My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your friend from the Seventh Ray. We bring you greetings from a dimension that has no wars, quarrels, unkind actions, or tears. It is a beautiful place that you would describe it as Heaven. It is similar to that place described by John the Revelator in the Holy Bible. We would describe it as one of many such locations on the God-Continuum that is available to all who master the art of surrendering to their God-Flame (Spark of the Divine) within them. Where we live, you may live also.

Without fail, all who live in the heavenly places were already living there in their hearts before it became their home! Heaven arrives first in your heart–then it becomes your actual home!

Do you know someone from heaven?

Would it surprise you to know that many on your planet are qualified to live with us but choose not to do so? It is true! These brave men and women accepted a challenge to live in worlds, such as yours, so that they might teach you a better way to live and help you learn how to ascend. If you are reading this post, it is likely you have met some of these people and didn’t even know it at the time.  Let us describe them to you.

Heavenly People

There is a glimmer in their eyes that others do not have. There is a sweetness to their lives that is rare among your kind. They make everyone feel important and show respect to all. Heavenly people are humble and consider others better than themselves. They don’t brag about how great they are, but thrill to learn about the good things happening to others. Heaven folk are good listeners and care about the welfare of others.

They are generous people who give more than they take. These people are willing to help others. They don’t seek the very best for themselves and often offer a better seat, position, or place to others. Whatever the situation, they seem to find a way to enjoy it. There is a childlike quality about them that causes their loved ones to worry that others may take advantage of them. They should not worry, their heavenly guardians protect them well. They are not afraid of the very young, the very old, or the sick and dying.

Many from Heaven don’t know it!

Just like you, these beings from Heaven agreed to go through the river of forgetfulness before they were born. Most have no idea of their glorious nature. And even if they did, these people are so humble that it would embarrass them to admit they have such standing. They speak up for what is good, pure, true, and right–and they do it in a way that doesn’t turn everybody off! You are blessed if you know one of these people. If you don’t, please ask your guides to bring such a person into your sphere of influence.

Heaven Begins Now

Even though you live in a world of humans, you can transform your present life into a heavenly one with the help of your spiritual guides. That is what the mystical living is all about– changing the rough edges of our present existence into a smooth and beautiful work of art through the power of the Spiritus Lumine (Light of God). If you will develop your sensitivities, you will notice that the God-Continuum is constantly reaching out to you. This is our attempt to help your ascension.

Heaven Begins with Earthly Surrender

The key to your transformation lies in the Spark of the Divine which resides in your Lux Animae. This presence, given by Source-Consciousness, agrees to pair with your higher self for co-creating new worlds and universes. Each time you approach this presence in meditation, or follow the Spiritual Pings of the God-Continuum, you give this Spark permission to make changes in your external circumstances. As above, so below. As you change on the inside, your external situation changes as well. Noticeable and positive improvements to one’s quality of life occurs to all who learn how to surrender their will to the Spark of the Divine.

Heaven resides in your heart before you live there.

We encourage you to study the mystical teachings found on this website and to try many of the mystical practices which are recommended. Not only will you change your present life for the better, but your address on the God-Continuum will also grow closer to ours. The heavenly home we described earlier can reside in each heart despite your present location. All who now live in the holy places were already living there in their hearts before they arrived! It is true that this world may not change; but, you may certainly change your heart for the better. Heaven first enters the mystic’s heart before it becomes their actual home!  With help from the guides serving the Spiritus Lumine, every life may become a meaningful one where heaven lives in the heart. Isn’t it time for you to join those heavenly beings who live both here and there?

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