How do I see the Truth?

See the Truth

You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

My dear seekers of truth and wisdom, this is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray sending you love and light! So many of humankind never question what they believe or what they have been taught. Instead of seeing the truth, they are content to live in a hodge-podge of mistruths. We send you these lessons because we want you to be as we are now–even as those above us on the God-Continuum wish for the same for us! But your earthly training is not so much about a goal to become as we are, but a process of becoming the being you are meant to be! That is why we are here for you. A significant difference between we guides and humankind is our ability of seeing the truth and rejecting illusions.  The truth we want you to know is this.

The spiritual power you are meant to have grows each time you set aside an illusion of who you think you are and replace it with the capital ‘T Truth of the Spark of the Divine within you.

Again, the significant difference between we guides and you is our ability to see, believe, and act upon the things we know that are true. Did you know that all the power that ever was and ever will be has been granted unto you by Source-Consciousness? You are like a young ruler awaiting their day to ascend the throne. This day comes when, as Soul, you learn to obey the Divine Spark living within your Lux Animae unfailingly. This means you choose seeing the truth over the illusions that make you comfortable in your worldly affairs. Already some gifts are given to you. More comes with each illusion you strip from your life through surrender and obedience to the Spark of the Divine.

Seeing the Truth: Know Where Illusions Come

As humankind enters the planes of matter, Souls bring mental and emotional biases from their past lives and they adopt new prejudices in their present lives that blind them from seeing the truth of themselves, others around them, their country, jobs, religions, the purpose for living, and on and on we could go. There are potent illusions associated with each of these cultural systems. These biases keep you from ascending the God-Continuum and receiving the manifestation of your full spiritual powers. Illusions teach you to trust in the power of culture and your sensory wisdom instead of Divine guidance. Look carefully and you will see that human wisdom is always biased to favor some physical desire that benefits only a few. Source-Consciousness is wise to withhold these powers from us until we are ready. Great damage would result if we were to use them while under the influence of illusion.

Each wrong thing we believe keeps us bound to the earth plane. Each time we trust in our own abilities over Divine guidance we entrench ourselves even deeper. Ask yourself,  If it were possible to strip your present illusions of the manifest world, would you have the same life that you now have? Of course not! Everything would be different, even though you might well continue to live with the same people and do the same work. All of your values about people, places, and things would change in an instant if you but acted upon your capital ‘T Truth. That is why you enroll in earthly training.

Your Boot Camp Earth experience is a series of lessons designed to help you strip away life illusions. Each day provides a new opportunity to face the truth. The next question is whether or not you will choose to live out this truth. It is as simple as that.

Seeing the Truth: An Example

Here is an example of what it means to be caught in an illusion. Every day in your culture you see politicians who could enact laws that would better protect the public, save money, improve physical well-being and the like. Because they are paid money by special interest groups who want to protect their financial investments, they compromise themselves. They know a better way but they will not act accordingly. They are caught in an illusion. It is not only the politicians who do this, but it is also the quintessential plight of humankind. It is your unique ascension challenge.

Seeing the Truth: An Earth Filled with Illusions

Dear friends, only the pure of heart see God. What that means is that we must continuously remove anything that keeps us from following the Spark of the Divine within us. Have you noticed that so many things on earth don’t seem to work as well as you think they should? There are wars, fighting, racism, sexism, ageism, and on and on we could go. Every day people are let down by scandals in political parties, religions, and leaders. Why does this happen? The answer is that earth is intentionally designed to disappoint you (the egoic you, not the true YOU). Yes, that is right. The masters know that to awaken you, you must first recognize the illusions about you and then become disillusioned with their deceit. Do not be as so many people cling even tighter to the lie once they face disillusionment. If you reject the lie, you will grow.

The master Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath–breaking a law in favor of helping a human being. This same Jesus saved a woman from being stoned to death by standing for mercy over judgment. Jesus saw the truth and was willing to abandon the illusions that would harm others. That is what we are supposed to do. When we see a greater truth, we walk away from the illusion–even if everybody else continues to walk in it.  If only people would listen to their inner guide and say, “Ahhh, I see the illusion now. I now see the truth I am supposed to embrace, and I will follow it now.” Earth will provide you with obvious instances of deceit and treachery about people, places, things, and yourself. If you reject the lies as you see them–you move forward in your ascension.

Seeing the Truth: Facing Uncomfortable Truths

My dear friends, unless you are ready to face uncomfortable truths, you are not ready for ascension. Though it is not true in the ultimate sense, the statement, “Ignorance is bliss,” does afford short-term belief. If you are ready to grow spiritually, you must have a fervent desire to know and act upon the truth as it comes to you. Again, this will take great courage because you will not be able to unsee those things you learn about once you learn the truth. For instance, it hurts to learn the truth that we have hurt others. Sometimes it hurts even more when we try and make amends. When others betray us, it will hurt to know this. To set aside a friendship that is untrue requires great strength of character. To learn that institutions we revere do not do the right things and then decide what our “next right step” will be, requires great inner strength. Pray to your angels, spirits, and guides to show you your illusions and to give you the courage to act upon your new knowledge.

Seeing the Truth: Power Versus Love

Seeing the truth requires that you strip away lies and illusions. To strip away illusion, you must be willing to set aside any desires within you gain an unfair advantage over others. Whether you know it or not, your actions are governed by two powerful forces, love or power. The privilege of where you were born gives you certain advantages over others. Do you blindly accept this or do you recognize the responsibilities it places upon you? Do you resort to power when you do not get your way? When you go to the restaurant, do you behold the waiter or waitress as servants less than you? Would they say you spoke kindly to them or ordered them as inferiors? Do you believe those with less money deserve any less good fortune than you? Is there any person who would say that your money helped to improve their life?

Seeing the Truth: The Law of Surrender

You and the Divine are coupled together in a Lux Animae to function together as Soul. Until now, the Divine-Spark has allowed you full freedom in all decision making processes. The time has now come where you ask, “Shall I now surrender to this Spark of the Divine, or continue to make my own choices?” We remind you, stripping away your illusions requires the “you” part of Soul to have great skepticism about your abilities! Unless you are one of the masters working behind the scenes, you would not be enrolled in Boot Camp Earth if you were already a fully surrendered Soul. Until now, your decisions have been guided more by human and egoic-mental natures rather than the Spark of the Divine. We do not say this to criticize you–not at all. Source fully intends for you to experience this nature. At the same time, it is important for you to know about the Law of Surrender. There is no further ascension until this law is consistently obeyed instead of your “enlightened self-interest.”  We guides believe you are ready to take the next step.

Seeing the Truth: Your Guides Show You How

If you really want help overcoming the illusions that bind you, ask your guides for help. They will gently reveal one truth after another that you need to live out. The catch is this. For every truth they show you, you will have to give up a lie, most likely a comfortable one, that has kept you enslaved. The guides may reveal something about your religious beliefs, political affiliations, a family member, or something else that you have always held to be true but isn’t. When you are willing to follow a greater truth, your guides will show you the way.

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