Follow a Path then Blaze a Trail

When the path to the summit fades, will you blaze your own trail?

Dear lightworkers, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. This vibratory level of the God-Continuum sends healing violet light to all who seek and wish to serve the Divine Consciousness. As this energy cleanses your aura, a new clarity emerges. You now know who you are and why you are here. As this God-Light dispels the darkness, your sacred energies abound and become even more powerful. Today I speak to those seeking enlightenment. Many wonder if the path they presently walk is adequate to take them where they need to go. Let us compare your journey to that a mountain climb which begins at the foot of a majestic mountain.

Step 1: Preparation

We understand that you are concerned about your present journey–as well you should be. The truth is, your journey began lifetimes ago! You have lived multiple series of lifetimes to prepare you to ascend the mountain. You did not just start your trip, it is a continuing and unbroken chain of lessons learned over the course of many incarnations. Using the mountain metaphor, it was classroom preparation for your Himalayan ascent. But all of that is behind you now. You are ready to leave the classroom and head to the base camp at the foot of the great mountain.

Step 2: Base Camp

Base camp is a wild and chaotic experience. It is similar to the saloon and gold rush towns of the old west. Here you find wild tales of adventure and learn of riches to come. Old prospectors will tell you stories of glory. Idealistic youth are certain they know exactly what to do. The area is crowded with those who are sure they are ready for the ascent. Signs abound everywhere promising to take you where you want to go. Other signs offer you comfort and enticements for one last time before you begin your climb.

Our path to enlightenment does not begin at the summit but the base of the mountain. Everybody starts their journey at the base of the mountain. This is probably one of the most confusing times for soul.

Brother Thomas

Pitfalls of Base Camp

One can waste a lot of time hanging out and taking in the excitement of the base camp. It is filled with all kinds of interesting distractions. Indeed, instead of climbing, some set folks see no reason to move on. They set up shop and spend the rest of their lives selling all kinds of goods and services to those in the camp. Other folks set aside their desire to ascend to the mountain peak altogether and tunnel instead into the hills looking for gold. After a period of time, the glories of the base camp lose their luster and Soul decides it is time to begin making its journey of ascent.

The Journey Begins

The beginning of a journey, though exciting, can often be a very confusing time. One has to decide whether to travel alone or with others. At the beginning of the journey, one may easily find large groups of travelers who confidently state that they alone know how to make it to the top. There is safety in numbers and one can make many good friends. While it is relatively easy to join these groups, it is another thing to remain in good standing. They usually require absolute acceptance and obedience to whatever the leader says–even when the leader is doing something totally different than what they say! At first, this is no problem. Its fun being with a group that’s headed on a common journey. Later, one begins to notice that the same things are said over and again. You notice that no one is even close to the top. It is becoming harder for you to remain satisfied. One day you realize that the path you are on does not head for the summit. Instead, it appears aimless and neverending.

Some groups travel a zig-zaggy path! They head east one day and west the next. If you stay with them for a while, it won’t be long before you’ll be swearing that you’ve been by that same rock and grove of trees several times before. When traveling in these groups, one never gets the feeling of getting anywhere. Before long, one realizes that the leaders were a scam who didn’t know anything more than the people with them. They’ve taken your money and left you feeling foolish.

There’s the hard-core group who try the straight up approach. They only accept those who are fully dedicated. Devotees must sacrifice everything, including their time and energy, to climbing a steep rock face that goes straight up for several miles. Their leaders stress that ascension is difficult and only a few will actually make it. Survival of the fittest is their motto and there is no forgiveness for the least misstep. Every day is hard and there is never a rest. Eventually, everyone makes a misstep and plunges to their death below. Even so, they all take comfort in knowing that they will meet their exalted leader once they awaken on the other side.

The Trail Runs Out

Regardless of whether one travels with a group or goes it alone, the trail eventually fades and no further knowledge can be found that will direct one to the top. One has come to the end of themselves. One realizes at this point that most quit the journey long ago. Though the summit is still far away, the view is spectacular. It is tempting to hang out and stay here for awhile–and some do. Occasionally, a person from “down below” makes the journey to this location asking for advice and counsel. Since the summit is no longer of any concern to them, they consider those who live at this place to be the wise ones. But the truly wise ones see the summit ahead and know there is more. They are not satisfied to remain at this spot and feel an inward call to continue the journey.

Blazing New Trails

When there is no trail, and one wishes to continue to the summit, there is only one thing left to do–blaze a new trail! This is what the mystic does.

Brother Thomas

Having gone as far as their earthly knowledge and wisdom can take them, the mystic calls out to the Divine for help in reaching the summit. Sincere calls for assistance are always answered by the God-Continuum. All that is required is that the mystic now rely upon the Spark of the Divine for the guidance they need. Acting upon the wisdom received, the mystic faithfully places one foot in front of the other–trusting that they are fully guided and protected. Sometimes the pathway is clear and easily seen. At other times, the mystic may feel as though he or she is making the climb blindfolded. Even though this may be the case, there is always an inner guiding light to help the mystic upon their way.


We hope this little allegory of climbing a mountain summit is helpful for you. The base camp is similar to the journey of life where we all begin. It contains our homes, schools, families, churches, and the like. In the beginning, it is a very comfortable place. It is all we know until we discover a new inner life. No matter how imperfect we may have been, we should never criticize where we began. All of us must start somewhere. The purpose of our life was to continue our work from before. If we are fortunate, we may make great strides in overcoming many of our previous difficulities.

For many, religion provides a rich inner life. Mystics never shun religion nor discourage others from participating in them. The discovery of the reality of the inner life is a moment of great significance in our spiritual development. Let us not forget it took countless lifetimes for us to realize this. Religions have much to offer us all. At some point, however, the religious trail fades once it gives us all that it has to offer. At this point, if one is to go forward, they must build upon what they know by calling upon the Divine for the next step. This simple act is the day you become a mystic.

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