Do you know whom you are?

who are you

Dear beautiful, mystical souls, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray–a guide sent to aid you on your journey to ascension.  I am your brother on the God-Continuum who helps all sincere seekers increase their vibratory rate. This increase of vibration allows you to experience adventures beyond the vale of your five senses and bestows upon the seeker all powers that are appropriate for their level of Soul-awareness. Today I want to ask you a very simple question. Do you know whom you are?

A mystic’s adventuresome power begins the very moment they accept whom they are.

Whom are you? Think about these stories.

King David

In the Holy Bible, a story is told about a young man named David. Though nice looking, he was not as tall, strong, or physically impressive as his older brothers. He was not a fighter. He was a softer sort of man who wrote songs and played them upon a harp. David was the youngest of his father’s sons and given the job of shepherding the sheep–something his wealthy father could easily have paid another to do. His standing as the household “baby brother” causes others to consider him as ordinary and relatively unimportant.

One day the prophet Samuel passes through the land secretly searching for a new king. This new leader will replace the evil ruler named Saul. As the story goes, Samuel arrives at Jesse’s home and asks him to bring all of his sons before him. The father proudly lines them up–never considering to include David. As the prophet consults with God, he receives word that none of these men is the one. Samuel then asks Jesse a curious question, “Is this all of your sons?”

It was then that Jesse remembered David. As he sends for him, the father tells Samuel the prophet that it is unlikely that David will be the man that he is seeking. But Jesse is wrong. God reveals to Samuel that David is to be the anointed king–to the shock of all his family.  As David comes into his power, he slays the giant Goliath and eventually becomes Israel’s greatest King.


Very similar to David’s story is the modern-day parable of Cinderella. As you may recall, the stepmother and two sisters despised the young Cinderella. They persecuted her and required her to do all of the hard work of cooking, cleaning, and sewing around the house. The family learns that a glorious ball will soon be held by the prince of the kingdom who is looking for a wife.

The mother and daughters all prepare to attend the grand event–believing that one of them will be selected. Cinderella, who is left behind, feels sadness and despair. Unknown to her mothers and sisters, a fairy Godmother helps the despised young woman. With a little magic, Cinderella can attend the ball.

As you probably remember, the prince immediately falls in love with Cinderella–much to the surprise of her stepmother and two sisters. Cinderella marries the prince and later becomes Queen of the realm.

Whom are you? You are Unrealized Kings and Queens

My friends, we in the God-Continuum keep these stories alive in your time for a reason. They are fables which hide an entire set of mystical truths in plain sight. These are stories about the journey of mystical realization and power. To comprehend these stories is to claim your new life.

Few people understand who the true kings and queens of this earth are. They are often the most overlooked people in their communities, wielding little if any political power. Often, these loving people choose ordinary work–applying their creative essence in ways that many overlook, much less take time to appreciate.

Recognized or not, these Davids and Cinderellas are the spiritual kings and queens who yield immense power as they anchor heaven’s vibrations upon the worlds of matter. My friends, it is no understatement to say that your very world would be rent apart, and become immediately uninhabitable, were it not for the precious beings of light which more than stabilize the evil ones upon your planet. The next time you see a political leader, remember that in the scheme of things, they are little more than a figurehead or physical placeholder.

Whom are you? Look Around!

Do you know someone with a core of sweetness and goodness? That person is doing more good for humankind than any elected representative or dictator. Do you sense the preciousness and innocence in some of the people that you know? They are carriers of the very essence of the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God! Do you know musicians, painters, writers, poets, crafts-people, or other creative types? They channel the very messages of light sent directly by the God-Continuum.  Do you know people who take pride in their jobs–no matter how lowly or unimportant? These are the servant leaders–the very heart of mysticism! If mystics could teach no other teachings, save service to others, the Divine Light would just as surely be anchored to this planet as it is with the sublime teachings.

Become a Realized Mystic

Whether you know it or not, realized mystics are the most powerful beings on your planet. These are the God-realized men and women who naturally and continually commune with Divine Source–bringing messages of instruction, hope, and wisdom to all. They are the ones who make living in the world look effortless. These unsung people face their problems courageously and confidently–serving as an example to all.

A realized mystic no longer finds comfort in the old ways of identifying themselves such as gender, roles and responsibilities, politics, economic status, religious affiliation, or any of the hundreds of other mundane demographic expectations of life. Instead, they merely identify as Soul–a creative essence that fully surrenders its higher-self in service to the Spark of the Divine. Their whole desire is to serve as a physical representation of Divine Source as IT sees fit to do so.

My dear seeking friends, the salvation you seek comes as you shed all of the many things you think you are until the the only thing left is what you really are–Divine creative essense that is fully surrendered and merged with the Spark of the Divine in service to Source.

As mystics commune with God, they also channel the power of Divine Light into the daily workings of the world. A great peace, calmness, and certainty replace the once fearful entity who saw themselves as little more than an unrealized David or Cinderella. The mystic needs no people to manage in order to feel powerful; they control the very energy of Source for the good of the planet. One by one, the mystic detaches from all roles and identities that once was a source of tremendous pride and the core of their self-identity. Now, there is only a creative essence of merged energies between themselves and the Spark of the Divine.

Because mystics live to be physical expressions of the Divine energy, they enjoy an uncommonly rewarding life of physical and spiritual pleasure. By shedding all of whom they once thought themselves to be, the mystic becomes the realized self they were seeking all along. Mystics enjoy unimaginable joy, power uncomprehended by most people, and freedom of being that is the natural birthright of all who rightfully exercise their role as a Spiritual Sovereign. To experience these things is the new birth indeed.

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