The Ajna Indigo 3rd Eye Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

My fellow spiritual travelers, never worry if your progress seems slow–your awakening is guaranteed. The question is, will it be now or later? The answer is always based on your intention to grow in the present moment. Each day presents opportunities to use the sacred energies within you for transformation. Will you react to an unkind comment harshly or with love? Will you criticize or judge a person who is displeasing to you, or will you bring your emotional reaction to the mental chakra and begin to look at your energetic responses more objectively? Will you take a moment each day to open to the light? There are so many opportunities to grow! The key is to channel your awareness so that you may take advantage of each opportunity.

In the first stage of growth, when something happens and we overreact, we miss the opportunity for growth until the next time the lesson comes along. Over the next few times, we come remember that we must stay alert–after we have failed our test! Then, slowly but surely, we gain enough present moment awareness to act correctly in the very moment as events flow to us. Finally, it becomes our second nature to apply the energies of the heart and to speak our truth in love as we are guided by Source. If all of this seems too hard, don’t worry! Source never intends for you to do this alone. In fact, you can’t! That is why Source has made so many ascended masters, angels, and guides available for you. When you invite these wonderful guides into your life, they are more than willing to give you the nudge you need, at just the right time, to bring awareness and divine energy to the situation. The guides won’t take over your life–it will always be your choice to decide what your reaction will be; but your spiritual guides will be there to help make your choices with alertness as we encourage you to do what is best for your growth.

There are so many opportunities to grow! The key is to channel your awareness so that you may take advantage of each opportunity.

As we continue our study of the chakras, we are excited to speak of the Ajna Indigo 3rd eye chakra. It is both a communication and transportation complex that links your physical with the spiritual dimensions. This energy center serves as the hub for spiritual travel via the subtle bodies, the home of our psychic abilities, and the center where we perceive, contact, see, hear, and communicate with the extra-dimensional entities that are everywhere about us. When the Ajna energy flows freely, our ability to perceive messages from the other side is a given. And this inner-communication is how we contact so many of you. Sometimes we do this outside of your conscious awareness by communicating with your higher-self. Other times, we visit you in meditation or nudge you in the moments of your day so subtly that you don’t even realize it is us.  But we are here–and always helping. The mystic treasures this chakra because it allows them to commune with Source uninterrupted.  And as we know, the more we can maintain awareness with the divine, the faster we grow spiritually. Let’s begin to learn more about this beautiful chakra.

Basic Information

The beautiful third eye chakra is located right between the brows of your two physical eyes. Its physical organ is the pineal gland deep within the brain. Your own thinkers and philosophers have called this gland the body’s “master gland.” The color of this chakra is indigo–a royal and rich color. In times past, this color was considered to be reserved only for those of royalty. It is indeed, a royal chakra. Among mystics, this chakra probably receives the most boasts! When the third eye is opened (activated) so many seemingly miraculous things begins to occur and the status of the seeker suddenly changes from seeker to student! With practice, this chakra becomes the energy we rely upon for direct communication with divine guides and helpers on the other side of your consciousness!

What is the Third-Eye?

In its simplest form, the opening of the third-eye is the ability to recognize the countless instances where the Divine directly is working in our lives. At first we may claim these events to be coincidental–or perhaps we acknowledge an occurrence or two. Then, as faith develops over time, we suddenly come to realize, without doubting, that the God-Continuum constantly interacts in our lives everywhere we go. Our connection becomes rock solid and we remain in constant communion with the Divine–receiving its messages for ourselves and others. We are mystics.

Known by Many Names

Many speak of the opening of the third-eye as a form of initiation like a marriage or baptism ceremony. Indeed it is! No matter the humble circumstances in which it occurs, it is a momentous occasion the first time one makes the conscious attempt to communicate with the divine and then feels, without a doubt, that she was not only successful but also received a message as well! This is the moment when one feels as though they have discovered a precious gem. This form of communication is to be cherished above all others. It is a sacred link to the Divine that so many wish could be in their life.  It is the Holy Spirit spoken of in the scriptures, the Great Spirit of America’s native peoples, Divine Light, the Vastness, the Tao, and thousands of other names that describe Source Consciousness. But more than that, it is your direct link to guidance and wisdom outside of the restraints of a society that would keep you within its three-dimensional thinking! Once a conscious connection is made with Source Consciousness–the Soul has been placed on the path once more to seek its freedom as a spiritual sovereign. This connection forever removes the requirement that others tell us what the Divine wants–for we now possess that means for ourselves.

Work and Practice Necessary

Even though our third-eye be open, that in itself does not mean that a person has developed the faith and confidence to use it. It is likened to receiving a provisional driver’s permit.  Without practice, one remains inexperienced and possesses limited driving skills. So it is with the opening of the third-eye in humankind. The grace of Source through the Spiritus Lumine is available to all who wish this level of spiritual development; yet, each individual will have to study and practice at how to become more proficient at developing strong connections with the Divine and its messengers.  Don’t worry if you are new to all of this. Remember, the Spiritus Lumine is everywhere about us. IT is always willing to connect with any sincere seeker without judgment or discrimination. Trust this. We will seek you more than you seek us! Learn to recognize our presence and the third-eye opens even more!

Ask and Receive

Many have been taught that Source only speaks to the holy–or those who have spent years in austere spiritual practice. This is not so. In the Holy Bible, Jesus tells a story about two men who came to God in prayer. One begged God for forgiveness and said, “Forgive me, for I am a sinner.” The other spoke to God of his great deeds of kindness and giving. Jesus noted that it was the sinner that came away justified! What is the lesson we wish to impart here? Any sincere person, regardless of what deeds may have been done in the past, and regardless of how dire their present circumstances may be, may connect with Source through the inner-forms.

Specific Gifts and Abilities

For those willing to work with the energies of the Indigo Ajna chakra, exciting adventures are directly ahead. These include spiritual travel in the light body, the ability to communicate with Source, departed family, friends, visit with the higher-selves of others who live, physical healing, and the like.  In the list below, you will see a list of categories that are available to those who wish to work and strengthen their abilities to use the third-eye energies.

  • Clairvoyance – This is known as inner-sight. It is the ability to see within the mind’s eye something that is happening in another place, or within another person. This gift varies from person to person. Some can see into the past while some can see into the future. Some can see what others are doing and others can remote view people, places, and things. Though many are not aware, we often travel in the dream-states to visit events of a past life. This is the higher-self’s way of working with us while the physical sleeps. This sleep-travel should be considered a form of clairvoyance. With practice we may all learn to develop this gifting to some degree–though others use it more naturally.
  • Clairaudience – This is the gift of inner-hearing. For those mystics who rely on this ability, it actually feels like they are hear messages from the God-Continuum inside of their mind. There is another form of listening we would like to offer for your consideration. Anytime you see or perceive something is from Source–and you act accordingly–you are “listening” to the Divine! Thus, if you see a series of numbers on a digital clock or license plate and feel you must discover its meaning–you are listening to the voice of the God-Continuum. Even though you may not have heard the audible voice of Source in your head, you most certainly heard the voice of the Divine just the same. When you see a beggar and feel an inner prompting to help–that too is a form of listening. Yes, we listen with our inner-ears, but we also listen with our whole being as well.
  • Clairsentience -This is the ability to sense information about people, places, or things, without having been told or provided specific data. Before the body mentally processes information, the sacral chakra creates feelings within the physical body. The clairsentient person is able to flow this feeling data upward and receive information about the meanings behind it. More than a “gut-feeling,” clairsentience is the ability to spiritualize the energy of the orange sacral chakra–the seat of emotions–and to receive spiritual guidance and understanding. In some circles, this is also called the gift of discernment.
  • Clairscent – This is the ability to smell scents that are not in the present environment and interpret meaning from it. For instance, many mystics develop a form of spiritual communication that revolves round this sense. David, the channel for Brother Thomas, receives a smell of smoke–or something burning–as a sign of caution whenever his guides want him to be wary of something. To David, this sign means, “Look out, you may get burned!”
  • Clairtangency – This is the ability to hold an object and perceive information from the energies within. This ability is often called psychometry. For instance, some people can hold on to the wedding ring of someone departed and tell you all about about them–perhaps even bringing you a message from the other side! There are various subcategories of this ability. Some are able to perceive the quality of energy in plants, rocks, minerals, crystals and the like. Others learn to use pendulums, dowsing rods, and such to find water, measure energy and so on. Still others have the ability to find missing people through holding objects that belong to the missing person.
  • Clairgustance – Those with this gifting often have a “taste in their mouth.” As with clairscent, one may use this gifting to create a language between mystic and the God-Continuum.  For instance, we might ask the divine to place a taste of “sour or vinegar” whenever we need to be aware that information from another is false, wrong, or deceiving.  Conversely, we might want to be prompted with a “sweet” taste when something is good.
  • Clairempathy – This is a generalized term that describes the ability to feel as others feel.  While many people are empaths, a person with this ability feels even more keenly the overall vibratory state of another. Many have specialized abilities to communicate with animals, or people with certain conditions such as autism, or dementia, or physical ailments. This is a most helpful gift to develop for those lightworkers who wish to practice the healing arts.
  • Channeling – In a technical sense, all abilities of gaining extra-dimensional understanding could be called channeling.  As with the other clairs, there are a variety of abilities associated with this gifting.  Some practice automatic writing–where a spiritual entity guides the hand and writes messages from the other side. Some communicate with others who have departed this life and wish to speak with others on this side of existence. An excellent channel is one who can provide evidentiary material that only the communicating spirit and the person receiving the data could know. Others are only able to generally describe the departed person and perceive their presence. Finally, there are channelers who bring information to other people using their ordinary speaking voice. Some are in full awareness as they do this while others, like the famous Edgar Cayce, go into a trance state with no knowledge of what is being said until they have been awakened to review the transcriptions.

Travel in the Spiritual Light Body

The masters of the God-Continuum not only want to commune with you–they want you to enjoy the freedom of visiting them at their sacred locations via your Lux Animae–light body.

In our introduction we said that the Ajna Indigo chakra is both a communication and transportation center. That is true. One of the closely held secrets of most mystical groups is the instruction on how on how the student may use the third-eye to travel to meet with their guru and or extra-dimensional destinations. Depending upon the path you follow, most teachings will, at some point, provide their students with a series of inner-form instructions that explain to them how to inner-commune with their master or visit the sects sacred temple located on one of many spiritual planes.

We do not want our students who study the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine to be ignorant of this important form of travel or communication. That is why we have created an entire series of lessons on the inner and outer-forms. For now, we will provide the briefest of instructions and encourage you to study the inner and outer-forms as appropriate. Which can be found at the end of this lesson.

These are but a taste of the numerous ways of connecting with the Divine. We believe it is no understatement to say that the difference between the world many spiritual paths all center around the way this chakra is activated and accessed. Some, as we do, proclaim that you can learn to access it on your own. Others state that you need an intermediary such as a guru, master, savior and the like. Some limit their followers to prayers, others meditation, mantras, and still others have any numbers of what we call inner and outer forms.

Lesson of the Indigo Ajna Chakra

The profound lesson of the indigo Ajna chakra is that we are never alone! Source insures, through the Spiritus Lumine, that we are in constant contact with some aspect of the God-Continuum. Source wishes close communication with us and also wishes to use us to communicate with others. When this awareness becomes fully activated, the mystic grows in wisdom and gains amazing powers.

We are Never Alone

Lonliness is part of the human experience. At the time of this writing, suicide rates are increasing world wide. There is a malaise that is hard to ignore. Even those who seem to have all of the worldly comforts engage in destructive behaviors and often kill themselves. This is a time of great disconnect and many are asking the question, “Does anyone really care for me?” Still more wonder, “What would it matter if I weren’t here?” We believe the answer is that people have not advanced in their spiritual growth enough to realize that there is a huge host in the God-Continuum who care for us and want to become a conscious part of our lives.

Without an active spiritual connection that is managed by the Ajna chakra, we are left with few choices for a quality life experience. We may give into the energies of the firey red chakras and be driven by our ungrounded passions. Perhaps we will be driven by our emotional and sexual energy and ride the chaotic roller coaster between being profoundly happy one moment and miserably sad the next–since these energies provide us with the most recognizable stimulation. Some peopel will lock themselves away in their minds–becoming mostly robotic as they make one rational and logical decision after another that is designed to maximize their well-being regardless if compassionate decision making. Even those who manage to live much of their life within the heart chakra–will often kill themselves because they cannot stand the apparant cruelty of this world.  Our ability to communicate with beings beyond our three-dimensional awareness is what is needed to escape the feelings of nihlism (nothing matters at all).

The God-Continuum Communicates with Us

Imagine you are a person who is confined a room that has a cell phone, a fully functioning commputer, and a working television. Now imagine that you have no idea what these devices are for.  You feel lonely, disconnected, and isolated. Then one day you are shown how to use each of these devices and learn that your friends are wondering when you will contact them. The same is true for so many in our society. The good news is that we are not alone and the Spiritus Lumine exists for the very purpose of connecting you with the part of the God-Continuum that is best for you. Once you reach out in something as simple as a prayer such as, “Source, send someone my way to teach me what I need to know at this time.” You will find the Spiritus Lumine will deliver you a speedy answer from the God-Continuum. It may be a person, a group of people, a website, books, podcasts, old friends, or possibly even inner-teachings in your dream state. LIke those who monitor emergency radio frequencies for cries of help, so too, the Spiritus Lumine hears a heart’s desire for attention and love. If we accept the answsers as Source brings them to us as genuine answers to our prayers, we will regain the memory of why we are here in the first place. Suddenly, as if from a dream, we awaken and remember that Source set aside a part of ITs very light energy to create an entity (our soul) that would explore something of profound importance to Source. We gain purpose as we learn more about why we exist and we worry less about the things that once troubled us.

The God-Continuum Uses Us to Communicate with Others

It is also true that we are part of the God-Continuum.  It was never intended that we absorb and retain all of the Source energies that pass through us.  We are not to be a river that is dammed up. Instead, we are to be a channel for a deep river of Source energies that pass continually through us. We too, are part of the God-Continuum.  As we learn, we are to help others learn. Ask anyone who has suffered a trial, and they will tell you that their hope is that they might help someone else who is experiencing the same thing. So it is in the spiritual world. We share what we learn with those who are ready to know with humbleness and respect. As Source speaks and works through you, an opportunity will present itself, at some point, for you to share what you know and be a voice for Source. Perhaps you will be able to explain a message from Oracle cards, or maybe you will share a clairvoyent message. As the saying goes, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” As the mystic walks the path and grows in the management of their chakra energies, Source will place more opportunities for service and sharing before them.

How to Access this Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color indigo (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note A (55, 110, 220, and 440 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra AUM (pronounced ohm),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the sphere–representative of your sacred space for communicating and receiving divine wisdom,
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Black Obsidian,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.

First Forays

If you are not sure whether your third-eye has begun to open or has become awakened, we would like to give you a few simple exercises to do each day. Do not be deceived by the simplicity of these exercises! The opening of the third-eye is a gradual process of developing your ability to see and perceive what is going on around you as being managed by the Divine God-Continuum. Remember, if you refuse to acknowledge that the Divine is active in your life–then you are essentially living with your eyes closed.

  1. As you remember that the eye opens to the degree that come you see and believe the Divine is directly in your life, sit in a quiet place at the end of the day where you will not be interrupted. With a note pad prepare to write down the major events that happened to you that day.
  2. Look carefully at each event and see if you can see where the divine played some part. Perhaps you placed some mulch around your gardens plants today. Can you see the Divine who made those plants? Can you see how Source provided you coin for the needs of the garden? Could it be that the garden and Source has been using you to accomplish its will?
  3. For some, this is an easy exercise. For others, this exercise may seem contrived. If you find it hard to make connections between the events that happened to you and Source, it is probably because you have been conditioned since childhood to believe that you alone make things happen in your life. Sadly for most of us, the people who claimed to believe in God the most, demonstrated by their actions that they believed more in themselves than Source. For most in our culture, every trace of an ability to see the actions of Source in daily living is missing. This is why the third-eye remains closed in most men and women.
  4. For each connection you make in the events of the day and the Divine, speak gratitude and words of thanks. If possible seek if you might hear a conversation back between you and the Source-Continuum. This is very reinforcing in opening the third-eye.
  5. Before long, if you continue this exercise, you will begin to see more clearly the Divine connections in each event of your life and the exercise will seem less contrived to you. Your third-eye will open more and more–until you truly see beyond the daily routine you once assumed. You will see a greater purpose behind all things that happen in your life. When this happens, congratulations, your third-eye is now ready for the next steps–communication with the divine and light body travel.

A Short Light Body Travel Primer

The student should not let the thought of traveling in the light body overwhelm them with anxiety. This is a very natural process that you do each night when you sleep. For those who are deep in esoterica, our very existence is only a dream from the Source Conscious imagination. At any rate, this is a perfectly safe actvity. A second thing to keep in mind is that light body travel is about shifting one’s conscious awareness from the outer to the inner.  This too we do everyday in daydreams, and when we enter the flow state of some task we are doing at the moment. In these moments, our attention has shifted away from the physical body and has moved to another extra-dimensional place.  True, we have not traveled far–but it still counts as light body travel. Finally, we want you to know that after you get the hang of it, creating new ways of light-body travel becomes as much an artistic expression than a formulaic approach.  While we are happy to create many ideas for inner and outer-forms, we do not intend our instructions to become rote or communicate to you that there is only one way of doing this.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your legs in a comfortable position. You should be in a quiet place, dark if possible, and not be concerned that these moments you have set aside will be interrupted. You will probably spend between 20 and 40 minutes in this exercise.
  2. Close your eyes, and begin a deep breath. Inhale slowly and hold it as long as you can–then slowly let it out for as long as you can. See if you can take twenty such breaths. As you take these breaths, remind yourself that you are not just breathing air-you are building prana–life force energy! As you hold the breaths, prana energy travels the whole body bringing healing and energizing energy everywhere. As you exhale the breath, command that all of your non-positive energies be returned to the light.
  3. Now, with your eyes closed, we will now ground to Mother Earth. The easy way to do this is to speak to Mother Earth as you would a friend. Tell her how much you love her. Count on each of your fingers the things you love about Mother Earth. See if you can count twenty separate things about her beauty and energies that you live. Express your love for her waters, her animals, the mountains, the plants, the sky, and as many things as you can think of.  Do this will all of your heart.  Soon, you will feel a love between you and the Mother.  That is when you have made your Spiritual connection. At this point, ask Mother Earth to ground you by accepting the anchor from your Lux Animae, light body, to her crystal core. Ask her to continue to send you powerful energies from her core through to your Lux Animae.
  4. Now, with your energies centered and grounded, ask that your angels, spirits, and guides come and join you and shed heavenly light all around you for protection. If you have a high spiritual guide such as Jesus or another, call upon them as well. Ask the guardian angels to surround you–and thank all for being with you each day. As you do this, please understand that you are really communing with your angels, spirits, and guides.  Just because it happens in your spiritual imagination makes it no less real. You are now using the tools of the fourth dimension to contact those of even states of spiritual being and power.  Your requests brings them to you.  Please keep this in mind.
  5. Now we link more clearly the light of the Lux Animae (the light of your soul) with the Spiritus Lumine (the Light of God). A simple way of doing this is to mentally or softly chant this easy mantra by saying the words Lux and Spiritus over and over. These words mean, “My light, God’s light.” These are powerfully charged spiritual words. Just say them again and again and let the power of the words draw the power of the Spiritus Lumine towards you. If you keep a relaxed attention as you say the words, it is very possible that your consciousness will arise, or shift, and move to another place altogether. You may find that your chanting ends and that you are sitting in a quiet easy presence.  Do not worry if this does not happen, but if it does, feel free to speak your heart to your angels, spirits, and guides. Be open for any messages that may come to you. Ask if you might be given the name of your spiritual guide.  Many good things can happen in this state where you are tied to the Spiritus Lumine.
  6. If time permits, imagine that you have been taken to an illuminated room that is made of white crystal. In the middle you will see a chair that is especially illuminated and waiting for you.  Sit in the chair and ask that the energies of this room fill your spiritual body with healing energies which will, in turn, be transferred into your physical body as well.
  7. Breath the white crystal light energy in and out with the breath. With each breath, imagine more and more energy coming into the Lux Animae. This Spiritus energy charges other elements of your light body–and signals the ascended masters that you are ready for a higher energy to meet with you.
  8. Receive any message that may come to you–or continue breathing in the light energy until you believe it is time to go.
  9. Once you decide to go, give thanks to your angels, spirits, guides, and all others who joined you.
  10. Allow your attention to return to your body–and slowly wiggle your fingers and toes. You have come to physical attention now. Realize that your spirit has just traveled to a different plane of existence outside of the 3rd dimension. Mentally reaffirm your willingness to look for everyday signs that you you are being cared for by your spiritual guides.


As energy travels to the third-eye chakra, we prepare the awareness for conscious travel on the astral planes. If our vibrational state, as demonstrated by our passions, emotions, thoughts, and ability to act compassionately is poor, our ability to travel is lessened. Our behaviors which rely upon our lower chakras matter–once we decide we wish to travel in the light body. The lesson of this chakra is that we are never alone! The God-Continuum is always nearby and awaiting our calls for help. By turning inward and learning to master a few inner-forms, we learn how to specifically contact the ascended masters. There are many masters we may contact and many techniques for doing so. Those who study the Spiritus Lumine: The Mystical Path of Secret Knowledge and Spiritual Power, are encouraged to assume their role as a spiritual sovereign when choosing a master.

Other Material

There are prolific materials available that discuss opening the third-eye.  We, of course, believe that it opens as we come to clearly see the workings of the Divine in each area of our life.  Even so, there are helpful mantras that help us link with the Divine. This video meditation uses the Bija seed mantra “Om.”

One of my favorite new age speakers is Gigi Young.  I love how she takes complicated ideas and explains them so skillfully. In this video, she describes how to develop your intuition–a function of the third-eye.