The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

Boot Camp Earth
Boot Camp Earth is a holo­graph­ic sim­u­la­tion

My dear mys­ti­cal stu­dents, this is Broth­er Thomas of the Sev­enth Ray. I, and those like me, wish to bring you the knowl­edge that has been kept secret for ages. It is time for you to grad­u­ate and advance fur­ther along the God-Con­tin­u­um. This can­not hap­pen unless you are will­ing to open your eyes, ears, mind, and heart. So many of you pray to know the truth.  And now, here we are. We want you to know the truth and we bring it to you as quick­ly as you can assim­i­late and accept it. Today, we want you to learn some hid­den truths about Boot Camp Earth. Knowl­edge brings under­stand­ing. Under­stand­ing brings free­dom. Free­dom, wise­ly applied, brings advance­ment and spir­i­tu­al pow­er.

Consciousness and Holographic Simulation

Let us begin at the apex of the pyra­mid, as it were. When we say our expe­ri­ence on Boot Camp Earth is holo­graph­ic, it refers to the truth that all is Maya, a mag­ic show or illu­sion where noth­ing is as it seems. As we have said so many times, noth­ing exists except for Divine Source. Every­thing that you see, hear, feel, think, say and do is an out-pic­tur­ing of Source Con­scious­ness. Noth­ing exists apart from Source. The earth, stars, uni­verse, and all per­cep­tions of mat­ter are out-pic­tur­ings from the con­scious­ness of Divine Mind.

Souls are Filtered and Modified

Source cre­ates souls so that IT might have the expe­ri­ence of sep­a­rate­ness. That is why you and I per­ceive our­selves as sep­a­rate beings – though such a thing does not exist. Source ITself is uni­ty and one­ness. One way that Source expe­ri­ences simul­ta­ne­ous sep­a­rate expe­ri­ences is to scat­ter por­tions of ITs infi­nite and inef­fa­ble self in what we describe as a soul cap­sule – or the Lux Ani­mae. From here, Source cre­ates sophis­ti­cat­ed lev­els of fil­ter­ing which alter the abil­i­ties of each speck to per­ceive ITself as a uni­fied whole. Keep in mind that this per­cep­tion of sep­a­rate­ness is not absolute. All souls have the abil­i­ty, through mys­ti­cal prac­tice, to per­ceive the truth of uni­ty. How­ev­er, each Spark of the Divine is also will­ing to tem­porar­i­ly sus­pend belief in order to enjoy the per­cep­tion of sep­a­rate­ness.

Here is an illus­tra­tion of how the fil­ters work. In our human state, we do not see the entire light spec­trum because of the lim­i­ta­tions of our eyes. The same is true for Soul. Though IT is a spark of God incar­nate, the mod­i­fy­ing fil­ters alter the real­i­ty of ITs expe­ri­ences. In this way, Source enters the holo­graph­ic world and, like all good movies, sus­pends belief as it par­tic­i­pates in the cre­at­ed worlds of mat­ter. This sus­pen­sion of belief means that Soul will not have imme­di­ate access to its full and com­plete pow­ers. That is why it must receive school­ing in a place like Boot Camp Earth.

Separateness is a Gift

Though it may not seem so, to expe­ri­ence the illu­sion of sep­a­rate­ness is a great gift. It is one of the many alter­na­tive expe­ri­ences Source has for know­ing ITself. The elab­o­rate cre­ation of the worlds of mat­ter, the spe­cial adap­tive bod­ies for the Spark of the Divine, and the com­plex sim­u­la­tions of soul worlds are tru­ly won­drous. As mys­tics grow in their abil­i­ty to merge soul con­scious­ness with the Spark of the Divine, the frus­tra­tion of the phys­i­cal turns to amaze­ment as one learns about the vast­ness of the God-Con­tin­u­um and the expe­ri­ences that await us there.

Types of Simulations

Most peo­ple believe that phys­i­cal mat­ter is the only expe­ri­ence there is. Not so! As many of you are learn­ing, there are extra phys­i­cal expe­ri­ences as well – such as those which occur between life­times. We also have extra-dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ences in our dream and soul trav­el states. Because most earth­ly souls remain asleep to their true nature, they must receive teach­ing and school­ing to awak­en. Holo­graph­ic sim­u­la­tions, such as Boot Camp Earth, help with the awak­en­ing process. Awak­en­ing is a grad­ual process and Divine Source uses three cat­e­gories of sim­u­la­tions to help strength­en and devel­op soul par­tic­i­pants. These include the spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion, worlds of phys­i­cal mat­ter, and the worlds of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence.

Spiritual Imagination

As men­tioned ear­li­er, Source, in ITs pris­tine ulti­mate and uni­fied state, exists as pure con­scious­ness. In this envi­ron­ment, The Divine Mind car­ries out “mind” exper­i­ments – or imag­i­nary expe­ri­ences. Remem­ber, the imag­i­nary expe­ri­ences of Divine Mind is very dif­fer­ent from the imag­i­na­tion of humankind. This is no fan­ci­ful think­ing. It is an active and liv­ing space for sketch­ing out the future plans of worlds, plan­ets, and galax­ies. Even so, this con­scious explo­ration is sim­i­lar to the work of mys­tics as they car­ry out their mys­ti­cal prac­tices to accom­plish desired goals. For the trained mys­tic, the spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion is a pow­er­ful source of spir­i­tu­al pow­er.

Physical Matter

Earth has a long and rich his­to­ry and is much old­er than cur­rent­ly thought. The present race of beings inhab­it­ing the plan­et is cer­tain­ly not the first. Since its cre­ation, any num­ber of dif­fer­ent species of sen­tient beings have called this place home. Sad­ly, there have been numer­ous extinc­tion events which reduced greater civ­i­liza­tions to rub­ble. The Boot Camp Earth sim­u­la­tion has been run count­less times for each of these civ­i­liza­tions.

Though most of present-day humankind behave as though the world belongs to them alone, this is incor­rect. The plan­et itself is a liv­ing and con­scious organ­ism in its own right. As with oth­er beings that live in the dimen­sion­al worlds of mat­ter, it has its own ver­sion of ether­ic bod­ies and an ener­getic chakra sys­tem. Even if no life forms were present on the world, Earth would still have an inde­pen­dent aware­ness and the abil­i­ty to com­mu­ni­cate with oth­er plan­ets and stars across the galaxy. All past and present enti­ties have records avail­able for review in the Earth’s crys­talline struc­ture. As mys­tics devel­op in their spir­i­tu­al prac­tices, they learn how to tap into this Akashic record.

Non Human Beings

At the same time, there are sen­tient beings which share the Earth with humans – which most humans remain obliv­i­ous. The plants, ani­mals, and min­er­als also have a vibrant con­scious­ness of their own. Humans mis­treat them at their per­il. There are beings that, even now, live deep in the earth as well as the deep waters. There are those who live in cloaked ships above our plan­et – which occa­sion­al­ly come into view. Final­ly, there are any num­ber of beings liv­ing along­side us in adja­cent dimen­sions that vibrate at slight­ly high­er and low­er fre­quen­cies than humans are nor­mal­ly able to per­ceive. Yes, the earth is a shared space with many dif­fer­ent species of sen­tient beings. One day soon, this will be abun­dant­ly clear.

World lead­ers are aware of these non-human beings. They desire to keep their exis­tence secret for as long as pos­si­ble because of trade and tech­nol­o­gy agree­ments between their coun­tries and cor­po­rate struc­tures. These agree­ments, which large­ly ben­e­fit a few, will become known in due time.

Artificial Intelligence

As souls evolve in the worlds of mat­ter, they learn how to cre­ate arti­fi­cial and tech­no­log­i­cal worlds that are indis­tin­guish­able from phys­i­cal ones. Though they are coun­ter­feits, It is very pos­si­ble to take one’s soul essence and deposit it with­in an arti­fi­cial struc­ture. As humans learn to do this, wide expans­es of space can eas­i­ly be tra­versed. Bod­ies that can with­stand hos­tile envi­ron­ments will allow humankind to explore the depths of the oceans, suns, vol­ca­noes, and deep space. Arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence will pro­vide the means for peo­ple to par­tic­i­pate in sit­u­a­tion­al expe­ri­ences with­out fear of destruc­tion or poten­tial moral ret­ri­bu­tion. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, such expe­ri­ences could expand a human life indef­i­nite­ly.

There are malev­o­lent uses of this tech­nol­o­gy as well. Arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence may also enslave, tor­ture, and con­trol entire species of sen­tient beings. At some point in the future, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence will reg­u­late the prison sys­tem. In mere min­utes of phys­i­cal time, an unfor­tu­nate being might expe­ri­ence entire life­times of retrain­ing and reha­bil­i­ta­tion.

The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

Earth is one of sev­er­al mil­lion plan­ets and stars set aside across time and space for the train­ing and devel­op­ment of Souls. These sites exist, by per­mis­sion of Source, for the express pur­pose of school­ing souls for their future work. In oth­er words, Earth is a three-dimen­sion­al school­house which advances our spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment through expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing. We need this because it is also the will of Divine Con­scious­ness to, at a future point, unite ITs infi­nite nature with the high­er-self sen­tience of humankind (and oth­er enti­ties like them). This unequal pair­ing of strength and pow­er requires long peri­ods of train­ing to pre­pare the sen­tience for this union. The sim­u­la­tion runs for a des­ig­nat­ed peri­od of time or until a major­i­ty of earth­ly par­tic­i­pants have suc­ceed­ed in cre­at­ing a tip­ping point where most train at an advanced lev­el.

A Place of Learning

Many humans bemoan their school­house expe­ri­ences. What most do not real­ize is that they choose the pre­cise con­di­tions of which they are com­plain­ing. Like stu­dents who pay tuition for their col­lege cours­es, so souls come to earth to expe­ri­ence spe­cif­ic ways of liv­ing. The deci­sions we made before com­ing to Earth decide what our expe­ri­ences shall be. Once we begin to awak­en to this fact, life begins to make more sense and have more mean­ing.

One of the great things about par­tic­i­pat­ing in three-dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ences, such as Boot Camp Earth, is the abil­i­ty to engage in a full sen­so­ry envi­ron­ment. For instance, when we are angry at some­one, we have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exam­ine those aspects of our­selves that are in need of heal­ing. We observe the oth­er per­son in 3-D with our five sens­es and relay that infor­ma­tion to our high­er func­tions.

Participants in the Boot Camp Earth Simulation

As a plan­et, Earth is always under obser­va­tion. Many beings exter­nal to the Earth observe all that hap­pens here. We do not see them because they are well able to con­ceal them­selves – even when they should be in plain sight. Were the fil­ters removed from our phys­i­cal means of know­ing the world, we should see an incred­i­ble num­ber of extrater­ess­tri­al vis­i­tors. They too are here for a pur­pose.

Objective Observers

Some of these objec­tive observers deter­mine the lev­el of achieve­ment obtained by the par­tic­i­pants as they go through the sim­u­la­tion. Mys­tics often refer to these wise beings as ascend­ed mas­ters. No mat­ter their name, these beings decide whether we under­stand our spir­i­tu­al lessons enough to advance. If so, the stu­dent receives new expe­ri­ences. There are also observers who vis­it from oth­er plan­ets with active sim­u­la­tions.  They are here to advise, learn, and grow in their abil­i­ty to man­age spir­i­tu­al sim­u­la­tions.

The Ancient Ones

The sim­u­la­tion itself is run by those known as the Ancient Ones. These revered beings are often called the Lords of Kar­ma in oth­er mys­ti­cal tra­di­tions. The Ancient Ones set the over­all para­me­ters of the Boot Camp Earth sim­u­la­tion and make any per­son­al mod­i­fi­ca­tions which may be nec­es­sary for indi­vid­ual par­tic­i­pants.

Don’t be sur­prised if The Ancient Ones at Boot Camp Earth present you with things you may per­ceive as hard­ship. Things are nev­er what they seem. The order only brings oppor­tu­ni­ties for your growth and heal­ing. This is because the gold of the soul can only be puri­fied through the fires of tri­al. Nev­er assume that any per­son who brings it is evil. They may well be a lov­ing friend from the oth­er side you chose to be your drill instruc­tor! When trou­bles come, be hum­ble and do not assume to know the whole sto­ry or ful­ly under­stand what is hap­pen­ing to you. Instead, come before the ascend­ed mas­ters in your time of med­i­ta­tion and ask for guid­ance.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides

In addi­tion to the Ancient Ones, there are angels, spir­its, and guides to help par­tic­i­pants suc­cess­ful­ly nav­i­gate the sim­u­la­tion. All who call for help receive it. With study, mys­tics learn about any num­ber of help­ful guides who are always ready to help. Some guides are specif­i­cal­ly assigned to stu­dents while oth­ers come to your res­cue as called.

The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

After the cre­ation of each Soul, it is sent for train­ing and devel­op­ment – which we affec­tion­ate­ly call Boot Camp Earth! BCE is a sim­u­la­tion cre­at­ed by Source to train and pre­pare Souls for its future expe­ri­ences. The ulti­mate goal of the sim­u­la­tion is to pro­vide a series of lessons that exceeds that abil­i­ties of the human sen­tience so that it dis­cov­ers and unites with the Spark of the Divine. As such, the Boot Camp Earth expe­ri­ence is a series of lessons designed to strip away life illu­sions. There are var­i­ous lev­els of stu­dent par­tic­i­pa­tion: begin­ner, inter­me­di­ate, and advanced lev­els.

Beginner’s level,

At this lev­el, stu­dents learn to live accord­ing to their phys­i­cal nature and suc­cess is mea­sured by an abil­i­ty to use one’s phys­i­cal abil­i­ties to accom­plish var­i­ous goals. While play­ing the sim­u­la­tion, the begin­ner has no expe­ri­ence of life beyond their imme­di­ate five sens­es. It is a kill or be killed envi­ron­ment where one must live accord­ing to their wits. The strongest sur­vive until a stronger sys­tem top­ples it. Of course, suc­cess in this sys­tem means that the par­tic­i­pant must return again and again to the sim­u­la­tion until it advances for a new series of lessons.

Intermediate Level

Here, stu­dents learn about the exis­tence of life beyond the phys­i­cal body. Suc­cess is mea­sured by an abil­i­ty to man­i­fest desires by unit­ing the mind and body in har­mo­ny with spir­i­tu­al teach­ings. At the inter­me­di­ate lev­el of devel­op­ment, stu­dents become aware of the world of spir­it – but they see the spir­it world as sep­a­rate from them­selves.

The inter­me­di­ate soul seeks a more enlight­ened and egal­i­tar­i­an soci­ety by uphold­ing soci­etal tra­di­tions and cre­at­ing sys­tems of law designed to lim­it the pow­er of the ruth­less. This is cer­tain­ly bet­ter than resort­ing to brute force. How­ev­er, in many ways, they are no dif­fer­ent than the first group of peo­ple – they just resort to the cre­ation of laws and new sys­tems for assum­ing con­trol.

Advanced Level

At the advanced lev­el of par­tic­i­pa­tion, one learns that noth­ing cre­at­ed by force of the human will last. Advanced stu­dents under­stand that they are spir­i­tu­al crea­tures inhab­it­ing a phys­i­cal body and not the oth­er way around. Stu­dents learn how to become a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign that ful­ly sur­ren­ders its phys­i­cal ves­sel to the will of Divine Con­scious­ness. The mea­sure of suc­cess is the degree to which a stu­dent is able to merge their will with divine will.

No mat­ter the lev­el of par­tic­i­pa­tion, Boot Camp Earth requires humans to expe­ri­ence what life is like when orga­nized accord­ing to their (humankind) sys­tems of cre­ation and doing. Yes, the Spark of the Divine could eas­i­ly turn the worlds of mat­ter into a heav­en­ly par­adise with­out so much the slight­est flick­er of an eye­lash. This is not ITs desire. Instead, the plan of the Divine Spark is to patient­ly wait for humankind to arrive at an inevitable con­clu­sion, “Human sen­tience can cre­ate noth­ing of last­ing val­ue.” All gov­ern­ments, reli­gions, edu­ca­tion­al sys­tems, eco­nom­ic par­a­digms, and sys­tem of laws cre­at­ed by human sen­tience fail to with­stand the test of time. All fall to cor­rup­tion, chaos, and dis­ar­ray.

The pri­ma­ry goal of Light­work­ers is to tran­scend the Boot Camp Earth Sim­u­la­tion through ascen­sion liv­ing. This means that each time we are test­ed, we sur­ren­der to the will of the Divine Spark and fol­low its lead­ing. Indi­vid­u­als may progress to the next dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ence once they reli­ably awak­en to their true nature of merged con­scious­ness.


If today you were to return to theele­men­tary  school where you received your ear­ly lessons, you would com­plete­ly under­stand and sup­port things you could not when you were a young stu­dent. You would be able to real­ize that teach­ers desire that you suc­ceed! Most like­ly you would under­stand that the things they did, like mak­ing you pay atten­tion, was to help you. The lessons that frus­trat­ed the “younger you” were designed to devel­op your think­ing and rea­son­ing skills. Your per­cep­tions would be dif­fer­ent today than then.

In the same way, the earth­ly expe­ri­ence is not what it appears to be and the tri­als we face are only those lessons we chose to face. The Ancient Ones are our friends. The Boot Camp Earth sim­u­la­tion they man­age effec­tive­ly pre­pares the soul for excit­ing adven­tures ahead. As with our earth­ly school­ing, per­fec­tion is not the mea­sure of suc­cess; rather, we need only be pro­fi­cient at our lessons to move on. Per­haps one day, you might join the Ancient Ones as they use the sim­u­la­tion to teach valu­able lessons.

As you awak­en to your true nature – souls liv­ing in a human form – you begin to see the log­ic of the sim­u­la­tion and know what is next for you. Use your remain­ing time on Earth to your best advan­tage. Train your­selves to con­tact and receive mes­sages from your guides. Learn how to sur­ren­der and merge your resources with the Divine Spark that you might ascend fur­ther on the God-Con­tin­u­um. If you become pro­fi­cient at this, you may well dis­cov­er that the rest of your life in this sim­u­la­tion is like a day vis­it to your for­mer ele­men­tary school.

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