What Happens after We Die?

Death is a process that is well planned

My dear loved ones, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. Today, I want to share a message of great importance. This message is something that many of you know intellectually–but do not yet fully know through and through. The message is, We do not die! My friends, there is no death–only a resting and movement of the consciousness into a new location and nothing more. When bodily dissolution occurs, everything that was you is still with you–and more.

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Incarnational Lessons

There are four incarnational stages in the worlds of space, time, and matter.

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray reminding you that time, as you count it is short. From our viewpoint, your lives are mere wisps of vapor. But even from your slowed-down vantage point of three-dimensional earth, you must admit that life is short as well. Take out the earliest moments of life spent as a child–learning to speak and understanding the most fundamental things. Now subtract the later years of mental decline and infirmity. Remove also the years given to sleep and those given to idleness–such media entertainment. Soon you will see that the time one has to grow the soul and learn incarnational lessons in the worlds of matter is very limited!

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What’s the point?

Though things may appear hopeless, you are meant to fly high!

Hello my beautiful friends. This is Brother Thomas, your elder brother and guide from the Seventh Ray. I come today so that I might speak with you about the importance of your life, and all lives which live in the worlds of duality. If you could hear the thoughts of humankind as we do, you would immediately notice a sense of desperateness. Those living in misery, more often than not, feel cursed to be alive. Other sensitive souls see the failings and injustices in the world and feel robbed of happiness. So many of you existentially wonder, “What’s the point? What is the meaning of my life? What difference, if any, does my life make?” Let us explore these questions.

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Why don’t we remember past lifetimes?

Past Lifetimes Image
To grow spiritually, learn to glimpse the highlights of past lifetimes.

Mystical seekers, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. In this time of earthly turmoil and confusion, I bring clarity and integration to those of you who focus upon the light within, also known as the Spiritus Lumine. Great peace comes to those who allow the sideshows of earth to go on without them. Instead, we encourage you to focus upon your spiritual development so that you might transcend this plane altogether and join us on the God-Continuum where we are. But even as we extend our hands to you, so you must extend a helping hand to those you know who struggle and seek to ascend. One way for you to grow spiritually is to learn how to assimilate past life experiences into your present conscious awareness. Most of humankind can only recall the events of this present lifetime; however, it is possible to remember past lifetimes. Let us speak to you about this.

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Follow a Path then Blaze a Trail

When the path to the summit fades, will you blaze your own trail?

Dear lightworkers, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. This vibratory level of the God-Continuum sends healing violet light to all who seek and wish to serve the Divine Consciousness. As this energy cleanses your aura, a new clarity emerges. You now know who you are and why you are here. As this God-Light dispels the darkness, your sacred energies abound and become even more powerful. Today I speak to those seeking enlightenment. Many wonder if the path they presently walk is adequate to take them where they need to go. Let us compare your journey to that a mountain climb which begins at the foot of a majestic mountain.

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