Coming of the Light

Come as you are.

Could it be any other way?

And stop deceiving yourself

about who you are.

Ahh, that is hard to do.

You thought you were

the trouble you’ve been,

the choices you made, and

the desire to appear good at all cost.

It’s time to admit

you’ve told yourself so many lies

you came to believe they were true.

You were bound

in an illusion of the unreal and untrue,

a spell of your own doing.

At the end of yourself,

there was little that

wasn’t bored, worn thru, or exhausted.

You experienced

the ultimate betrayal of a life that

never delivers on the promise.

But that was only your personality

doing the best it could,

knowing all the while

it could never be enough.

You allowed yourself to think,

“This time, it will be different.”

“This time, I will matter, and I will prevail.”

And you did matter to some and

prevailed more than most,

only to discover

after accomplishment, one holds ashes.

And when you could stand no more,

something caused you to look inward and upward.

You did not know,

but you were beholding

the true light of your soul

and the light beyond.

As the glorious light drew near

and revealed how little it cared

about who you thought you were

or what you had done.

It loved only you.

Oh, how amazing was this profound truth;

you are a soul cloaked in a body.

Your wondrous light patiently awaited

the moment when

your personality would surrender and say,

“I’ve gone as far as I can.”

“Won’t you take over now

and let me help as best I can?”

Now united,

your body, soul, and mind

laugh at the silly, pointless things

that were once your reason for being.

From the old, a new life appears.

A new way of living, based on wisdom,

makes sense of the seemingly senseless.

A new purpose

greater than self-service and aggrandizement

raises the tide of your vibration

and those around you.

A new voice speaks words

once known but forgotten.

This eternal word reveals itself

to you once more

as the old becomes new

once again.

Your feet begin walking a new path

as hidden and mysterious as before

but full of faith and confidence

in where it leads.

A new joy inspires your journey.

The work has begun.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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