The Vishuda Blue Throat Chakra

The Vishudha Blue Throat Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

Hello travelers of the mystic path! I am Brother Thomas, your friend, and guide who has seen your light grow in luminescent–so much so–that it has brought you and me together.  We workers in the light seek to help each other. Just as you help your earthly friends–sharing advice and help as may be needed–so, we too, come to all lightworkers who seek the next step in their spiritual evolution. The lessons we have been presenting you on the unique energies of the chakras will raise your vibration–but only as you adopt the knowledge you learn as your own and do as the lessons say. Some imagine that a “Crackling bolt of lightning” will strike them into a state of enlightened transcendence. For the most part, this is but a Hollywood fiction. The mundane truth is more likely to be this; your awakening happens so gradually that you hardly notice it!  Notice we used the word awakening and not enlightenment. Shall we remind you of the lesson we taught in the lesson The Secret that Changes Everything?

We workers in the light seek to help each other. Just as you help your earthly friends–sharing advice and help as may be needed–so, we too, come to all lightworkers who seek the next step in their spiritual evolution.

YOU. ARE. ALREADY. ENLIGHTENED! That’s right! There is no you to enlighten–there is only Source/God–and God is already enlightened!  The ego-physical you that has a name is only a fiction–it can never be enlightened! But, you may say, “I don’t feel enlightened!” And that is true. The “I” that says I don’t feel enlightened can never be enlightened because it is the egoic-physical you that is speaking.  This is the illusory you! The real you–the source that is tucked away in the Lux Animae–is already enlightened.  But here is the tricky part, that part of the light has been asleep for a long time!  This Source Light tucked away in the Lux Animae is the part that must wake up! You don’t need to be enlightened–you are already that–but you may well need to WAKE UP! (And that is what awakening is all about.)  If none of this is making sense to you in the present moment, don’t worry! It will make perfect sense before long! Just keep studying.  Your ascendance happens according to your vibration–not your knowledge!

We continue our studies of the chakras. Today, we study the Vishudha Blue Throat Chakra! This is the energy center that allows us to communicate our truths outside of our self. Some call this the communication chakra. This may well be the trickiest energetic center of the primary seven we study. Most everyone believes they are reasonably good communicators, when in fact, they are not!  The fact that you are comfortable speaking in front of others does not represent mastery of this chakra! The fact that you can speak your mind is not what this chakra is about. From our side, the truth is easy to recognize.

If there is drama in your life, you have work to do in the management of the blue chakra energy. If you argue with others, curse, say things you regret, take the role of a victim, persecutor, or rescuer–you must work to master this chakra. You may be able to teach all sorts of metaphysical truths and travel about in your soul body–but if you are expressing criticism, judgments, anger, and bitterness on a regular basis–there is work to be done. If your words are hurting others–even if spoken truthfully–there is work that needs to be done.

Don’t worry, no one has perfect mastery over this chakra. Contrary to what you may have heard, the masters do not expect perfection from their students residing in the third dimension. Like the teachers in your schools and universities, we seek to train and teach you what you need to know. Life will be your teacher. It will give you ample opportunities to demonstrate whether you have learned your lessons or not. Remember, in the spiritual world; You get the lesson until you get the lesson! When it comes to communicating, our goal is to learn how to eliminate the drama so that we express our truth in love in such a way that we rarely hurt people. Secondly, we hope to be a fantastic channel for the spiritual messengers! There are untold numbers of messengers on our side who wish to communicate with humankind.  The more we can teach you to master this chakra, the more messengers will become available to lead others to the Spiritus Lumine–the Light of God. The calm blue color of the chakra reminds us of calming waters, and a peaceful sky. With that in mind, let’s begin learning the basic life lesson of this beautiful Vishudha Blue Throat Chakra!

Basic Information

The beautiful blue Vishudha is located on the spine at the level of the throat–the place where we bring food and nourishment to our physical body. It is also the place where we conduct what may well be one of the most important activities of all–speaking our truth and communicating with others! During our waking hours, the throat chakra is perhaps one of the most used chakras of all. Its color blue is most fitting. Like blue water, the throat energy may bring about peace and tranquility. Conversely, like raging sea waters, the throat may create everlasting turmoil. The ability to communicate well is something we take for granted until it goes sideways. Sadly, many who are not acquainted with the power of this chakra allow the egoic-physical complex to misuse it–bringing all kinds of misfortune into their lives. Holy scripture describes this energy center like the rudder of a ship–small but able to turn about a great ship.

Consider this about the Vishudha.

  • It can create its own physical vibrational energy on a whim–influenced either by the higher-self or the physical-egoic complex,
  • These physical vibrations that are uttered have the potential to change personal lives, the lives of others or the entire course of history!
  • It has the ability to communicate to others the present state of the heart chakra–whether positive or negative,
  • With help from the Lux Animae, the Vishhuda expresses truths from extra-dimensional sources such as spirit guides and the like.

Lesson of the Blue Vishudha Chakra

No chakra more quickly reveals the heart of a person than the throat chakra. There is a saying from a sacred text that says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  A quick observation of present culture demonstrates that most people do not have a sacred view of the Vishuda. Crude speech is heard everywhere. Cursing, screaming, yelling, rage, and the like have become common place. Many misguided people use it daily to express their daily frustrations and to criticize and judge themselves and others. Like all of the other energy centers, the law of attraction rules. Like energy attracts like energy. The energy we give is the energy we bring to us. It takes time to change our resonant frequency so that we escape the negative dramas that so easily entice us.

Communication that Honors the Blue Chakra

As we live the chakras, we must remember that energy rises upward. If the energy is processed with mindfulness at each level–a saint is created. If not, we have the world you see about you every day. The work of the mystic is to monitor this energy flow and be intentional about how the chakras process it. Ideally, we strive to be remain grounded–knowing that we lose our connection with Divine when we become ungrounded by giving in to our anger and passions.  Next, we pay strict attention to the energetic currents in our body. We become aware of emotions as they arise–shunting the more negative aside, and apply rationality and clarity to all thoughts as they come into awareness. Finally, we meld the upward energetic current with the heart’s ability to supply gratitude, thankfulness, harmony, and love.  If we are successful, the throat chakra takes care of itself and speaks its truth with integrity and positivity.


The blue throat chakra gives voice to the energies within. When this chakra is not well managed, anger, chaos, judgment, and the like occur. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of this chakra is that it reveals through physical sound waves the condition of the heart–whether primal or advanced. The energy of the other chakras can be cloaked, or made unavailable, to an average person. The throat chakra, however, clearly reveals conditions within. Resonance by others is gained more quickly by speaking. The quality of vibrations emitted by this chakra has the ability of quickly raising the energy of a group of people or quickly lowering it. Besides remaining in present moment awareness, the key to managing this chakra effectively is to pay strict attention to the generation of red and orange energies and to insure the heart has been engaged appropriately when troublesome energies arise.

How to Access this Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color blue (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note G (48.9, 97.8, 195.6, and 391.2 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra HAM (pronounced hum),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the dodecahedron–representative of your sacred space for divine communication and the channeling of extra-dimensional wisdom,
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.

Other Material

  1.  The Bija seed mantra for the throat is “HAM.” This video provides a lovely meditation background to improve the throat chakra energies.

2.  One of the most difficult things to master in life is knowing how to speak your truth. Here is a wonderful video that discusses how to do this entitled, “The 5th Chakra and Speaking Your Truth.