End of the Search

End of the Search

No chakras to open, chants to hum, or end­less ser­mons to lis­ten to.

No mantras to repeat over and over.

No scrip­tures to mem­o­rize or sto­ries to believe, defend, and point­less­ly argue about.

No clothes to buy, cross­es or beads to wear.

No creeds to recite or ascend­ed mas­ters to know per­son­al­ly lest we die.

No gods to offend, appease or please.

No diets to fol­low or pos­tures to mas­ter.

No breath to fol­low, thoughts to con­tem­plate, third-eye to open or mind to emp­ty.

No past to regret or repent from – nor future in which we must place our hope for bet­ter things.

The search is over, and the cer­tain­ty of past beliefs has end­ed.

All seek­ing, knock­ing and strug­gling is con­clud­ed.

Now there is only wit­ness­ing the here and now of “what is” as one thing aris­es and anoth­er dis­ap­pears.

Enlight­en­ment isn’t so much some­thing to be sought as it is some­thing to be uncov­ered.

It is the abil­i­ty to see as Source does apart from our illu­so­ry beliefs, judg­ments and per­cep­tions.

It is the real­iza­tion that self-iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with our bod­ies and minds — and all that these rep­re­sent – cloud the great­est real­i­ty of all.

It is akin to miss­ing the pre­cious­ness of an object made of pure gold because we are caught in our per­son­al likes and dis­likes of the object we see.

But our per­cep­tions aside, the gold remains — and that gold is you and me.

We exist and now it is time to accept our­selves as we are — crea­tures of pure aware­ness appear­ing as shad­ow and light in this beau­ti­ful space of con­scious­ness and embod­i­ment.

Our pre­oc­cu­pa­tions about what is good, bad, right, wrong, use­ful or not does not impact the uni­verse in the least nor detract from the fact that we per­fect­ly exist.

Regard­less of what we think, say or do — or how we are inter­pret­ing our expe­ri­ences — the real uni­verse is breath­ing, illu­mi­nat­ing, cre­at­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing itself through us.


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