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heaven and earth

Dear friends of the mystical light, this is Brother Thomas–your elder brother and guide from the Seventh Ray. I want to address a common problem that exists among many mystics of the earthly plane. The question we hear is this, “Why are my meditative experiences so profound while my daily life seems rather ordinary?” We bring you a message today to help you unite heaven and earth.

Contemplation Helps You Connect Heaven and Earth

First, we congratulate all who commune with Divine-Source on a regular basis through mystical practices–especially the practice of contemplation and meditation. This act, if done on a consistent basis, opens many doors. There is no better practice to open the third-eye and develop the spiritual imagination. The mystical practice of contemplation allows Source to bring you downloads of concentrated information and wisdom that you cannot access in any other way. Source will customize all things to meet the needs of your unique situation. The mystical practice of contemplation is your key to journeys out of the body and soul travel. We certainly understand why mystics seek and enjoy these profound and meaningful experiences. But know this, Souls who travel the worlds of matter only evolve as they pass the tests in the realms of matter. Once you leave the matter worlds, you will undoubtedly learn many things–but you cannot evolve on the God-Continuum unless and until you prove your abilities in the matter worlds.

If contemplation and meditation do not make the other areas of your life better, you are not living out the plan you created before you arrived on planet Earth.

Use Contemplation to Make Heaven and Earth More Alike

Contemplation and meditation create such a profound bond between mystic and source that many wish that they could spend endless hours each day in the process. While we understand this desire, we do not recommend it. My friends, please never forget this important truth. There is a reason all of you incarnate on the earth. It is not so that you might spend hours countless with us on this side, but to use the information and wisdom we bring you so that you might awaken and become the master of everyday life! This information we provide is meant to improve your relationships so that you become better teachers, friends, spouses, lovers, workers, family members, and the like. We give you information, not just to make you smarter, but to improve your life.

Life becomes more exciting and amazing as you take what we guides give you in contemplation and apply it to your unique life situations.

Both Heaven and Earth Require a Spiritual Sovereign

It is a fitting question to ask, How can I make my daily life as exciting as my contemplations? You have questions and we have answers. First, we encourage you to think of creative ways of using the wisdom we provide. As mystics, you should realize by now that spiritual guides rarely tell you exactly what to do. This would violate spiritual law. We will not ask you to leave your wife or lover (and we say that you should never believe anyone who says that we speak in this way)! Instead, we give you the wisdom you need to behave as a Spiritual Sovereign so that you may make the best decisions possible for your life! You are the Spiritual Sovereign. You are in the driver’s seat. Take the principles we give you and consult with your Spark of the Divine and apply your received wisdom to the events of your life. This is the mystical way.

The point is this, the God-Continuum communicates with you as much or more while you are awake as it does while you are involved in a concentrated form of mystical practice.

Many mystics have a mistaken belief that Source speaks only to them while in meditation. This is not true! There is another way to bring into your waking state the communion you experience in your times of meditation. You do this by responding to spiritual pings reflecting upon the synchronicity happening about you.

Heaven and Earth Communicate via Spiritual Pings

We guides leave countless clues and breadcrumbs for you every hour of the day so that you may know that we are thinking of you! We call these spiritual pings.  Spiritual Guides will place songs in your head! Are you listening? Haven’t you noticed that we give you direct messages through your children, friends, and family members? Reflect upon the conversations you have had in the past twenty-four hours, and you will find that we guides have spoken directly with you through someone you know! Just because you were not aware of it does not mean it isn’t true. Your job is to develop your sensitivities to those things which are subtle. We are here and we speak with you often.

What appears as a random event is most likely an intentional message sent to you by Source!

Heaven and Earth Communicate via Synchronicity

Did an interruption happen in your well-planned day? That was us telling you that we needed your earthly help. We speak with you every day in the numbers (and especially repeating numbers) that we bring before your attention. Have you taken the time to learn basic numerology? We bring cloud formations to your attention. Did you scry the shape we created for you? Had you done so, you would have drawn closer to Source. Have you read something meaningful lately in a book or the internet? That message was something we wanted you to see. Do you pay attention to the birds, butterflies, and animals that surround you? We use animals as messengers just as often as we use humans.

Before ending our message today, we remind you that your daily life becomes more profound as you learn how the God-Continuum interacts with you. From where we sit, your meditative life and daily life are equally profound. So, enjoy your moments of union with the Divine, but take everything we give you and make the world you live in a better place.

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