Escape the Matrix: Mystics and the 3rd-Eye

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The Matrix movie series is certainly one of the more popular sets of films in American cinematic history. Many do not realize the enormity of the gift given to us from Source-Consciousness to assist in our awakening. For many, it represents the first time of seriously considering the notion of an illusory holographic universe controlled by forces outside of ourselves. These movies helped to foster a split in the cultural psyche as people began to realize how every aspect of our daily living is rarely as it appears to be. For many of us, it was the first time to perceive a deeper subtler reality existing alongside the one we think is ours. The awareness and understanding of these multiple realities are what it means for the third-eye to open.

The Matrix and the 3rd-Eye

The awakening of the third-eye not only allows us to perceive dimensions beyond our physical limitations, it also allows us to see beyond the illusions of this earthly life as well. This is both exciting and disturbing. It is alarming to learn that a system of control, operating behind the scenes of public reality, does its best to manipulate and program us all. It is also disturbing to learn that these systems seek to enslave us for the benefit of a few who crave unchecked power. It is even scarier to learn that the source of this power is off world! As frightening as all of this may be, it is exciting to learn how we may deprogram ourselves and exit this matrix. This we must do this if we are to take back the controls that rightfully belongs to humankind.

The Matrix Catches All

Being caught in the matrix has nothing to do with intelligence or good intentions. It has nothing to do with whether or not a person is good, bad, moral or immoral. Until we awaken, life in the hologram feels as natural as breathing–it is our natural state. Because of this, we continue to perpetuate our enslavement until, one day, we pay attention to our heart which cries, “There must be something more to life than this!” This cry comes to us by the grace of Source-Consciousness who wills that all should find freedom and assume their rightful places as spiritual sovereigns.

When we first hear the cries of our heart, others will tell us that we must set aside any questions that challenge “what we know is true.” People we trust will warn us that nothing good comes from leaving the path we know. Still, as we begin to question the false teachings given us, we discover a different road–one leading to freedom. At this point, the mystical path opens before us. If we are unafraid, a way to the underground railroad of escape appears. Your third-eye will open and allow you to see beyond your societal programming. Soon, you will learn why felt so disillusioned. You will wonder why you did not recognize the blatant lies that were everywhere about you. You are escaping the matrix that has held you captive for lifetimes.

The Matrix: Three Kinds of People

Upon awakening, one discovers three classes of people. The first are those who remain asleep in the matrix–blithely unaware of their predicament. The second are those who are fully aware of the matrix and use this knowledge for personal gain and advantage to exert power and control over others. The third group awakens from the hologram to discover they are at odds with the very principles which govern it. They awaken and help others to do so–transcending illusion for an enlightened existence.

How to Spot Those Caught in the Matrix

There is a difference between living in the matrix and being caught in it. Here is how to see who is caught and who is not. The key is identifying “The True Believers.” A true believer is anyone who is fully-invested, all-in, or sold out to particular points of view endorsed by society. It is the willingness to believe and follow a culture’s well-prescribed default path of living–without question. It is insidious because one believes that the way is of their choosing and that it is the correct one. Little do they know that they live in a rigged system–one designed for just enough success to keep them enslaved. They are like lambs being led to the slaughter.

The Matrix and Certainty

You may further identify those caught in the matrix by their quality of certainty. They are sure of their correctness and become indignant when their beliefs are questioned (though they feel most entitled to question yours!). In religion, they are so sure of their convictions that they will seek political power to force others to live under their theocratic views. Their political views demonstrate that they will follow a chosen party, and its leadership, no matter what it does–claiming the ends justify the means. They are quick to judge others who do not follow and obey their many concrete points of view. Extend this mental blindness over a thousand different areas, and what emerges are fully-programmed and enslaved human beings chained to the matrix. Sadly, those who find success in living this lifestyle condemn themselves to repeat the process over and over until they begin to listen to the wisdom of their higher-self.

Matrix Systems

The matrix is a composite of a thousand different systems–each having a default accepted view for all people to follow. These systems include education, marriage, family, career, the financial system, gender identification, sexual activity, morals, values, beliefs, religion, politics, media, entertainment, country of origin, race identification, social standing, and a thousand more decision-points as well. Awakening requires the mystic to understand these systems, spot the scripted views and, as a spiritual sovereign, choose a way of living that is best for them.

Escape from the Matrix

Mysticism allows all to escape from the bondage of holographic living through the opening of the third-eye. Once this occurs, the real work of freeing ourselves and others begin. As we assume our role of Spiritual Sovereign, we find ourselves in the world–but not of it. We will certainly participate in those things which please us–but we will fool ourselves into thinking that others know what is best for us.

Escaping the Matrix is your Reason for Living

And now you know why you are here at this time on planet earth. It is to free yourself and others from lifetimes of enslavement through the development of your spiritual gifts. You are not alone in this endeavor. The angels, spirits, and guides will help you. You have only to call upon the power–and it is yours.


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    Very interesting article.

    I have a question about this famous “white light/tunnel” I saw many time on the internet, It is said that once you die you shouldn’t go into the “white light” you see as it is a soul trap recycling system that bring you back here. This to me is confusing as if I understood correctly it is the soul’s choice to keep coming back to learn more.

    so my question is ; what is this “white light” and what happens if we don’t go in it after death. Thank you !


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