The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

Boot Camp Earth
Boot Camp Earth is a holographic simulation

My dear mystical students, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I, and those like me, wish to bring you the knowledge that has been kept secret for ages. It is time for you to graduate and advance further along the God-Continuum. This cannot happen unless you are willing to open your eyes, ears, mind, and heart. So many of you pray to know the truth.  And now, here we are. We want you to know the truth and we bring it to you as quickly as you can assimilate and accept it. Today, we want you to learn some hidden truths about Boot Camp Earth. Knowledge brings understanding. Understanding brings freedom. Freedom, wisely applied, brings advancement and spiritual power.

Consciousness and Holographic Simulation

Let us begin at the apex of the pyramid, as it were. When we say our experience on Boot Camp Earth is holographic, it refers to the truth that all is Maya, a magic show or illusion where nothing is as it seems. As we have said so many times, nothing exists except for Divine Source. Everything that you see, hear, feel, think, say and do is an out-picturing of Source Consciousness. Nothing exists apart from Source. The earth, stars, universe, and all perceptions of matter are out-picturings from the consciousness of Divine Mind.

Souls are Filtered and Modified

Source creates souls so that IT might have the experience of separateness. That is why you and I perceive ourselves as separate beings–though such a thing does not exist. Source ITself is unity and oneness. One way that Source experiences simultaneous separate experiences is to scatter portions of ITs infinite and ineffable self in what we describe as a soul capsule–or the Lux Animae. From here, Source creates sophisticated levels of filtering which alter the abilities of each speck to perceive ITself as a unified whole. Keep in mind that this perception of separateness is not absolute. All souls have the ability, through mystical practice, to perceive the truth of unity. However, each Spark of the Divine is also willing to temporarily suspend belief in order to enjoy the perception of separateness.

Here is an illustration of how the filters work. In our human state, we do not see the entire light spectrum because of the limitations of our eyes. The same is true for Soul. Though IT is a spark of God incarnate, the modifying filters alter the reality of ITs experiences. In this way, Source enters the holographic world and, like all good movies, suspends belief as it participates in the created worlds of matter. This suspension of belief means that Soul will not have immediate access to its full and complete powers. That is why it must receive schooling in a place like Boot Camp Earth.

Separateness is a Gift

Though it may not seem so, to experience the illusion of separateness is a great gift. It is one of the many alternative experiences Source has for knowing ITself. The elaborate creation of the worlds of matter, the special adaptive bodies for the Spark of the Divine, and the complex simulations of soul worlds are truly wondrous. As mystics grow in their ability to merge soul consciousness with the Spark of the Divine, the frustration of the physical turns to amazement as one learns about the vastness of the God-Continuum and the experiences that await us there.

Types of Simulations

Most people believe that physical matter is the only experience there is. Not so! As many of you are learning, there are extra physical experiences as well–such as those which occur between lifetimes. We also have extra-dimensional experiences in our dream and soul travel states. Because most earthly souls remain asleep to their true nature, they must receive teaching and schooling to awaken. Holographic simulations, such as Boot Camp Earth, help with the awakening process. Awakening is a gradual process and Divine Source uses three categories of simulations to help strengthen and develop soul participants. These include the spiritual imagination, worlds of physical matter, and the worlds of artificial intelligence.

Spiritual Imagination

As mentioned earlier, Source, in ITs pristine ultimate and unified state, exists as pure consciousness. In this environment, The Divine Mind carries out “mind” experiments–or imaginary experiences. Remember, the imaginary experiences of Divine Mind is very different from the imagination of humankind. This is no fanciful thinking. It is an active and living space for sketching out the future plans of worlds, planets, and galaxies. Even so, this conscious exploration is similar to the work of mystics as they carry out their mystical practices to accomplish desired goals. For the trained mystic, the spiritual imagination is a powerful source of spiritual power.

Physical Matter

Earth has a long and rich history and is much older than currently thought. The present race of beings inhabiting the planet is certainly not the first. Since its creation, any number of different species of sentient beings have called this place home. Sadly, there have been numerous extinction events which reduced greater civilizations to rubble. The Boot Camp Earth simulation has been run countless times for each of these civilizations.

Though most of present-day humankind behave as though the world belongs to them alone, this is incorrect. The planet itself is a living and conscious organism in its own right. As with other beings that live in the dimensional worlds of matter, it has its own version of etheric bodies and an energetic chakra system. Even if no life forms were present on the world, Earth would still have an independent awareness and the ability to communicate with other planets and stars across the galaxy. All past and present entities have records available for review in the Earth’s crystalline structure. As mystics develop in their spiritual practices, they learn how to tap into this Akashic record.

Non Human Beings

At the same time, there are sentient beings which share the Earth with humans–which most humans remain oblivious. The plants, animals, and minerals also have a vibrant consciousness of their own. Humans mistreat them at their peril. There are beings that, even now, live deep in the earth as well as the deep waters. There are those who live in cloaked ships above our planet–which occasionally come into view. Finally, there are any number of beings living alongside us in adjacent dimensions that vibrate at slightly higher and lower frequencies than humans are normally able to perceive. Yes, the earth is a shared space with many different species of sentient beings. One day soon, this will be abundantly clear.

World leaders are aware of these non-human beings. They desire to keep their existence secret for as long as possible because of trade and technology agreements between their countries and corporate structures. These agreements, which largely benefit a few, will become known in due time.

Artificial Intelligence

As souls evolve in the worlds of matter, they learn how to create artificial and technological worlds that are indistinguishable from physical ones. Though they are counterfeits, It is very possible to take one’s soul essence and deposit it within an artificial structure. As humans learn to do this, wide expanses of space can easily be traversed. Bodies that can withstand hostile environments will allow humankind to explore the depths of the oceans, suns, volcanoes, and deep space. Artificial intelligence will provide the means for people to participate in situational experiences without fear of destruction or potential moral retribution. Theoretically, such experiences could expand a human life indefinitely.

There are malevolent uses of this technology as well. Artificial intelligence may also enslave, torture, and control entire species of sentient beings. At some point in the future, artificial intelligence will regulate the prison system. In mere minutes of physical time, an unfortunate being might experience entire lifetimes of retraining and rehabilitation.

The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

Earth is one of several million planets and stars set aside across time and space for the training and development of Souls. These sites exist, by permission of Source, for the express purpose of schooling souls for their future work. In other words, Earth is a three-dimensional schoolhouse which advances our spiritual development through experiential learning. We need this because it is also the will of Divine Consciousness to, at a future point, unite ITs infinite nature with the higher-self sentience of humankind (and other entities like them). This unequal pairing of strength and power requires long periods of training to prepare the sentience for this union. The simulation runs for a designated period of time or until a majority of earthly participants have succeeded in creating a tipping point where most train at an advanced level.

A Place of Learning

Many humans bemoan their schoolhouse experiences. What most do not realize is that they choose the precise conditions of which they are complaining. Like students who pay tuition for their college courses, so souls come to earth to experience specific ways of living. The decisions we made before coming to Earth decide what our experiences shall be. Once we begin to awaken to this fact, life begins to make more sense and have more meaning.

One of the great things about participating in three-dimensional experiences, such as Boot Camp Earth, is the ability to engage in a full sensory environment. For instance, when we are angry at someone, we have the opportunity to examine those aspects of ourselves that are in need of healing. We observe the other person in 3-D with our five senses and relay that information to our higher functions.

Participants in the Boot Camp Earth Simulation

As a planet, Earth is always under observation. Many beings external to the Earth observe all that happens here. We do not see them because they are well able to conceal themselves–even when they should be in plain sight. Were the filters removed from our physical means of knowing the world, we should see an incredible number of extrateresstrial visitors. They too are here for a purpose.

Objective Observers

Some of these objective observers determine the level of achievement obtained by the participants as they go through the simulation. Mystics often refer to these wise beings as ascended masters. No matter their name, these beings decide whether we understand our spiritual lessons enough to advance. If so, the student receives new experiences. There are also observers who visit from other planets with active simulations.  They are here to advise, learn, and grow in their ability to manage spiritual simulations.

The Ancient Ones

The simulation itself is run by those known as the Ancient Ones. These revered beings are often called the Lords of Karma in other mystical traditions. The Ancient Ones set the overall parameters of the Boot Camp Earth simulation and make any personal modifications which may be necessary for individual participants.

Don’t be surprised if The Ancient Ones at Boot Camp Earth present you with things you may perceive as hardship. Things are never what they seem. The order only brings opportunities for your growth and healing. This is because the gold of the soul can only be purified through the fires of trial. Never assume that any person who brings it is evil. They may well be a loving friend from the other side you chose to be your drill instructor! When troubles come, be humble and do not assume to know the whole story or fully understand what is happening to you. Instead, come before the ascended masters in your time of meditation and ask for guidance.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides

In addition to the Ancient Ones, there are angels, spirits, and guides to help participants successfully navigate the simulation. All who call for help receive it. With study, mystics learn about any number of helpful guides who are always ready to help. Some guides are specifically assigned to students while others come to your rescue as called.

The Boot Camp Earth Simulation

After the creation of each Soul, it is sent for training and development–which we affectionately call Boot Camp Earth! BCE is a simulation created by Source to train and prepare Souls for its future experiences. The ultimate goal of the simulation is to provide a series of lessons that exceeds that abilities of the human sentience so that it discovers and unites with the Spark of the Divine. As such, the Boot Camp Earth experience is a series of lessons designed to strip away life illusions. There are various levels of student participation: beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Beginner’s level,

At this level, students learn to live according to their physical nature and success is measured by an ability to use one’s physical abilities to accomplish various goals. While playing the simulation, the beginner has no experience of life beyond their immediate five senses. It is a kill or be killed environment where one must live according to their wits. The strongest survive until a stronger system topples it. Of course, success in this system means that the participant must return again and again to the simulation until it advances for a new series of lessons.

Intermediate Level

Here, students learn about the existence of life beyond the physical body. Success is measured by an ability to manifest desires by uniting the mind and body in harmony with spiritual teachings. At the intermediate level of development, students become aware of the world of spirit–but they see the spirit world as separate from themselves.

The intermediate soul seeks a more enlightened and egalitarian society by upholding societal traditions and creating systems of law designed to limit the power of the ruthless. This is certainly better than resorting to brute force. However, in many ways, they are no different than the first group of people–they just resort to the creation of laws and new systems for assuming control.

Advanced Level

At the advanced level of participation, one learns that nothing created by force of the human will last. Advanced students understand that they are spiritual creatures inhabiting a physical body and not the other way around. Students learn how to become a Spiritual Sovereign that fully surrenders its physical vessel to the will of Divine Consciousness. The measure of success is the degree to which a student is able to merge their will with divine will.

No matter the level of participation, Boot Camp Earth requires humans to experience what life is like when organized according to their (humankind) systems of creation and doing. Yes, the Spark of the Divine could easily turn the worlds of matter into a heavenly paradise without so much the slightest flicker of an eyelash. This is not ITs desire. Instead, the plan of the Divine Spark is to patiently wait for humankind to arrive at an inevitable conclusion, “Human sentience can create nothing of lasting value.” All governments, religions, educational systems, economic paradigms, and system of laws created by human sentience fail to withstand the test of time. All fall to corruption, chaos, and disarray.

The primary goal of Lightworkers is to transcend the Boot Camp Earth Simulation through ascension living. This means that each time we are tested, we surrender to the will of the Divine Spark and follow its leading. Individuals may progress to the next dimensional experience once they reliably awaken to their true nature of merged consciousness.


If today you were to return to theelementary  school where you received your early lessons, you would completely understand and support things you could not when you were a young student. You would be able to realize that teachers desire that you succeed! Most likely you would understand that the things they did, like making you pay attention, was to help you. The lessons that frustrated the “younger you” were designed to develop your thinking and reasoning skills. Your perceptions would be different today than then.

In the same way, the earthly experience is not what it appears to be and the trials we face are only those lessons we chose to face. The Ancient Ones are our friends. The Boot Camp Earth simulation they manage effectively prepares the soul for exciting adventures ahead. As with our earthly schooling, perfection is not the measure of success; rather, we need only be proficient at our lessons to move on. Perhaps one day, you might join the Ancient Ones as they use the simulation to teach valuable lessons.

As you awaken to your true nature–souls living in a human form–you begin to see the logic of the simulation and know what is next for you. Use your remaining time on Earth to your best advantage. Train yourselves to contact and receive messages from your guides. Learn how to surrender and merge your resources with the Divine Spark that you might ascend further on the God-Continuum. If you become proficient at this, you may well discover that the rest of your life in this simulation is like a day visit to your former elementary school.

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