The Supreme Light

The Supreme Light

A Word from Brother Thomas

[dropcap]W]elcome[/dropcap mystical brothers and sisters! I am Brother Thomas, your friend and helper as you study the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. I am here once again to guide those of you wishing to perfect your knowledge of the spiritual path. I congratulate all seekers–for all who seek will surely find as God intends. Source, your divine friend, is behind it all. At this very moment, He has placed his holy hunger within you so that you might ascend to your next exciting stage of spiritual understanding and power. Please, dear friend, never take this for granted. It is only natural that we should believe that because we have a hunger for truth that everyone else does as well—but this is not so! You have a great desire–but your best friends and neighbors may not. Even though this may seem puzzling to you, is not by accident. Source awakens all of us according to ITs perfect timing and infinite wisdom. IT has activated your Lux Animae, which in turn causes you to seek and find. This divine light delivers the specialized knowledge and wisdom that is just right for your level of development. So, remember, if you have a spiritual hunger, Source has undoubtedly placed it there. Now, proceed with your studies full speed ahead–knowing that it is the will of Source that you do so!

In this lesson, I will teach you about the Supreme Light, overview the importance of colors and rays, and discuss their relationship with ascended masters! This may be a challenging lesson for some. A knowledge of the colors can be very beneficial. Until now, your connection with the Divine has been like unto traveling on city streets and back roads. You will certainly get to where you are going, but it can be an exhausting ride that takes a while. The colors and cosmic rays are like superhighways that allow you to travel freely and quickly across the country. The rays are like high-speed trains that rocket from one place to another. Spiritually speaking, a proper integration of color and the cosmic rays into your spiritual practice, allows you to bring healing to yourself and others, increase wisdom and knowledge, and connect you directly with the energy of your guides. Let’s begin our lesson by introducing the Supreme Light.

The Supreme Light

[dropcap]God’s[/dropcap] supreme light pervades the universe. Some say that God is light, but actually, it is more correct to say that light is one of the infinite ineffable attributes of God. For in truth, nothing exists but God-consciousness. In esoteric literature, it is believed that Source Consciousness emits a supreme light via the Great Central Sun. Think of the Great Central Sun as the center, or heart, of the universe where the Creator resides. This light is what we on the path call the Spiritus Lumine–the divine light of God which distributes the Divine’s dynamic forces across all known universes. To connect with this light is to connect with Source. Even though our physical forms are limited in what we can see and hear, this divine light represents all of the energetic and vibratory forces of Source, whether perceived by us or not. The vibrations we see and hear in our daily lives are but one part of the Spiritus Lumine available to our conscious awareness. As you know, we humans have a limited range of sight and hearing. Following the mystical path extends this range as we develop our spiritual practice through the inner and outer-forms. For instance, as we meditate, we activate our inner-sight and hearing so that we might perceive the subtler frequencies of the lumine. Our range also increases each night as our body sleeps and we travel in the Lux Animae while it is under the control of the higher self.

Four Forms of Light

For the mystic, several properties of light are of interest to us. First, the light and energy of the Spiritus Lumine are converted into the seven cosmic rays by the Lux Animae and fed into the human chakra system via the silver cord. Secondly, there is the Spectral Light perceived by the eyes of the human body. A knowledge of these colors can help regulate physical well-being and manage mental and emotional states. Thirdly, there are the audible sounds we can perceive with our physical hearing. Like the spectral light for the eyes, we can manage physical, emotional and mental health by intentionally choosing to listen to these frequencies. Last of all, there are the cosmic rays which we access via the inner and outer-forms. Meditation upon these rays allows us to link with the ascended masters and travel to high spiritual planes where we gain additional spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Let’s begin our study of the four forms of light by discussing the chakras.

Chakras and Light

When we speak of the chakras, we usually refer to the seven major energy centers of the human body. Actually, there are many more than the seven, but much understanding is available by focusing upon the seven. For now, let us note that tradition states that each chakra has an assigned frequency, an assigned color, associated human behaviors, and provides energy to a specialized organ of the human body. The energies enter the body through the silver cord and are distributed accordingly. In the lessons following this one, each chakra will be thoroughly discussed.

Spectral Light

In other lessons, we have noted that the Spiritus Lumine is the means used by Source Consciousness to distribute ITs ineffable qualities across all dimensions of time and space. Light is one of those qualities worthy of our attention. The light of Source is brilliant, pure, and unable to be seen by human eyes.  In the Holy Bible, God says to Moses, “You cannot see My face, for no man can see Me and live.” (Exodus 33:20). In this instance, the light was “the Face of God.” Like Moses, we humans are not able to see the Divine Light in its fullness–but we have been granted an ability to see and hear a small part of the vibratory spectrum via our physical forms. We often arbitrarily divide the visual range into the seven spectral colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These are the colors seen in nature, such as the rainbow. These are also the colors which emerge from a prism when white light shines upon it.

Spectral Light Table
  ColorSpectral Meditative Qualities
RedLove, romance, gentle, warmth, comfort, energy, excitement, intensity, life, blood
OrangeHappy, energetic, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, wealth, prosperity, sophistication, change, stimulation
YellowHappiness, laughter, cheery, warmth, optimism, hunger, intensity, frustration, anger, attention-getting
GreenNatural, cool, growth, money, health, envy, tranquility, harmony, calmness
BlueCalmness, serenity, cold, uncaring, wisdom, loyalty, truth, focused
IndigoDevotion, wisdom, justice, fairness, impartiality
VioletRoyalty, wealth, sophistication, wisdom, exotic, spiritual, prosperity, respect, mystery

Physical perception of these lights can be therapeutic to the body and used to help manage our physical, mental and emotional states. For instance, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be controlled by Light Therapy using the ultraviolet frequency. Numerous psychological studies have shown a relationship between colors and moods. Art Therapy, which requires a master’s degree, is a type of psychological therapy used to fight mental illness. Color therapy is an emerging field which shows promise in relieving people from addictive behaviors as well. Focusing upon spectral color can be useful to those on the mystical path. A simple inner-form is to meditate upon a specific color of light in the following way.

A Simple Spectral Color Inner-Form

  1. Relax, ground, and center your body in the method you prefer, or as described in the lessons on the inner-forms.
  2. Once your body is relaxed, and you feel ready to focus your energy, prepare your body to receive the cosmic rays by imagining your physical form being bathed from head to toe with the color of light you desire.
  3. Imagine your chosen ray of light drawing itself to you like a thick foggy cloud and permeating every cell of your body. Or, imagine a wonderful foamy cream, filled with the energy of your chosen cosmic ray, covering the entire outer layer of your body and sending energy wherever it is needed.
    1. If this is difficult to visualize, try instead to imagine a large and comfortable coat that is filled with cosmic ray energy. Drape it around your body and notice that the coat hangs all the way to the ground.  Imagine its energy permeating and filling your body.  As it does so, you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  4. As you draw in the breath, allow a bright shining cosmic ray of light from heaven to enter your body from the crown chakra and stream all the way down to your toes. On the out-breath, imagine the reverse. As you breathe-out, Mother Earth sends you the cosmic ray through your feet–streams it up through the body–and exits through the crown chakra in a mighty radiant stream into the heavens.
  5. Create a rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. Do this exercise as long as is comfortable.
  6. When you conclude, thank your guides and masters for the blessings of this ray.

Sound Vibration

Another form of light is the ability to hear music–an audible range of the Spiritus Lumine. Again, though the spectrum is continual, over the ages it has been arbitrarily divided into octave sets of eight notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and C. A well-functioning human ear can hear up to 10 octaves of those seven notes ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz. In case you haven’t noticed, there are only seven non-repeated notes in an octave. The number seven corresponds well with the seven spectral colors mentioned earlier!

A discussion of the beneficial qualities of sound could be a book in and of itself. However, the mystic uses these sounds to create resonance within the physical and spiritual bodies. Think for a moment and you will realize that almost every recognized religious and spiritual heritage has a strong musical tradition attached to it as well. Many are familiar with the hymns of Christendom, but there are any number of other religious traditions that have created substantial musical forms as well–all designed to resonate with the Divine. When used in meditation, this attunement process can be helpful for stilling the mind and entraining the brain for a receptive spiritual contemplation experience.  At the end of this lesson we encourage you to take a moment and listen to some of the videos we reference featuring crystal bowls, mantras, and meditative music. In the chart below, we reference the seed-mantra sounds, known as Bija Mantras, taken from the Hatha yoga tradition. For thousands of years yogis have chanted these seed mantras as a foundational part of spiritual practice.  It is an easy and powerful thing to do. Try it as you drive to work or do some mundane task.

  Color/ChakraMusical NoteSeed Mantra  Mood Affected
  Red – rootCLAMLove, romance, gentle, warmth, comfort, energy, excitement, intensity, life, blood
  Orange – sacralDVAMHappy, energetic, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, wealth, prosperity, sophistication, change, stimulation
  Yellow – solar plexusERAMHappiness, laughter, cheery, warmth, optimism, hunger, intensity, frustration, anger, attention-getting
  Green – heartFYAMNatural, cool, growth, money, health, envy, tranquility, harmony, calmness
  Blue – throatGHAMCalmness, serenity, cold, uncaring, wisdom, loyalty, truth, focused
  Indigo – 3rd eyeAOMDevotion, wisdom, justice, fairness, impartiality
  Violet – crownBAHRoyalty, wealth, sophistication, wisdom, exotic, spiritual, prosperity, respect, mystery

A Simple Musical Outer-Form

  1. Go to and search for “solfeggio frequencies.” From the many that are listed, choose one to listen to that is related to the heart chakra.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to relax. Place a pair of your favorite earphones on your head and begin listening to the solfeggio frequency associated with the heart chakra.
  3. As you listen to the solfeggio frequency, ground and center your body in the method your prefer, or as described in the lessons on the inner-form.
  4. Once your body is relaxed, imagine soft rays of green light filling your body with a healing green colorful mist. As your body is filled with this green light, know it purifies and invigorates every cell of your body and creates a spiritual resonance that draws your spirit heavenward.
  5. Focus on your breath. For every in-breath, mentally chant the Bija seed-mantra YAM (pronounced yum).
  6. Do not have any agenda than to chant the seed-mantra and listen to the frequency. However, it may well be that your attention shifts to another dimension. If this happens, relax and let it be. Just place your attention on whatever arises.
  7. Create a rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. Do this exercise as long as is comfortable.
  8. When you conclude, give special thanks to your angels, spirits, guides, and masters for the blessings of this green ray and frequency.
  9. Allow your attention to come to the present moment and know that you have made contact with a Divine frequency.

The Cosmic Rays

The last form of light to be discussed are the cosmic rays–also known as the Seven Rays. Each ray has a number, color, master, angel, and qualities that best define it. You should note that the color of the rays do not necessarily correspond with the colors assigned to the chakra system. Also, you might note that there is disagreement across the metaphysical literature about who the actual Cohans (ascended masters) are, as well as disagreement about the colors. A sample table is provided below.

Typical Table of Cosmic Rays and Masters

 NumberColorSacred MasterAngelQualities
1BlueEl MoryaArchangel MichaelPower, faith, protection will
2YellowLord LantoArchangel JophielWisdom, illumination, enlightenment
3PinkPaul the VenetianArchangel ChamuelLove, compassion, kindness, charity, art, culture
4WhiteSerapis BeyArchangel GabrielPurity, harmony, self-discipline
5GreenHilarionArchangel RaphaelHealing, wholeness, truth
6PurpleLady NadaArchangel UrielHelping, serving
7VioletSaint GermainArchangel ZadkielFreedom, forgiveness, mercy, transmutation

So, if there is lack of agreement about who the masters are as well as the colors, why do we mystics study the rays at all? The answer is more about learning a spiritual principle than anything else. The first principle is that we should always know that we can seek help from the masters.

Seeking Help from the Masters

The principle we wish to teach in The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine concerning the Seven Rays is that the God-Continuum is filled with guides and masters who are willing to help us on our spiritual journey. Even though I, Brother Thomas, identify myself as a Guide from the Seventh Ray, that does not mean that I am the only guide you could call upon! That would be far from true. I was helping my channel David long before he knew my name! Knowing the name of a master, while helpful, is not a requirement to receive help from them. It’s the God-Continuum that’s important. All of us, including you, are a part of the God-Continuum. In a real sense, it is more helpful to think of the ascended masters as the lead representative, or head, of all who serve or call upon a vibration of help and service. Again, it is the God-Continuum that helps us. For instance, even though we call upon Lord Lanto–noted master of wisdom, illumination, and enlightenment–this master may well use another aspect of the God-Continuum to help us–and that aspect may well be your dog or cat! Seriously! So, how do ascended masters fit into the scheme of mystical studies? Who and what are the masters anyway.

What are the Ascended Masters?

Before we speak of who they are–let us discuss what the ascended masters are. In this lesson, when we speak of ascended masters we are describing entities that reside in dimensions beyond the third. For us to commune with them, we must practice one of the inner-forms such as contemplation, meditation, or a form of present moment awareness when we see their fingerprints upon our lives. These are men and women (but don’t forget that gender becomes less important beyond the third and fourth dimensions) who have mastered earthly life and its spiritual lessons. Because of their spiritual growth and achievement, they are now able to work with those of us on the lesser planes. Not everyone who ascends beyond the third dimension will work with humankind for this is a specialized work for only those few whose spiritual journey lies in this direction. We may call upon those assigned to work with humanity and receive their help and wisdom. Ascended masters are part of the God-Continuum, as are we, and they assume a place of hierarchy–even as we do.

Who is My Ascended Master?

Before we answer this question, let us provide a little ground work. We remind you that the God-Continuum is infinite because Source Consciousness is infinite. The best advice we give to all mystics studying the path of Spiritus Lumine–is to assume your role as a spiritual sovereign in deciding who, if any, shall be your spiritual master!  I know this statement may sound controversial to many–especially those who are used to paths that clearly specify who the masters and guides shall be–many falsely claiming that their guides are the only true guides there are!

Spiritual Sovereignty

Many a mystic has yet to take a step in the direction of spiritual sovereignty. Many, once they find an attractive spiritual path, act as though these guides, and earthly leaders, should take total control over their lives. If you look carefully at most traditional spiritual paths, many have elevated their own founders as ascended masters and the exclusive source for guidance. While this is understandable, one should remember that the God-Continuum is vast. No one guide represents it all. Be very careful about trading one form of slavery for another. Sovereigns do not blindly pledge allegiance or shut off their reasoning abilities to foolishly follow some guide of the hour. As a spiritual sovereign, our work is to seek, remain open to finding, learn what we can, and to call out to the God-Continuum for help and guidance. Then, in faith, we allow Source to do its work of finding a teacher who will give us what is needed. Spiritual sovereigns co-create and work in partnership with the ascended masters–obedient yet sovereign.

Let’s continue with an illustration. Assume you are budding artist that is full of creative powers.  You have several choices ahead. You might allow some teacher to totally overwhelm you and insist that you create everything according to their instructions.  If you were to do this, you might produce some nice art–but it would still not reflect your unique talents.  Another approach you might do is notice what is selling–and totally imitate the fashions of the moment.  Your art might become popular–but it still would not represent what is your unique creative style.  An approach we favor is to learn teachings and techniques from others that enhance your own creative abilities. In this approach, your unique artistic ability would be constantly unfolding as you express your own style as you are influenced by others you admire. This last path exemplifies the path of being a spiritual sovereign.

Start with the Guides You Know

With the caveat of spiritual sovereignty in mind, let us make a few suggestions.  Build first upon what you know. Even though you may no longer wish to follow a path as you did before, respect the fact that the God-Continuum used this path to bring you to the place where you are today. Accept your graduation from an old path with gratitude. None of us wishes to return to grade school, but all of us can express gratefulness for the experience. We can also understand that even though our former teachers were tasked to do a special thing, they may also be a valuable source in moving us towards our next step.

In David’s life (the channel I, Brother Thomas, use to write these lessons) he is grateful for his evangelical Christian upbringing. Though he no longer believes in the same way as they do, he especially respects and loves Master Jesus.  Jesus continues to be an important influence for him–though not the only one. His relationship with Jesus has led him to other masters and teachers as well–even as Jesus was led to other masters than Moses in the days he spent in Egypt and India. The point is, start with the masters you know–whether it be Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, or some other exalted being. Speak to them as you would a friend and ask them to bring you new teachers that will speed you on your way–not so you may follow them exclusively–but that you might, as a spiritual sovereign, grow and learn as you should. Here are some of David’s more traditional guides.  Perhaps you might want to learn more about some of them.

Traditional Guides for David

  • Angels (Traditional Christian) – Angels are heavenly messengers that are willing to lend us all kinds of help.  Entire books have been written about these amazing entities! Angels are willing helpers of humankind and await our call to them. Ask them to whisper guidance in your ears each day and seek their protection–especially the protection of Archangel Michael. Remember, nothing fancy is required–a quick verbal call out is all that is required to invite their help.
  • Brother Thomas – This guide identifies himself as a guide and Master of the Seventh Ray. He serves with Saint Germain, who is also listed in this grouping. Brother Thomas wishes to spread the teachings of the Spiritus Lumine, or the Light of God. Though he works with David to create these lessons, he is willing to work with any and all who wish to seek out his wisdom. As with Saint Germain, he teaches a mystical that that all human beings (not all beings) are created as spiritual sovereigns that may freely use the Spiritus Lumine to grow and advance spiritually. It is easy to reach Brother Thomas. Just go into a meditative state, focus upon the color violet–or the violet flame–and mentally chant the following mantra, “Spiritus, Lux.” This is short for “God and me” and “God’s light, my light.” This mantra is also an affirmation that we may unite with the Spiritus Lumine to receive Divine wisdom.  Try it and see how it works for you.
  • Gautama Buddha – The teachings of the Buddha are prolific and profound. One of his main teachings is that human suffering is the result of being overly attached to a person, place, thing, or outcome. Call upon this guide whenever you are suffering and ask for your unhealthful attachment to be revealed to you.  Ask as well for help in releasing it.
  • Gaia or Mother Earth – Mother Earth is a living breathing entity and just as conscious as you and me. She has many names throughout the world.  I find it helpful to reference her as Gaia-or Mother Earth.  Our beautiful mother is the creative force of all material things we experience on earth. While existence springs from Source, Mother Earth is the entity that creates all material homes for sentient and non-sentient beings.  Mother Earth’s crystalline structure is also the repository, or library, for the history of all beings who have lived upon the earth–as well as the repository for this sector of the galaxy. Often referred to as the Akashic Records, this library may be reviewed by permission of our guides and Gaia. As mystics in human form, we need a firm grounding to our Mother if we are to have a completed circuit for the Spiritus Lumine. Mother Earth knows you intimately–and has been following your many lifetimes upon her planet. Call upon her often for wisdom and creativity.
  • James, the Brother of Jesus – The wisdom of James cannot be overstated. A book attributed to him can be found in the Holy Bible in the New Testament. James is an entity that gives practical advice. He is a “chop wood and carry water” kind of man. This means that despite his grand spiritual attainment, he will remind you that spiritual attainment counts for nothing if we do not use our gifts to help others as well as ourselves.  James will lend you practical advice and wisdom.  A simple way to call upon him is to say in a moment of silence, “James the Just, I call upon you in my hour or need! Please help me and lend me the wisdom!”  Remain open throughout the day and you shall surely receive what you need.
  • Jesus the Christ – One of the greatest avatars whoever walked upon this planet is Jesus the Anointed! As you study and pray to this master, try and divorce yourself from any religious teachings you may have had previously. Instead, adopt the teachings of the sermon on the mount, his miracles, and parables only. There is probably no better description of what it means to be a mystic anywhere than what is stated in the Beatitudes.  Read only those things and see if you begin to understand Jesus true message–that is very different from what is being taught in most mainstream Christian churches today. And by all means, if you are a Jesus lover, take the time to read scholarly material–such as the Jesus Seminar–which tells you what sayings most likely belong to Jesus and which were added by religious zealots intending to control the masses many years after his death.
  • Kabir – This lovely Indian mystic, poet, and saint describes the love a mystic feels towards Source like none other. His poems especially are filled with spiritual energy that easily transfers to the reader. We especially recommend the poem, “Where do you search for me?” as a wonderful starting poem.
  • Lao Tzu – This amazing master is thought of as the founder of Taoism (pronounced Daoism). His writings emphasize the mystery of the Divine and remind us that the ways of Source are well beyond the powers of human comprehension. Perhaps more than all other ancient master, the writings of Lao Tzu help the mystic to shed the mind and turn instead to the infinite vastness.
  • Mother Mary – We are speaking of the mother of Jesus the Christ here. Mother Mary and Gaia embody the feminine energy of nature and the divine. She is an example of a guide we may turn to when we need nurture, comfort, compassion, and the help that only a loving mother may give. She is the one to whom we may pour out the tribulations of our heart–along with its cares and concerns. Call upon Mother Mary whenever you need to develop healing and compassion in your life.
  • Saint Germain – This name is a version of the Latin, Sanctus Germanus, or Holy Brother. He is the exalted Master of the Violet Ray and promotes freedom, purity, wisdom, and ascension. The lessons you are reading are filled with his influence–especially the teachings on Spiritual Sovereignty! Germain calls upon all of us to turn to a life of purity and good works and to free ourselves from the programming and control of the third-dimensional culture. A beautiful mantra, accredited to Saint Germain, that one can recite goes as follows, “I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.” As you say this mantra over and over, imagine yourself surrounded by healing violet flame that cleanses your aura completely.
  • The Apostle Paul – For many, the Paul we read about in the Holy Scriptures is a complicated master–and that he is! His writing about love in 1st Corinthians 13 is sublime! Other passages about proper human behaviors are certainly bound to the accepted Greco-Roman culture of his day. Still, there is much to love about Paul. We recommend that you read his love poem over and over again–and call to him via the inner-forms for help and guidance in everyday life. We must remember that for his day, Paul was the pinnacle of knowledge and culture.  In our day and time, Paul would not expect us to live in ways that were meaningful so long ago–but he can help us find solutions for our own day and time (which will seem outrageous to those who study our present ways in future times).

Still Others Include:

  • El Morya – Master of the First Ray.  He teaches us the principle of following the way of the Divine instead of humankind. We can always call upon him for power and protection.
  • Hilarion – Master of the Fifth Ray.  He promotes healing and wholeness as we bring the fullness of truth into our lives. He encourages us to grow beyond our present understandings and to see the unity of all things.
  • Lord Lanto – Master of the Second Ray. He is the bringer of wisdom and divine illumination. He also helps in instructing us how to use our words to bring about healing and enlightenment in others.
  • Paul the Venetian – Master of the Third Ray. Master Paul teaches us to use the spiritual wisdom we obtain to perfect our ability to love others–even those that do not care for us. In addition, this is the master that teaches us how to live with more finesse, culture, and grace.
  • Serapis Bey – Master of the Fourth Ray. When we need discipline, organization, and help with getting our life together, this is the master to call upon. He bestows order and disciple so that we might regroup and ascend in our spiritual growth. He is the one we call upon when we need to learn new things, and when we need to learn things that seem to hard for us. Like all the masters, Serapis Bey will not do the work for us–but he will surely show you how to do what is needed to put you straight.

Study and Branch Out

Never forget the power of your Manipura chakra, the energetic center that controls judgment and reasoning. Ask the higher-self residing in your Lux Animae to bring to your conscious reasoning new guides and ideas.  Use the power of books, podcasts, websites, and the like to help you. Here are a few to help you get started. These are some of the guides that David uses and finds helpful–along with a few of his ideas and suggestions. Perhaps you may wish to study some of their central teachings and, through the inner-forms, contact these teachers for additional help, guidance and wisdom.

More Current Guides

  • Departed Loved Ones – Family members and friends who live on the other side of awareness are often willing to help us as well. We can create a spirit language to alert us when they are near. We can also use inner-forms to communicate more extensively. One thing to keep in mind–if we call to them, even if we are in a perfectly conscious state, they will hear us!
  • Fred Davis – Awakening Clarity Now. Fred Davis is a rascal of a man who has turned his life around after having a profound awakening experience.  His new work involves helping people to “Wake Up!” He is very good at this. He has several books and videos available that clearly explain the concepts and process.  These alone can wake you up! He also meets with people via Skype and conducts awakening sessions. Fred is relentless in identifying the voice of your ego versus your soul. By the time he finishes working with you–you will be too.
  • Lisa Transcendence Brown – Awakening to Remember. By all reports, Lisa Transcendence Brown was about as ordinary a person as one could find. Through a series of incidences, she became aware of her transcendental nature and seeks to prepare humankind for their journeys beyond the third dimension. Her message is very different from most. You may have to listen to several of her videos before you have the “ahhh haaa moment.” It is well worth the effort however.
  • Matt Kahn – True Divine Nature. Matt Kahn is probably the clearest voice speaking about the power of love that I know. His videos are clear and powerful–easily found on the internet. Matt has a great sense of humor and can help raise any trapped orange (emotional) energy to your heart chakra and above.  I would describe many of Matt’s ideas as outer-form work that changes how you would naturally react to an enlightened reaction based upon the power of love.
  • Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp of Eckankar. Both of these men have been the spiritual leader of Eckankar–a modern day presentation passed from the Varagi masters. Its teachings provide some of the clearest explanations about the various light bodies of man, planes of existence, and the sounds associated with those planes.  Both of these masters will visit with you on the inner and offer much practical advice.
  • Ramana Maharshi – Hindu Guru. Romana was a Hindu sage who died in 1950.  His books and teachings on self-inquiry are still available.  His work is clear, concise, and loving.
  • Paramahansa Yogananda – Self-Realization Fellowship. Yogananda was an Indian Yogi who brought Kriya Yoga to America. His teachings, though similar to other Hindu sages, are about bringing about a “Direct Experience of God.”


Through the Spiritus Lumine, Source shares its infinite being throughout the universe in the form of light and vibrational energy. Humankind receives a special band of this light energy via the silver cord as it feeds the chakras. Each chakra receives a special frequency of light that enables specialized functions within the human. The human cannot live without this light. Light that may be seen is known as spectral light which is different from the light that we can hear with our ears. It is therapeutic, both physically and spiritually, to see and listen to pure forms of light. These lights may be mediated upon and used to travel to other worlds. Finally, colors of light often represent spiritual hierarchies–such as the Masters of the Seven Rays. In meditation, we may practice inner-forms using colors associated with ascended masters.  In this way, we may gain wisdom and guidance as we travel our spiritual path.

Other Material

This is a video featuring Crystal Singing Bowls that have been tuned to basic music frequencies. Relax and let these soft tones do their healing work.

Relax and meditate with these Tibetan Singing Bowls. These are the same kind of bowls that Monks have used for thousands of years.

In the lesson, we speak about the Bija Seed Mantras.  These are made to be repeatedly hummed and sung. They can be especially powerful when tied to today’s binaural sounds.

One of the most ancient mantras is “Om, So, Hum.” Translated, it means, “I am that.” The mantra helps us to remember that, in the end, everything is nothing but a manifestation of Source Consciousness. This particular rendition of the mantra, when played softly through headphones, is a powerful attunement vibration.

Perhaps one of the most powerful mantras of the Hindu peoples is the Gayatri Mantra. This short prayer has a long history and has been used some 1800 years before Christ was born.  We feature the beautiful singing voice of Deva Primal–singing the prayer. Here is a translation of what it means.

The eternal, earth, air, heaven
That glory, that resplendence of the sun
May we contemplate the brilliance of that light
May the sun inspire our minds.