Holy Discontent: The First Door to Awakening

holy discontent

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas–your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. This Ray is a place where the beauty of the Spiritus Lumine is just as real and refreshing as the clear water you drink on earth. It is a place of peace, rest, and tranquillity–a place that knows no strife. This vision I describe to you about my home is what we guides are trying to bring to your earthly home. Yes, it is true that this is not your present physical dwelling place; but, as we have said before, those who take seriously their spiritual development arrive at this place in their heart long before they reside here! The kingdom of heaven is within you and available to all who pay attention when we knock upon the door of your inner consciousness! Our invitation for your awakening comes as we send you an invitation to join us by experiencing the wisdom of holy discontent!

Holy Discontent is an active intelligent power sent by Source-Consciousness through the Spiritus Lumine that activates the Souls of humankind to seek and satisfy the craving for the kingdom of God within!

Holy Discontent is a Divine Seed that Grows

A great master who lived upon the earth for a short period once described the Kingdom of God as a mustard seed that grows. This seed, metaphorically speaking, is holy discontent. It arrives imperceptibly to the human heart. Then, as conditions are right, it grows and expands–bringing with it the opportunity for new things! For many, holy discontent began as a seed of hope that was first planted during a dark time of life. Maybe it was a time when things were going bad or a time of loss and despair. Whatever the situation, the Spark of the Divine, nudged your conscious awareness with a holy discontent. Its whisperings caused you to question, Why do things happen to me the way that they do? This seed of holy discontent began growing in you–causing you to seek a better way of life and living.

Holy Discontent is the Way of the Mystic

Holy discontent is the way of the mystic. We are not speaking of anger and rage. No, we speak of that still small voice that says, You are a chosen one meant for better things! It is the voice that asks, Why do you settle for so little when there is so much more? It is the whispering voice that says, There is a plan for your life that only you can do! Many that hear these voices ignore them–worried perhaps that they are too full of themselves. How unfortunate! We assure you, this is not the case at all. What you are hearing is the voice Source-Consciousness, coming to you through the Spiritus Lumine, connecting with your Divine Spark–located within your Soul–crying out, and trying its best, to awaken you to a holy partnership of tremendous love and power!

Holy Discontent Awakens Your Glorious Plan

Oh my friends, if you could only bring to memory the glorious plan given to you on the birthday of your soul! If you knew, you would never waste another idle moment worrying about the mundane things of what you will eat, drink, wear, or do! That is why we nudge you with the holy discontent! We know your plan, and we are eager to set you straight upon it! We want to remove the dramas from your life and replace it with the peace and contentment that comes from being a citizen of the inner kingdom!

Holy Discontent is a Good Thing

As we have said, holy discontent is no mental complaining! It is the very energy of Source that has come to nudge you towards ascension! This is a good thing! Discontent, used correctly, drives the soul to awakeness–or that state where the higher-consciousness and Spark of the Divine unite in partnership once and for all! And once the Soul awakens, we spiritual guides appear to bring you to even greater alertness! My friend, as you learn more about the plan for your soul, and live each day more closely to its pattern, every tear you have shed will dry and disappear. Every calamity you have experienced, in this life, or previous ones, falls into place. Ascension begins as life makes sense!

Holy Discontent is an Invitation to Seek Meaning

Holy discontent is the way of the Cosmic-Spirit that brings you to seek meaning and understanding from this seemingly chaotic world. To most of humankind, this world is a cruel, hostile, and unforgiving place. To the mystic, who follows our guidance, it is a beautiful outpictuing of the heart of our Divine Mother. This mother shows her beauty in the physical glories of earth, sea, sky, land, mountains, animals, flowers, grasses, and millions of created entities! For those who are open and will allow, our Divine mother is willing to outpicture the very same energies of beauty in your life! Our Divine Mother is more than our planet, she is also a conduit of the very heart of God who outpictures ineffable beauty through infinite channels–including us if we so will!

Let Holy Discontent Have Its Way with You

My beautiful friends, one of our masters who lived upon the earth once said, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see God! Now you know what that means. Let the holy discontent have its way with you! When you are feeling discouraged and low–wondering if there is more–rejoice! This is the intelligence of the holy discontent that has found you and it is knocking upon your door! Your very moment of brokenness and despair can be turned to happiness and joy.

What Do I do Next

You are blessed if you are experiencing holy discontent. Your next steps are simple. Using the simplest prayers that you know, call upon your angels, spirits, and guides in the God-Continuum. Use the guides you know best. Let them know that you have heard them speaking to you though holy discontent. Thank them for using the intelligence of this energy to stir you. Let your guides know that you are ready to take your next steps. Ask them to bring a person, place, or thing before you that will clearly and unmistakenly reveal what you next steps shall be. Thank them three times. Next, wait patiently with alertness. Keep in mind that all prayers are answered by the God-Continuum–in perfect timing. And as always, you are welcome to write Brother Thomas with your questions and to ask for help.

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