Developing Your Spiritual Wisdom

Dragon's Eye symbol Koch

My dear lightworkers, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray speaking to you today about the topic of Spiritual Wisdom. The Dragon’s Eye symbol we share with you in the graphic above represents the decisions we make each day between good and evil. The ability to choose well is the very definition of what it means to be a spiritually wise mystic.

We are concerned about a way of thinking that is becoming more prominent on your planet. This way of looking at the world says one idea is just as worthy and valuable as another. It argues that, since the capital ‘T truth of any matter cannot be fully known, then it follows that all ideas are little more than competitive thoughts of equal value. Mystics should never fall for this type of nonsense. Though you may appear wise to your friends, it is not a sign of spiritual advancement to believe this way. Just as light is ordered into a spectrum of frequencies ranging from low to high, so it is with the worthiness of ideas. Some thoughts and actions are nobler than others. The very work of a mystic is to develop an infallible sensitivity that reliably ascertains those thoughts, words, and activities leading to ascension versus those that do not. How might we do this?

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Stay Centered

Stay Centered

To all of my friends who realize the Spark of the Divine within them, this is Brother Thomas–a lightworker of the Seventh Ray. Today I want to remind you of the main work of a mystic–to Stay Centered!  Our job is simple; we keep our minds centered between heaven and earth and show up to our family, friends, workers, and neighbors as the best version of ourselves that we can be. I know, it doesn’t sound very glamorous does it?  Glamorous is not always in our job description!  Let’s look at each of these, shall we?

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The Peaceful Warrior

My beautiful friends of the mystical realms, this is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray. My heavenly home is host to the violet flame which increases the spiritual vibrations of all who call upon it. To call upon the light of God is to invite spiritual wisdom into your life. To call upon the violet flame is to bring the understanding of the Divine that slows, and then stops, the grinding wheels of karma that have been keeping you enslaved for countless lifetimes. The violet flame is one of the many tools of the peaceful warrior.

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