well–for that is the nature of ITs Source-Self. Your Soul now enjoys a moment of earthly awareness, but this will not last. Why should it? There is so much to see, do, learn, experience, grow, and accomplish as an Almighty Spiritual Sovereign. You sign up for lessons, take them, and move on.

The Awakening Initiation is Yours

My children now is the time to awaken to yourself! If you have read this, it is yours for the asking. This moment of initiatory awakening is available to all. It is the gift of the violet flame. In your meditation time, ask Brother Thomas, Saint Germain, or any guide of the light sent to help you, to set your human awareness aside long enough for you to glimpse the glory of that Divine Spark. How, you may ask?

My loved ones, did you know that when you see the violet flame–you are beholding your own Divinity–your own glorious Spark? Ponder this, hold it in your heart, and see that this is true! Behold the flame and ask Brother Thomas, or your guides, to explain more about what your awakening means. The Awakening Initiation is yours and wondrous things are ahead!

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