The Sahasrara Violet Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara Violet Crown Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

[dropcap]Greetings[/dropcap] fellow truth seekers! I am Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray, who creates these lessons for your spiritual growth and ascension. I welcome all of you who are growing in the realization of your sovereign divinity as you commune with Source. The divine is not a state you enter into–but a condition of awareness that takes place as you realize the truth of the fact that there is nothing but God. And because of this, there is no need to seek what you already are–only an awakening that divine that is everywhere about you! This understanding is the blinding light you have been seeking that removes all darkness! It is like wearing a new pair of glasses that allow us to see once-hidden things that are in plain view! Though it is spectacularly fun to travel to sacred sites, carry exotic stones, participate in diets, and sit in endless meditations, each of these tools pales in comparison to an awareness that is fully awakened!

Seek awareness. And once you do, you will realize that Source hears you just as fully when you say a heartfelt thanks with your eyes open at Starbucks as when you sit in an altered meditative state, chanting, wearing headphones, and listening to binaural beats!

Your angels, spirits, and guides, need no fancy incantations, lengthy prayers, or specially created meditations to work with you. The divine is everywhere–you are part of it, and so are your guides. The moment you place your conscious awareness upon the divine–IT becomes ready to interact with you. Get in the habit of calling out to your guides for help. Speak aloud to your loved ones who have departed–for they hear you! Express your gratitude to Source often–this unites your Lux (soul light) with Spiritus (the Light of God). Stop saving moments for the divine for “when you have more time,”–it’s totally unnecessary. Reach out in full conscious awareness and realize that, like the friends you speak with every day, the divine is right there as well. Longer stretches of time are nice–but quick moments are no less effective. Ask your guides to give you wisdom and intuitive flashes. Ten of these momentary flashes a day might be more than most get in an evening of meditation!

We continue our discussion of the chakras. The supreme energetic center of the seven we will discuss is the Sahasrara Violet Crown Chakra. This is where the loop between the Spiritus Lumine and the Lux Animae is closed! Imagine, if you will, a bright cloud of golden energy above your head that is constantly streaming you the Lumine as you communicate as well. This may well be the best definition of prayer–without all of the religious implications and traditions that have confused us for so long! As we follow the mystical path, the power, and size of this energetic exchange increases until it assumes a visible halo like those often depicted in paintings of the saints of old. Let us study and learn more about this beautiful source of energy!

Basic Information


Lesson of the Sahasrara Violet Crown Chakra



Lesson: The Importance of Source Connection

How to Access this Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color violet (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note B (61.7, 123.4, 246.8, and 493.6 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra AH,
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the Merkabah–representative of your sacred vehicle which allows you to travel in your spiritual body to the astral dimensions and higher,
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.



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