The Svadhisthana Orange Sacral Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

Students of the light, I Thomas, bring you greetings from the Masters of the Seventh Ray! We are eager to teach each sincere person who calls to us! Our knowledge remains hidden, not because we wish to keep people from discovering it, but because this knowledge is available by special request as the soul in its journey of preparation and training is ready to receive it. It is much like a parent answering a child’s questions about sex and reproduction by appropriately answering only the questions as they are raised by the child–or placing a book on an upper shelf that cannot be seen or read until the person reaches a certain height and maturity. So it is with our knowledge. The Holy Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive!” This is one of the great spiritual laws, “As we ask, so shall it be given.”  You have been asking–and now we are giving it freely to you.

We cannot emphasize the spiritual growth that takes place as one shifts their knowledge and identity from the cultural institutions in which they abide to the vibratory energies of the seven rays.

As one identifies and lives the wisdom of the rays, the soul becomes free of enslaving negative influences. Sadly, so many humans do not realize just how burdened they are. They have lived under the bondage of cultural expectations, blame, shame, guilt, abuse, and enslavement for so long that they consider it reasonable. They cannot identify what is causing them to feel so empty. This should not be!  Free yourself by learning about the energies of the rays! Your body may still be enslaved to a job you do not enjoy and you may continue to follow the traditions of your family, friends, and religion–but your soul will be free! Once you reclaim your spiritual sovereignty, a new world emerges where you become the authentic person Source empowered you to be, and you will soon be walking a path that others only dream about!  Let us continue with our studies.

Basic Information

The Svadhisthana chakra is located at the sacral area, a few inches below the navel. The Sanskrit word for this chakra means “sweetness.” In metaphysical literature, this is perhaps the most mysterious of all the chakras because it is the host for the kundalini energy.

Home of Kundalini

The energetic forces represented by the kundalini are legendary–thousands of books have been written on the subject. The word kundalini means “coiled.” The ancients describe this energy like a coiled snake at the bottom of the human spine. The snake can be awakened, and if it is, the electric-like energy of this chakra will begin to flow upward towards through the other chakras until it exits the crown chakra. There are many paths who specialize in awakening the kundalini–through the higher-self, through the Lux Animae–is perfectly able to do so spontaneously when it believes the timing is right. Some paths equate an awakened kundalini experience with enlightenment. And indeed, there are a plethora of stories which carefully detail the heightened and amazing spiritual experiences which may occur when this chakra is fully activated. We take a different view.

When discussing this chakra, it is always a good idea to remember that this chakra, like all the other chakras, is open and functioning all the time–it is just a matter of the degree of opening. A person whose spiritual body gradually awakens over time is just as sure the beneficiary of kundalini energy as the person who reports an amazing experience where the sky parts and the heavens open. We liken it to the use of hallucinogenic drugs. It’s true that one may enjoy spiritual experiences using drugs; but, it is also true that one recreate these very same experiences by devoted study and pursuit of the mystical path.

Home of Sexual Energy

This chakra is also the home of our sexual energy and causes us to feel attraction towards others as well as the desire to bond physically. If the chakra is not well managed, the sexual energy becomes chaotic causing the individual to seek only to fulfill physical enjoyment. What this means energetically is that the root chakra energy stops traveling upward and remains within the sacral region or exits the body altogether. Managed correctly, a deeper spiritual bond between partners is created and becomes spiritualized as the energy continues to flow past the sacral area to the crown chakra.

Home of the Emotions

The orange sacral chakra not only hosts the kundalini, it is also the seat of the emotions–or energy in motion. Everything that makes it to conscious human awareness emits a vibratory state that is judged by the human egoic-system as good, bad, right, or wrong. Not only does it make these judgments, but it also assigns an intensity to them. Thus we may say, “I love apple pie, or I hate rude people. In truth, all of the things that arise in our consciousness is just vibrational energy. If we learn to dampen or mostly eliminate our tendency to judge, we notice the energy fields coming and going in our lives like clouds in the sky. The important thing to remember here is that since the emotions are tied to the center that houses kundalini energy, we will must learn to master our emotions or prepare to be tossed about by chaotic energy. The emotions can be likened to a horse. If the horse is unbroken–the horse will trample the rider. If the energy of the horse has been channeled properly, the horse becomes an amazing and powerful ally to its rider. So it is with the emotions.

The Lesson of the Orange Svadhisthana Chakra

Emotions provide richness to our lives and we should not be ashamed that we have them and feel deeply when we do.  Indeed, feelings are one of the reasons why we love to incarnate into material form! As strange as it may seem to present awareness, at the soul level, each of us desires to experience a wide range of feelings–even those we deem as negative or undesirable. As shadows are useful to photographers as a means of enhancing the beauty of their subjects, so too negative feelings provide us all with useful shadows that enhance our lives and point the way to correct decision making. Though we don’t often think of it, some of humankind’s greatest inspirations are those who have suffered much emotionally.  The suffering of Christ, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and others have provided inspiration to countless individuals.

Feelings are Like the Clouds

Like clouds traveling across the sky, feelings come and go within the human body. Despite what others may tell you, we are never responsible for how we feel. We are only responsible for how we act upon those feelings as they travel through us. That is one of the first major lessons of karma–that we don’t have to react to our emotions. Feelings are little more than vibratory states that pass through us. Like the speedometers in our automobiles, they are a useful gauge for giving us feedback on the emotional energy that is passing through. Like the speedometer, we may choose to continue, increase, or decrease or speed. We increase the present emotion as we engage it with conscious awareness and participate with it. For instance, we can become happier or angrier as we participate according to our desires. To develop equanimity, we can learn to use the power of the mind to observe our emotions. Thus, we don’t fear the negative emotions as they pass through us, nor overly seek to attach to the positive ones. Instead, we try to objectively observe the emotions as they pass and trust the Spiritus Lumine working through our Lux Animae to guide our actions and demeanors.

Use Awareness to Monitor Feelings

Many people today have lost touch with their emotions–even those on the mystical path!  Many ignore their feelings in favor of their mind and rationality.  Many don’t trust their feelings as a useful guide. Notice that when you ask most people, How do you feel?,” they often give one of two responses. They respond with binary information such as, “I feel good/bad, happy/sad, or the like. But our feelings are much more robust than binaries and judgments. There are wide ranges of feelings available to we humans! There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of terms that can more accurately describe our feelings than the binaries we often us. It’s time to expand the range of our awareness about the feelings going on inside of us. For instance, right now as you read this–what feeling(s) are residing within? Do you feel interested, piqued, enthralled, satisfied, hungry, angry, curious, wistful, anxious, or worried? The point is, we have been trained to monitor our feelings at the level of a “greeting’s culture” that never expects a meaningful reply to the question of, “How are you today?” Take a moment to review the wide range of feelings provided you on the reference sheet below. Determine to check in with your body several times a day and ask yourself, “What feelings are residing in my body right now?” Then take a moment to carefully describe your feelings instead of giving a greeting’s culture answer. Mystics pay attention to their senses. The more aware we are, the more tools we have for good decision-making.

Feelings Versus Judgments

Another typical response to the question, “How are you feeling?,” is a judgmental response that we often accept as a feeling–but it isn’t. We say, “I feel betrayed, mistreated, stabbed in the back, and the like. These are only judgments masquerading as feelings–and they serve to isolate us from a deeper examination of how we feel. Instead of responding, “I feel disrespected,” respond with a feeling. Perhaps you feel sad, angry, surprised, or disappointed.  When we correctly identify the emotions within us, we are making growth on our spiritual path.  We are gaining self-mastery. We know more about who we are at our deepest levels. By retraining ourselves away from judgment, we can face those shadow feelings that frighten us. As we do so–we grow!

Feelings Resonate with Others

We finally note that our human form is accustomed to vibrating at a particularly emotional, energetic frequency. Most of us know of a person or two who is always complaining or criticizing others. This is a lower vibratory energetic state than the optimistic person–or the person who learns to manage their feelings by optimizing the energy to as high a frequency as may be possible in a situation. We call attention to this because our emotional vibratory state attracts other beings of the same frequency. It is very likely for two humans to be in resonance with another–the state of one person feeding energy to the other and vice-versa. In fact, it is possible for tribal groups such as families, churches, countries, schools of learning, and even mystical paths to create a resonant frequency that attracts like vibratory individuals. Perhaps one of the most important things we can do to increase our emotional vibratory state, and bring like-minded individuals into powerful resonance with us, is to practice valuable outer form techniques, such as positive affirmations, designed to raise the emotional state. We cannot overstate the importance of paying attention to this chakra. Those who would claim spiritual leadership and power should be observed.  If they are overly negative, sarcastic, judgmental, assuming the role of victimhood, and the like, they very well may not be as realized as they claim to be!

How to Access This Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color orange (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note D (36.7, 73.4, 146.8, and 293.6 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra VAM (pronounced vum–thumb),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the Icosahedron–representative of your sacred space for creativity, vitality, and kundalini energy,
  • Paying attention to the feelings within your body.  Seek to precisely identify each feeling, without judgment.  Spend time noticing how feelings come and go within the body.
    Center for Non-Violent Communication Feelings Inventory
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone, Coral,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.


The orange sacral chakra is located in the genital region and is the seat of our emotions and sexual energy.  When we do not manage it well,  emotional energies are greatly impacted by the passions of the root chakra. We develop our self-awareness skills as we monitor the feelings within our physical body. It is important that we expand our abilities to identify how we feel–and not remain with a limited vocabulary such as happy, sad, good, or bad. As we expand our abilities to recognize our wide range of emotions, we become more emotionally intelligent. Emotions create a resonance between us and others. We can learn to better manage our feelings by intentionally focusing on higher quality emotions.

Other Information

1.   This meditation video features the VAM mantra. This is the traditional vibratory word we chant as we seek to balance the emotional energetic center.

2.  This video is a guided meditation crafted to help you let go of your anxieties and fears.

3.  In the English language, we often say we feel something when in fact we are describing the behavior of another. For instance, if we say, “I feel betrayed,” we are not actually describing our feelings but the action of a betrayer.  Our real feelings are most likely, anger, disappointment, sadness, and so on. This next video helps to explain the difference between feelings versus non-feeling statements.