Reject Fear-Based Consciousness

fear-based consciousness

Dear Ones, this is Brother Thomas, a lightworker from the beautiful violet flame of the Seventh Ray. I bring you greetings so that you may know that we, on this side of the veil of reality, watch and care for you. If you are reading this post, we lovingly watch your progress and know who you are. Please remember to reject fear-based consciousness and call upon us in your hours of need for blessings.

We are aware of the ridicule and disdain that many of you receive from others as you travel the mystical path. People who believe in peace, as we do, call us idealistic, naive and unsophisticated. They hold our views of ridding the world of violence and destructive tendencies through lightwork and mystical practices as foolish. Just remember they felt the same about Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., The Dalai Lama, Buddha, John Lennon and Nelson Mandela. To consider Spiritual work as “real” work, or having any useful value, is an impossibility for the fear-based consciousness. Do not let that stop you. Though your views are unpopular, continue rejecting violence in favor of elevating and advancing the human soul. Unite your light with ours and watch your planet change!

Mystics know that light overcomes the darkness and we exist for that very reason.

Fear-Based Consciousness

Fear is a prevailing state of consciousness in American society. Look around and notice the great numbers of people who live in fear and mistakenly believe that unless we take matters into our own hands, others will harm us. A belief that danger lurks everywhere encourages many citizens to carry lethal weapons at all times. Not only that, many train, lest the need arise, to kill another person. This mindset is the epitome of fear-based living.

Fear-based consciousness appears nationally as well. Though Americans claim they are a peaceful people, national defense and the creation of weapons of mass destruction account for more than half of their taxable earnings. Even with this rate of spending, one in three Americans claim that not enough is being spent. Though the country is only a few hundred years old, less than two decades exist when the country was not actively engaged militarily. These days, it has become routine for Americans to kill even more military and civilian targets worldwide through the use of drone warfare. The business of killing is now accepted as ordinary and routine.

Meanwhile, American political leaders advance an agenda of fear-based consciousness at home by advocating the building of walls to keep people out of “our” country illegally. People seeking asylum from persecution are demonized as criminals, animals, or worse by the nation’s leader. To further create fear and deterrence, national police show a willingness to harm little children by separating them from their mothers and placing them in cages as a warning to others. This behavior receives cheers of approval from many US citizens. People say that America is an outstanding example of a peaceful nation–but truthfully it is not. The United States promotes a culture of fear and violence at home and abroad. Amazingly, this fact hardly registers upon the consciousness of its citizens.

Reject Fear-Based Consciousness

Mystics reject living a life based in low frequency fear-based consciousness. As lightworkers, we advocate for the progress and advancement of all people living on this planet–not just the United States. We oppose the promotion of violence in any form and believe in the worthiness of all people. Mystics understand that this beautiful planet belongs to all–not just those who have amassed wealth, weapons, and power.

Mystics say, Use the resources of earth and the riches of humankind to elevate the quality of life planet-wide! Let no one go to bed hungry or thirsty, for there is food and water enough for the whole planet! Earth has enough resources to protect all from heat, cold, and the elements–let all humankind sleep in decent housing. Let no one live in fear for their life when we can create a safe and peaceful society.  Let no one die of diseases for which there are already cures when the means of saving them exists.

Results of Fear-Based Consciousness

It is the fear-based consciousness creates a lack of political will to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, house the homeless, and end violence. It creates a planet-wide consciousness that serves the self-interest of the few and a willingness on the part of the rest to allow it. In the end, people who live in the lower frequencies rarely make lasting progress. Energy that could advance society is wasted in creating weapons.

The lower one’s frequency, the greater and more noticeable the distance between the positive and negative poles. The roller coaster swings are frightening and unmanageable to most human beings. Nations, cultures, and people caught in the throes of these wild oscillations will do desperate things to control the fear that comes by living this way. It is the fear-based consciousness that kills, creates weapons of mass destruction, and draws tight borders to exclude those considered dangerous or as enemies.  The natural outcome of this kind of living is Armageddon.

Reject Fear-Based Consciousness and Win!

Those who live in the higher steady-states have no such demands. Their minds and creative energies are free to create, build, and improve. Humans can experience a golden age when they do not live in fear of mutual destruction. Thus, when you hear someone belittling the peacemakers of your world as naive or mocking them as “do-gooders,” know that the laws of human dynamics support a mystical way of thinking and not theirs.

Mystics who actively take the time to nourish their souls, raise their vibrations, and create goodwill, are creating the environment that is necessary for human beings to make progress and flourish. Consequently, it is the saints, not the generals, that change life for the good. So, spend your time in meditation, walk through your gardens, stand for the peaceful co-existence of all peoples. Light is powerful. It uplifts and transforms. A little goes a long way. Do not fear the darkness, instead, shine the light wherever you are. Now is the time to awaken, flourish, and prepare others for transformation. In the meantime, persevere!

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