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Duality Versus the God-Continuum

My dear friends of the path, this is Broth­er Thomas, your guide from the Sev­enth Ray. We remem­ber our days of life on earth and many oth­er plan­ets just like it. The human expe­ri­ence is divid­ed into night and day, light and dark, good and bad, desir­able and unde­sir­able, as well as life and death. To live in a body of mat­ter, as you do, is to expe­ri­ence dual­i­ty. We have some­thing to tell you about all of this.

Just because your body per­ceives the exis­tence of dual­i­ty does not make it so!

To say it anoth­er way, no mat­ter how real the dual­i­ties appear – they are not real­i­ty. They are only illu­so­ry and do not exist. There is only the God-Con­tin­u­um and com­par­isons with­in it.

Arguments Against the God-Continuum

You say, “This is mad­ness.” My loved one who once lived is not with me – they have died.” We tell you, “No, they have not died. They have only shift­ed in fre­quen­cy to anoth­er plane that your human eyes can­not see.” You say, “Dark­ness exists, for I can­not see!” We tell you, “Your human eyes can only see a lim­it­ed spec­trum. If you had eyes such as ours, you would know that the light is every­where! Fur­ther, spir­i­tu­al light, such as the Spir­i­tus Lumine – the Light of God, is every bit as bright as your most mag­nif­i­cent sun!”

The God-Continuum is Based on Light

You claim, “There is good and evil, angels and demons.” We tell you, “There is only the nev­erend­ing con­tin­u­um of infi­nite vibra­tion in which beings abide.” That which seems as good, light, and right to you would appear as dark­ness to many of us who have more expe­ri­ence on the God-Con­tin­u­um and who man­age stronger forces of light. We do not judge you. We were once like you, and we are here to guide you so that you may abide where we are. And know this, even mas­ters have mas­ters. Our light is con­tin­u­ous­ly being improved and refined.

Dualities Can be Helpful

The dual­i­ties per­ceived by human form is illu­so­ry, yet help­ful. We use it to bring you focused lessons by show­ing you the extremes of the con­tin­u­um. The pur­pose of all of this is to help you clear­ly decide which man­sion of par­adise you wish to inhab­it. Will it be the moun­tains, the desert, or the ocean? Will it be mat­ter, light, or cos­mic ener­gy? The answer lies with the spark of the Divine which was giv­en to you on the day when the mighty Source-Con­scious­ness placed part of ITs infi­nite self into a cap­sule to make you a liv­ing soul. You must live in the place best suit­ed to car­ry out your eter­nal mis­sion.

All Live in the God-Continuum

The Spark with­in you makes you a Lux Ani­mae – Light of the Soul. This spark of Uni­ver­sal Con­scious­ness makes you a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign – giv­ing you the free­dom of choice to decide how you will car­ry out your unique sacred jour­ney.  This God­ness, Source­ness, or what­ev­er you wish to call it, is ever­last­ing, ever evolv­ing, and ever mov­ing towards its next set of expe­ri­ences. The soul we iden­ti­fy as you on today’s God-Con­tin­u­um can change in the twin­kling of the eye as its light unites with Divine light.

Take com­fort in the thoughts we have pre­sent­ed. In those moments when life seems long and drea­ry, remem­ber that these feel­ings and emo­tions are illu­so­ry – as you shall see once more when this set of earth­ly lessons are fin­ished. One day, you may well be the mas­ter that peo­ples of earth seek to help them move along the God-Con­tin­u­um. Do not laugh, as so many of us did, for the Spark of the Divine with­in you has yet to ful­ly reveal ITs mis­sion for you.

God-Continuum: A Short Meditation

In clos­ing, we offer this short med­i­ta­tion.

  1. Late at night, or ear­ly in the morn­ing, sit in a qui­et, dark, and dis­tur­bance-free loca­tion.
  2. Place your hands in your lap with the palms fac­ing up – rep­re­sent­ing your will­ing­ness to receive Divine Light. Con­nect your thumb and index fin­gers so that you might encour­age the bod­ies elec­tri­cal cur­rents to sharp­en and focus your mind upon mes­sages from source con­scious­ness. Inter­lace your remain­ing fin­gers as in the illus­tra­tions below.mudra thumbsmudra fingers
  3. Sit com­fort­ably with your back straight.
  4. Next, take sev­er­al deep breaths where you inhale slow­ly and exhale slow­ly. Do not be impa­tient. Do this until you feel your mind and body relax.
  5. Call for your angels, spir­its, and guides of the light to draw near. Affirm your desire that, “Only good shall enter in or out dur­ing these moments of med­i­ta­tion.”
  6. Begin repeat­ing this mantra, “Thy light and my light are one.” Even short­er, you might say, “Thy light, my light.”
  7. Con­tin­ue doing this until, at some point, your body and mind relax and the mantra stops on its own.
  8. At some point, a space occurs where your mind becomes blank and still. When your con­scious­ness returns, hold your relaxed state and men­tal­ly affirm, in your own words, a desire to receive the “Light of God.”  Do this in your own way, but it might go some­thing like this. “Dear Spir­it, I desire only thy light. Make thy light and mine one. I desire only to increase in thy light. Let thy light shine through and chan­nel through me. Let thy light acti­vate the light of all men and women I meet for good. May thy light shine bright­ly and redeem all that is less­er in me and those about me. Change my dark­ness into light, and my evil into good. Let me shine bright­ly and grow into greater good­ness.”
  9. Thank your angels, spir­its, and guides when you feel ready to con­clude.

For more infor­ma­tion, please read the fol­low­ing lessons we have pre­pared for you.


Yin and Yang Illus­tra­tion used by per­mis­sion of Cre­ative Com­mons

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