Do you know whom you are?

who are you

Dear beau­ti­ful, mys­ti­cal souls, this is Broth­er Thomas of the Sev­enth Ray – a guide sent to aid you on your jour­ney to ascen­sion.  I am your broth­er on the God-Con­tin­u­um who helps all sin­cere seek­ers increase their vibra­to­ry rate. This increase of vibra­tion allows you to expe­ri­ence adven­tures beyond the vale of your five sens­es and bestows upon the seek­er all pow­ers that are appro­pri­ate for their lev­el of Soul-aware­ness. Today I want to ask you a very sim­ple ques­tion. Do you know whom you are?

A mystic’s adven­ture­some pow­er begins the very moment they accept whom they are.

Whom are you? Think about these stories.

King David

In the Holy Bible, a sto­ry is told about a young man named David. Though nice look­ing, he was not as tall, strong, or phys­i­cal­ly impres­sive as his old­er broth­ers. He was not a fight­er. He was a soft­er sort of man who wrote songs and played them upon a harp. David was the youngest of his father’s sons and giv­en the job of shep­herd­ing the sheep – some­thing his wealthy father could eas­i­ly have paid anoth­er to do. His stand­ing as the house­hold “baby broth­er” caus­es oth­ers to con­sid­er him as ordi­nary and rel­a­tive­ly unim­por­tant.

One day the prophet Samuel pass­es through the land secret­ly search­ing for a new king. This new leader will replace the evil ruler named Saul. As the sto­ry goes, Samuel arrives at Jesse’s home and asks him to bring all of his sons before him. The father proud­ly lines them up – nev­er con­sid­er­ing to include David. As the prophet con­sults with God, he receives word that none of these men is the one. Samuel then asks Jesse a curi­ous ques­tion, “Is this all of your sons?”

It was then that Jesse remem­bered David. As he sends for him, the father tells Samuel the prophet that it is unlike­ly that David will be the man that he is seek­ing. But Jesse is wrong. God reveals to Samuel that David is to be the anoint­ed king – to the shock of all his fam­i­ly.  As David comes into his pow­er, he slays the giant Goliath and even­tu­al­ly becomes Israel’s great­est King.


Very sim­i­lar to David’s sto­ry is the mod­ern-day para­ble of Cin­derel­la. As you may recall, the step­moth­er and two sis­ters despised the young Cin­derel­la. They per­se­cut­ed her and required her to do all of the hard work of cook­ing, clean­ing, and sewing around the house. The fam­i­ly learns that a glo­ri­ous ball will soon be held by the prince of the king­dom who is look­ing for a wife.

The moth­er and daugh­ters all pre­pare to attend the grand event – believ­ing that one of them will be select­ed. Cin­derel­la, who is left behind, feels sad­ness and despair. Unknown to her moth­ers and sis­ters, a fairy God­moth­er helps the despised young woman. With a lit­tle mag­ic, Cin­derel­la can attend the ball.

As you prob­a­bly remem­ber, the prince imme­di­ate­ly falls in love with Cin­derel­la – much to the sur­prise of her step­moth­er and two sis­ters. Cin­derel­la mar­ries the prince and lat­er becomes Queen of the realm.

Whom are you? You are Unrealized Kings and Queens

My friends, we in the God-Con­tin­u­um keep these sto­ries alive in your time for a rea­son. They are fables which hide an entire set of mys­ti­cal truths in plain sight. These are sto­ries about the jour­ney of mys­ti­cal real­iza­tion and pow­er. To com­pre­hend these sto­ries is to claim your new life.

Few peo­ple under­stand who the true kings and queens of this earth are. They are often the most over­looked peo­ple in their com­mu­ni­ties, wield­ing lit­tle if any polit­i­cal pow­er. Often, these lov­ing peo­ple choose ordi­nary work – apply­ing their cre­ative essence in ways that many over­look, much less take time to appre­ci­ate.

Rec­og­nized or not, these Davids and Cin­derel­las are the spir­i­tu­al kings and queens who yield immense pow­er as they anchor heaven’s vibra­tions upon the worlds of mat­ter. My friends, it is no under­state­ment to say that your very world would be rent apart, and become imme­di­ate­ly unin­hab­it­able, were it not for the pre­cious beings of light which more than sta­bi­lize the evil ones upon your plan­et. The next time you see a polit­i­cal leader, remem­ber that in the scheme of things, they are lit­tle more than a fig­ure­head or phys­i­cal place­hold­er.

Whom are you? Look Around!

Do you know some­one with a core of sweet­ness and good­ness? That per­son is doing more good for humankind than any elect­ed rep­re­sen­ta­tive or dic­ta­tor. Do you sense the pre­cious­ness and inno­cence in some of the peo­ple that you know? They are car­ri­ers of the very essence of the Spir­i­tus Lumine – the Divine Light of God! Do you know musi­cians, painters, writ­ers, poets, crafts-peo­ple, or oth­er cre­ative types? They chan­nel the very mes­sages of light sent direct­ly by the God-Con­tin­u­um.  Do you know peo­ple who take pride in their jobs – no mat­ter how low­ly or unim­por­tant? These are the ser­vant lead­ers – the very heart of mys­ti­cism! If mys­tics could teach no oth­er teach­ings, save ser­vice to oth­ers, the Divine Light would just as sure­ly be anchored to this plan­et as it is with the sub­lime teach­ings.

Become a Realized Mystic

Whether you know it or not, real­ized mys­tics are the most pow­er­ful beings on your plan­et. These are the God-real­ized men and women who nat­u­ral­ly and con­tin­u­al­ly com­mune with Divine Source – bring­ing mes­sages of instruc­tion, hope, and wis­dom to all. They are the ones who make liv­ing in the world look effort­less. These unsung peo­ple face their prob­lems coura­geous­ly and con­fi­dent­ly – serv­ing as an exam­ple to all.

A real­ized mys­tic no longer finds com­fort in the old ways of iden­ti­fy­ing them­selves such as gen­der, roles and respon­si­bil­i­ties, pol­i­tics, eco­nom­ic sta­tus, reli­gious affil­i­a­tion, or any of the hun­dreds of oth­er mun­dane demo­graph­ic expec­ta­tions of life. Instead, they mere­ly iden­ti­fy as Soul – a cre­ative essence that ful­ly sur­ren­ders its high­er-self in ser­vice to the Spark of the Divine. Their whole desire is to serve as a phys­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Divine Source as IT sees fit to do so.

My dear seek­ing friends, the sal­va­tion you seek comes as you shed all of the many things you think you are until the the only thing left is what you real­ly are – Divine cre­ative essense that is ful­ly sur­ren­dered and merged with the Spark of the Divine in ser­vice to Source.

As mys­tics com­mune with God, they also chan­nel the pow­er of Divine Light into the dai­ly work­ings of the world. A great peace, calm­ness, and cer­tain­ty replace the once fear­ful enti­ty who saw them­selves as lit­tle more than an unre­al­ized David or Cin­derel­la. The mys­tic needs no peo­ple to man­age in order to feel pow­er­ful; they con­trol the very ener­gy of Source for the good of the plan­et. One by one, the mys­tic detach­es from all roles and iden­ti­ties that once was a source of tremen­dous pride and the core of their self-iden­ti­ty. Now, there is only a cre­ative essence of merged ener­gies between them­selves and the Spark of the Divine.

Because mys­tics live to be phys­i­cal expres­sions of the Divine ener­gy, they enjoy an uncom­mon­ly reward­ing life of phys­i­cal and spir­i­tu­al plea­sure. By shed­ding all of whom they once thought them­selves to be, the mys­tic becomes the real­ized self they were seek­ing all along. Mys­tics enjoy unimag­in­able joy, pow­er uncom­pre­hend­ed by most peo­ple, and free­dom of being that is the nat­ur­al birthright of all who right­ful­ly exer­cise their role as a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign. To expe­ri­ence these things is the new birth indeed.

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