Your Triune Nature

Your Triune Nature

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I am here for all of you wishing to find the way of liberation from the enslavement of the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. The holographic matrix of the earth is not a bad thing–it is meant to train and develop the souls of humankind. Never was it necessary to spend more than a few incarnations in this holographic simulation. The power of the earthly matrix to enslave is only because of its design that directly appeals to the desires of the egoic-mind which seeks pleasure, accomplishment, ownership of things, and to act as though it is the center of the universe. There is a way out. The way of liberation is to live a fully embodied triune life.

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Manifest More Powerfully

Manifest more Powerfully by
Understanding These Truths

My beautiful friends and co-creators, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. The three great blessings given to humankind are free will, spiritual sovereignty, and the right of co-creating and manifesting. Those who learn how to properly manage these three precious gifts are set free from the clutches of the Boot Camp Earth simulation. Even though it sounds simple (and it is once you fully understand), it takes many lifetimes to learn the lessons which unlock the formula for your enlightenment and freedom. We believe the time has come, for all who are willing, to master the art of manifesting. This God-given gift is a normal and natural process that we may use to bring what is needed into our lives. In these next few lessons, let us teach you a four-fold process that is based upon proper alignment, useful techniques, persistence, and gratitude.

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