Chaos and Spiritual Life

One of the most important spiritual laws you should know is “As above, so below.” This great metaphysical maxim reminds the Awakened of two things. First, nothing of importance happens in your embodiment that you have not brought about by either a cosmic contract, thinking, or an epiphany (during those times that you go within). Secondly, the same is true on a larger scale. Nothing of consequence happens in this physical world unless it fulfills the cosmic blueprints created by the Lords and Masters as well as the collective will of those embodied.

Mystics throughout the ages know these truths and use them to grow more powerful. Today, as you see the changes happening before your very eyes, it is important for you to keep this spiritual principle in mind. We are witnessing the SHIFT–the destruction of old energies to make room for the new–and it is following this spiritual law. We recommend that the Awakened do the following at this time.

Go With the Flow

Remember, no one can control the SHIFT. It happens with or without your approval. No president, world leader, mighty corporate executive, or human being has the power to resist the awesome course of events that have been unleashed. It is like a mighty flood or riptide that drowns or overpowers all who resist. The best one can hope for is to relax and allow what is happening to take you wherever it will.

This is a time of surrender much like the story of the great flood recorded in Genesis–known as “Noah and the Ark.” Many of you know this story but you may not know just how trying these events were. Like you, Noah was in isolation. All he could do was to be with his family, care for his animals, and allow the Ark to take them where it would. In like manner, we too must care for our family and tend to the immediate things knowing that a new normal and set of circumstances will arrive soon enough. In the meantime, go with the flow and know it is a time of great cleansing.

Take the Next Right Step

In times of uncertainty, there is only one thing that needs to be done–take the next right step! In our limited physical awareness, we cannot know for sure what steps will make our path clear and certain. We cannot know if our jobs are secure, whether our money will hold, or if the unsettled of our society will bring about civil unrest. While it is natural to want answers when so many things remain unknown, this is not the time of answers but of questions.

Like a movie that presents many things at once, it is best to hold all questions for later–knowing that most things will be made clearer once the major events have passed. But for now, just know that we are all walking in the dark. The best we can do is to shine whatever light that we may have on the path ahead. Take one step at a time and let that be enough. Then, take the next step and the next step until the light of day appears.

Walk by Faith

The SHIFT is happening. This is real. We have choices to make. Will you, like most around people around you, walk in fear assuming that the world is operating under chaos and disorder or will we assume a greater purpose is at work? Our faith is being put to the test. To walk by faith means that we claim the good even when there is little to no evidence to support our claims. The Awakened always affirm that all things work together for good–despite any physical understanding of how this could be. We allow this unshakeable belief to serve as our strength, source of courage, and willingness for action. This does not mean that we walk foolishly or refuse to take wise precautions–claiming that God will protect us despite our foolishness. No, we affirm good comes from all things even when we can’t fully understand how.

Suspend Judgment and Accept What IS

In this time of national and international crisis, many are blaming, accusing, and making all kinds of proclamations about why things are the way that they are. People speak when they should be silent. We too may need to be silent about many things. Resist offering simple solutions to complex problems. The truth is, people don’t know what to do and they often blame others who don’t know any more than they do. In times of crisis, it is wise to resist making harsh judgments. Instead, we need to accept “what is.”

Is the coronavirus good or bad? It doesn’t matter, it’s here and we have to deal with that. Do our leaders know what they are doing? We have little to no control over them and they will do what they are going to do. What is–is! Do you hate going to video conference meetings? It doesn’t matter, this is what we have to do for right now. Have your plans been upset because of the pandemic? Accept the reality and find a way to deal with it. Stop adding layers of pain by judging things according to how you want things to be. Things will be whatever they will be–as Awakened people, we accept what is and work with that.

We Don’t Need A Healing to Be Okay

As outrageous as this may sound, it is a foundational truth nonetheless. To be awakened means that we stop requiring all good things to come to us personally in order to believe in the goodness of the Universe and ITs great purpose for our lives. When one has cancer, an awakened being doesn’t need healing to prove the great goodness of God and her wonderful purpose. It is nice if it happens, but it isn’t a requirement. We are okay whether or not something we think is “bad” is happening to us. In these times of uncertainty, our faith never requires us to come out unscathed–only that we practice whatever truth we have–even though we suffer. This is a time where we become strong as we walk through the fire.

Be Fully Present and Embodied

There is a spiritual silliness that is sometimes practiced by well-meaning people of faith in times of trouble. I call it stupidity. That is to proclaim to all who suffer platitudes such as all trouble is illusory, none of us die, we are all one, all of the trouble around us is okay, and so on. It is not that these things are not true in an absolute sense–they are absolutely are true. But it is also true that we have embodied for the express purpose of experiencing these very things that cause pain and suffering for so many. To be embodied is to experience pain whether we are awakened or not. Over the ages, our great teachers and ascended Masters have embodied to show humanity how we should live–even in times of great trouble. While proclaiming their great cosmic messages, the Masters offered help, hope, and compassion to all.

This is not a time for the Awakened to deny their pain or to seek escape from physical form, it is a time where we embody our great teachings of light and awakening. We let our lives speak for ourselves. We must remember that if the things we believe cannot help humankind in times of great upheaval and suffering, they are little more than a worthless spiritual message. Therefore, help where you can. Give money and resources if you have it to give. Be a good neighbor. Share your food and be a good citizen. Instead of spouting platitudes–live an embodied truth.

Go Within More Often

Even though the Awakened are always in contact with their angels, spirits, and guides, there are three reasons why the Awakened should go within more often these days. The first is so that we can take advantage of the great energies that are being sent towards the earth. In times of trouble, the Lords, and Masters send more energy and energetic forces. They are doing their part and we can be of service as we take these energies and help to redistribute them energetically through our times of meditation and going within. Secondly, we should go within more often because our physical form (along with the immediate emotional body surrounding it) is being depleted at a faster rate than usual.

Going within is a way to strengthen our aura and giving strength to our physical form. Finally, the Awakened will receive an increase of messages, downloads, and meanings during this time of SHIFT. If you are new to meditation, don’t worry. Just sit quietly and allow the Lords and Masters to do the rest. We recommend closing your eyes as you sit upright and slowing your breath. Allow whatever message they send to come to you. And even if you perceive nothing, know that your energetic field is being repaired and replenished.

Reach Out More Often

Even before quarantine, people were living lives of solitude and separateness–most just didn’t know it. People weren’t paying attention to each other–much less showing compassion. The lives of humankind have long be centered on self and sensation. In the new energy of the SHIFT that is to come, we will need to work more closely with one another. We will come to understand that what happens to one happens to all. Humanity is inextricably linked to each other. It is no longer enough for only a few to enjoy the good things of embodiment, all deserve them. In the meantime, call your friends. Check up on the single, elderly, and lonely. Be a presence of good for others. Join online groups and meet with one another.

Hold to the Good

There is what is happening about us physically, politically, and economically and there are other offsetting things that are even better than our perceptions of evil. Hold your attention on whatever good thing you see. Our families are as important as ever. Our pets are as loving as ever. Nature is as beautiful as ever. People are helping their friends, families, and neighbors as never before. Good is all around us. Remember, good never depends on the things you own or the job that you may have. Good is showered lavishly upon us all–no matter what circumstances may be happening within or without. Hold to the good. Count your blessings and call upon your angels, spirits, and guides for help when your spirit falters.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Just because you are Awakened does not mean that you have all the answers or know the future of the days which are to come. Being Awakened does not mean that you’ll never make a mistake, for Awakened people make mistakes like everyone else. Your faith may falter–despite the profound things you know. You may feel physically fearful and experience worries. You will not be immune to the emotional forces surrounding you. Now is the time to accept that you have embodied for a reason–and that reason never required you to be perfect. You are here to experience life and to share your light, help, and understanding to those about you. At the same time, we encourage you to express your fears to your angels, spirits, and guides. Rather than verbalizing your concerns to others, ask your guides for help.

Know that Spiritual Forces are Helping Us

Even as you live your daily lives and hear about all of the “terrible” things that are happening, know that the Spiritual realm has not deserted any of us. In fact, they are sending more energy than ever before. They are restoring more people than ever before. Our angels, spirits, and guides are awakening more people than ever before. A great awakening is taking place. More people are turning within for help–as they always do in times of trouble and sorrow. The forces of light respond mightily during times like these. And in a larger sense, our great planet–Mother Earth is making preparations for a new day as well. We will write more about this in the days to come.

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