Incarnational Lessons

There are four incarnational stages in the worlds of space, time, and matter.

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray reminding you that time, as you count it is short. From our viewpoint, your lives are mere wisps of vapor. But even from your slowed-down vantage point of three-dimensional earth, you must admit that life is short as well. Take out the earliest moments of life spent as a child–learning to speak and understanding the most fundamental things. Now subtract the later years of mental decline and infirmity. Remove also the years given to sleep and those given to idleness–such media entertainment. Soon you will see that the time one has to grow the soul and learn incarnational lessons in the worlds of matter is very limited!

We do not say these things to shame you for we too enjoyed our moments of material pleasure and adventure. Indeed, the matter worlds exist at the good pleasure of Divine Consciousness as a means of knowing ITs self all the better. At the same time, we here from this side want to remind you to focus your energies upon learning your incarnational lessons. As we have said many times, Boot Camp Earth can never be defeated, only transcended.

Incarnational Lessons Common for All Souls

Wherever you may be in your journey of soul realization, there are certain lessons common to all. The first lessons, which may seem obvious to our readers, take numerous lifetimes. That is because souls on this particular branch and journey of Divine Consciousness are supposed to learn many intricate lessons in the worlds of matter. Many of these lessons are about learning how to manipulate the human form and to manifest people, places, and things with little or no awareness of a greater purpose than human existence. Survival is the order of the day. Let us list some of these basic lessons.

First Lessons: Physical Manifesting

Surprising to some, there is an order to spiritual progression. The creation of our souls is a glorious moment. The Hebrew Bible would describe it as Eden. In this existence, our Souls live in close contact with the creator in a dimensional form that allows it some physicality–but more of a high-frequency hybrid spiritual existence. During this time the souls are given a mission that is entirely worthy of the God-Fractal placed within the Lux Animae. It is a time of innocence and love.

At some point comes a “knock at the door” and souls are kicked out of Eden to begin its training in the worlds of time, matter, and space. When this point of separation happens, the soul incarnates as a fully physical being and arrives “blank slated;” that is, there are no conscious memories of its spiritual condition while it exists in physical form.

Brother Thomas

By current standards, these lifetimes are brutish. Men and women alike are mostly driven by their inborn physical instincts of fighting, surviving, and procreating. Even so, the Spark of the Divine continues to communicate with humanity through dreams and synchronistic experiences. Shamans, medicine folk, and seers of all kinds begin to emerge and help their tribes find better ways to live. The goals of these existences are to learn how to use the physical body to manifest whatever it needs for survival.

Incarnational Lessons leading to Awakening

After a sufficient number of holographic experiences where one manipulates a physical body in the dimensions of time, matter, and space, one is given the right to experience these matter worlds with an awareness of the body, mind, and soul. Compared to other incarnations, this is a great gift–allowing one to greatly speed-up one’s soul development. Even so, it will take many lifetimes to fully integrate not only the energetic forces but the reasons behind Divine Consciousness’s desire to experience ITself in this way.

At some point, the Divine Light within your Lux Animae begins to gently shake your sleeping awareness and calls your name until your spiritual eyes begin to open and you awaken. This will be a time of new understanding. Things that were once hidden begin to make perfect sense. This is the new birth spoken of in the holy scriptures.

Brother Thomas

Spirits in a Human Body

The doorway to awakening is a complete understanding that you are an immortal soul inhabiting a human body. Once this notion is fully realized, a greater sense of purpose overtakes one’s reason for being. This allows one to consciously realize that the soul never dies and that its work is a continuous thread of experiences and lessons. We hardly throw off one body before we incarnate once again to either continue where we left off or experience some new concept that is necessary to accomplish the big picture reason for our soul’s existence in the first place.

The One Existence

Similar to the notion above is the understanding that nothing exists but Divine Consciousness–and that everything else is little more than an illusion. Although we may perceive many existential elements that persuade us we are individual and unique, an awakened soul realizes that all of this is little more than the active projection from the mind of Divine Consciousness. It is a logical impossibility that anything could exist apart from the Source.

There is only one mind and it thinks ITs thoughts. There are no space, time, matter, dimensions, people, places, or things–only the Divine Thought which creates those things through the power of ITs consciousness. The existence of all things could collapse in a blink if IT were to only change ITs thoughts!

Brother Thomas

The Unity of All Things

Because there is only one thing going on, everything is unified. Though one may have a feeling of individuality, it is only a trick of the Divine Mind that IT uses to know ITself better. You cannot be separate from anyone or anything–for all is one.

The real you is a fractal of a greater whole so that Divine Consciousness might know ITself better as IT answers ITs own version of the question, “Who am I?”

Brother Thomas

Knowing these three divine lessons: You are a spirit in a physical body, The One Existence, and The Unity of All Things, provides the conscious awareness with what it needs to know in order to awaken unto ITself. From our side, those who fully understand these lessons are considered as awakened beings. Once awakened, it is time to become more fully alert.

Incarnational Lessons for the Newly Awakened

Once awakened, there are new things to learn. These lessons are designed to bring the Soul from ITs long slumber into a greater state of alertness by introducing a great amount of metaphysical knowledge into conscious awareness. At the same time, new experiences begin to strengthen one’s relationship with Divine Consciousness as one gets to know themselves better as soul. These lessons build confidence as one learns how to utilize spiritual energies.

The time for slumber is over. Now is the time to become fully alert. There are many things you need to know and many skills to develop so that you may become the royalty you are destined to be.

Brother Thomas

These lessons may take several incarnations to fully appreciate and understand. No matter, the Divine Light within is very patient and will continue to map out the soul’s development at its most comfortable pace. Here are some of the lessons that move one to greater alertness.

Universal Spiritual Laws

The first lessons of alertness have to do with developing a greater understanding of universal spiritual laws. Until now, one may or not have been exposed to religious teachings. It is at this point that one comes to understand the hidden dimension behind many religious principles that most do not understand. Soon, one learns many new principles as well. These new understandings supersede past teachings and understandings–leading one to new realms of spiritual understanding and power.

Spiritual Pings – Synchronicity

Very quickly upon awakening, the Soul perceives numerous spiritual messages that are being sent for their guidance via spiritual messaging or synchronicities which we call spiritual pings. To the unawakened, co-incidental happenings have little or no meaning beyond the obvious fact that two seemingly unrelated events happened simultaneously. An awakened person perceives these events very differently. When songs intrude upon our consciousness, we pay attention to its inner meanings. When we seek answers about some question (no matter how mundane) we give thanks to our spiritual guides when the answer miraculously appears.

We guides are more willing to communicate with you than you are with us. We do not care who you are or what you have done in the past. The moment you invite us, we appear and speak to you at your appropriate level of advancement. Call to us and see that this is so.

Brother Thomas

Though synchronicities happen to all, the awakened gives credit, thanks, and gratitude to their spiritual guides for the desired information. More importantly, the awakened develop a private language between themselves and their guides which signal how future synchronicities will be interpreted–bringing about even more of these events.

Extra-Dimensional Help

The awakened have greatly expanded notions about extra-dimensional help and guidance. We refine our view of God as a singular monolithic being to that of a God-Continuum consisting of all things–some which may be experienced discretely or individually. For instance, awakened mystics perceive loved ones who have passed, angels, spirits, guides, master guides, teachers, nature spirits, and aspects of themselves all as valid members of the God-Continuum. Further, each of these guides offers unique qualities of experience that are perceptibly different.

In your moment of deep despair, never forget that your loving guides are near to offer you solace and help.

Brother Thomas

Mystical Practices

The awakened also acquire new skills that allow them to strengthen their connection with divine consciousness. These mystical practices include, meditation, contemplation, increased knowledge of metaphysical teachings, experimentation with a variety of vibratory energies and vibration, and exercises which develop and heighten psychic abilities. These abilities should not be perceived as special or miraculous–they are merely ways of extending the capacities that have been given to all humankind. Even as some athletes do amazing things with their physical bodies, so mystics learn to extend their awareness beyond the ordinary as well. What mystics do in this dimension would be considered as ordinary in the dimensions immediately higher than us.

Holographic Rules of Boot Camp Earth

The next lessons of alertness have to do with understanding the point of being incarnated into this particular plane of matter which we call Boot Camp Earth. It is here that one learns the truth about the holographic rules which govern this domain, human misery and suffering, and karma. An understanding of these elements is a vital prerequisite for moving into the next set of lessons which involve ascension.

Boot Camp Earth can never be defeated–but it can be transcended. Never fear your time here upon the Earth. Instead, surrender your ego to that of the Divine Light within and transcend Earth once and for all. In this way, your lessons are completed.

Brother Thoms

Incarnational Lessons: Ascension

The last set of incarnational lessons we will discuss are for those who are ready to do the work of ascension. These unique souls are aware of the reasons their incarnation, understand their unique work in this holographic experience and are connected solidly enough with the Spiritus Lumine (the divine light and sound of God) to teach others and transcend this plane of existence.

The main difference between those who are becoming alert and the ascension orientation is that the spiritual focus is exclusively about healing–both themselves and others of all conditions that block the soul’s growth and ascension.

Brother Thomas

Energetic Healing

There are many forms of healing that one may learn to master while in the physical form. No matter the approach, all rely upon an ability to channel the universal healing force to re-energize or correct the matter template of the some person, place, or thing.

Notice that we do not relegate healing as a physical activity for the bodily ills of humankind. There is healing work to be done for social justice, humankind’s emotional and mental bodies, and the ecological work of channeling energy for the healing the planet. Healing work has many modalities and all are vitally important.

The overall goal of ascension based healers is to set aside one’s own egoic will and pride so as to be an open channel for the flow of universal Divine Energy.

Brother Thomas

It is the energy that does the healing work and not the channel. Healers make themselves available to work with the divine forces–as these forces decide.

Akashic Record Counseling

Very closely related to spiritual healing is the willingness to search one’s Akashic records. Every soul has a virtual storehouse of everything it has thought, said, and done–both in this life and between lives. These records help explain present day events to those who may be experiencing the anxieties of everyday life. There are also other records, much like the internet, that one may query–provided permission is given by an appropriate authority on the God-Continuum.

The work of an Akashic records counselor requires the discipline of learning not only how to properly access the records, but also how to interpret metaphorical symbols and dream fragments. Counselors must also know how to keep secrets and maintain silence as they learn things that others are not ready to received.

Spiritual Council and Teaching

There are many different forms of spiritual teachers and counselors. In the new age that is dawning, a good number of individuals have awakened and become alert enough to function as channels for the sacred masters. Spiritual counselors and teachers care for each of the souls they meet. They are here to help with the awakening process. Their single desire is to help each soul find a worthy path so that IT develops as much as it can during an incarnation. While much could be written on this one subject alone, we think it important to describe a few characteristics of a good spiritual teacher.

Of primary importance is a spiritual teacher’s willingness to respect the Law of Spiritual Sovereignty–not only for themselves but for their students as well.

Brother Thomas

Each soul is a world and law unto ITself. A true spiritual teacher is authoritative but does not exercise authority over the lives of their students. This is not to say that a teacher may not have requirements for study or that they shouldn’t charge their students for time, energy, and resources required. What we are saying is that a true spiritual teacher allows all students the right to choose for themselves what is right and true for them.

Closely related to spiritual sovereignty is the notion of respecting other teachers and paths. Divine Spirit creates many paths for souls to follow along its journey of growth and development. For instance, the Kabbalah may be a profound path of spiritual growth and power for one person and totally inappropriate for another. Even these lessons provided by Spiritus Lumine are not meant for everyone. It is no insult to any spiritual teacher when a serious student chooses a path of spiritual study over another.

The worthy spiritual teacher cares more for the soul development of each person they meet more than whether a student may choose to study with them.

Brother Thomas

Another important quality of spiritual teachers is that they clearly exhibit contact with Divine Consciousness. That is, they live the life they proclaim. They do not require one thing for themselves and another thing for their students. They are living examples of the teachings they expound.

Earthly spiritual teachers are not perfect and anyone claiming to be so is not worthy of your admiration.

Brother Thomas

All teachers, even masters who return to teach high spiritual teachings have human failings and foibles. The difference is how they handle them. Students may learn just as much for the way a high spiritual teacher handles their difficulties as they do when they proclaim other matters.


In this study, we have taught you the four stages of incarnation and provided you with the general types of lessons that you will learn at each level. Regardless of where you may be on this continuum, please resist the temptation to attribute either personal pride or shame to your accomplishments. Yes, through focus and intention any may assist the Spiritus Lumine and accelerate the work of the soul; however, we are where we are by the grace of the Divine Spirit. Your eventual ascension is assured.

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