The Muladhara Red Root Chakra

Sweet brothers and sisters of the mystical path, the Spiritus Lumine, Light of God, is everywhere about us. It is the sweet comfort we need when times are hard, it is the way, truth, and life spoken to us by the master teachers. The Light of God is planted in each person and is as near as your next thought or breath. Why is it that so many do not know of this? Is it because we live in a culture of control that would become very fearful if humankind were able to attune to this holy vibration without the go-between of law, government, religion, education, cultural traditions and the like? We certainly think so! One of the purposes of the third-dimensional experience–aka as life on planet earth–is to clearly teach you that the Spiritus Lumine is all you need to live a happy, successful, and moral life. Its wisdom is perfectly attuned to your vibration, and its lessons are custom tailored to bring you from one ascension to the next.

Those who rely upon the inner leading of the light within will soon notice the oppressive forms of programming everywhere about them that are counterfeits of God’s holy light.

Brother Thomas

The reliance upon the family, ministers, priests, rabbis, gurus, sacred texts, family, friends, law, philosophy, and so on infinitum, is but a poor substitute for the training and wisdom available to all via the Spiritus Lumine. They are but training wheels for the real thing! Human rules, laws, traditions, and so on are designed to keep order and lead to earthly success–which can be a good thing. The wisdom available to all via the Spiritus Lumine prepares one not only for earth–but lays the groundwork for each soul’s spiritual ascendance!

Now that you know the reasons why we, your guides on the other side of awareness, want you to understand these energies, let us begin teaching you the lessons each chakra affords. Be careful that you do not allow past knowledge of these subjects to puff you up or taint your respect for the information we provide. No chakra can be mastered entirely or understood. All have a depth of knowledge and power that exceeds anything a human could ever possibly conceive. Read with humbleness and with a desire to fully incorporate the lessons and teachings.  Let us begin!

Basic Information

The Muladhara chakra is located at the tailbone–between the genitals and the anus. Its name means root or support. This is the foundational chakra of life and living. Its color is red. While there is another more specialized chakra that grounds the physical form to the earth, this is the more general energy center used by millions to focus upon the energies of mother earth. When we have concerns about physical safety, well-being, protection, and the like, this is the chakra we concentrate on using the inner and outer forms. When we face anxieties and cannot seem to settle our minds, this is a helpful place to focus upon.

This is also the chakra of primal passion and creativity. Whenever we feel the fight or flight syndrome–you can be sure that you have contacted this energy center. In its most primal form, the root chakra activates our limbic memory–the amygdalae–to prepare us for danger. They are small cherry-like organs located on either side of the brain that activates whenever it senses danger. When we see or sense danger, the amygdalae bypass the logical and rational brain processes and create a noticeable sense of dis-ease or disturbance. More positively, this is the chakra that allows us to feel great passion towards people, places–running deeper than logic would suggest.

For instance, the love we feel for our children and loved ones is deep and passionate and beyond explanation. We may feel a passion for the work we do. For instance, artists often report feeling a deep transcending connection with the creative processes associated with their work. Some see the root chakra as a lesser chakra–but this is not so. The love of Source and our search for all things spiritual receives its energetic impetus from this chakra. Indeed, it is the red root chakra that motivates our desire to follow the mystical path.

The Lesson of the Muladhara Red Chakra

The study of the Muladhara Red Root Chakra teaches us the importance of grounding! This lesson alone could change many lives for the better! Without grounding, there can be no clear connection to the higher worlds. This fact alone makes it worthy of study.

A grounded person lives a life that based upon respect for self, others and the earth. They accomplish this by living in harmony with the spiritual energetic circle which flows freely through them.

The Spiritual Energetic Circle

Like electrical circuits, current cannot flow when there is a break in the electrical connection or if there is high resistance impeding current flow in the circuit. The same is true for us spiritually. For the sake of illustration, think of our Lux Animae (our soul complex) as being in the middle of an electrical circuit. 

Below is electrical ground–which is the universal ground of Source Consciousness. Above us is a switch that we may open or close, as we wish, to connect with the positive energy of Source. You may ask, “Why don’t we keep the circuit closed all of the time and remain in constant contact with Source?”

The answer is two-fold. First, the spirit-complex Lux Animae always remains connected to Source. You may relax knowing your higher self is always connected. At the same time, the part of us that resides in physical form must consciously decide how much energy will flow in this spiritual circuit. When we reside in bodily form, we also have the ability to adjust the level of vibration we emit–which in kind, determines the vibratory state we attract from others. Returning to the question about why people don’t keep this divine circuit closed; the answer is that after hundreds of physical incarnations we have chosen to forget how to do so.

Our lack of memory keeps us enslaved to the patterns of the third dimension. Once our soul re-awakens–such as when we travel the mystical path–we regain this important hidden knowledge and ascend as we were meant to do.  Ascension always begins with being a firmly grounded spiritual person. Being firmly grounded is based less in the depth of religious knowledge we may possess and more about the ability to allow the divine light current to flow within.

What it means to be Grounded

There is a direct relationship between being spiritually grounding in the red Mulahadra chakra and the quality of grounding that can be seen by the people that know you best. No matter what level of spirituality a person claims to possess, the truth is always observable in the attitudes and ways one treats their fellowman. A verse in the Holy Bible says it best. “If anyone says, ‘I love God’ yet hates his brother or sister, that man is a liar!” The same is true for us.  Here are a few physical and emotional qualities we observe in those who are spiritually grounded.

Comfortable with Self

Grounded people have learned how to be comfortable in their own skin. They accept themselves as they are–faults and all. Though they strive to improve, they do not let their imperfection keep them from accepting themselves. Grounded people understand that they are a work in progress and allow others that space to grow in as well. These people see the perfection in imperfection and know that sometimes, it is the imperfection in a musical instrument that lends it a unique sound. Grounded people are comfortable and they have a sense of how to fit in with different people, places, and things. A grounded person will let you know what they do well and, just as quickly, will let you know when something is not their strong suit.


Relationships are important to grounded individuals. One of the hallmarks of a well-grounded individual is the respect they show for themselves, others, family, friends, their communities, and the earth. The well-grounded person does not look down upon people of lesser accomplishment nor feel inferior to those who have done greater things. They happily praise the accomplishments of others while lending help to those who need it.

A grounded person will let others have their moment in the sun–even if it involves something they have done before, perhaps even better! They know the importance of allowing each person those moments of feeling good and telling others about their accomplishments.  Grounded people understand that none of us are self-made–that everything we do is built upon the earlier accomplishments of others. They perceive that life is an integrated web and that we must all work together if we are to make progress in our friendships, families, and communities.

Respects the Views of Others

Grounded people don’t force their personal opinions upon others. They are comfortable in their own beliefs and willing to let you follow what seems right to you–as long as it does not violate their rights. This does not mean that a grounded person won’t offer a differing point of view or stand up for what they believe is right–they do–but a grounded person does not create a scene when they meet someone whose view is very different. 

Grounded people know that the beliefs they hold and cherish today most likely will change over time. When meeting with someone of a different view, they seek to understand the person more than to agree with their view.

Related to respecting others is a term we call “self-monitoring.” Grounded people are careful about expressing opinions in a forceful manner when they know that others around them may feel very different about the matter.  They try and be sensitive to those around them and never seek to intentionally offend.

This does not mean that they refuse to speak their point of view if they must–they just try and remain aware that others about them may hold completely different view. For instance, even though a grounded person may hold a political viewpoint, they would be cautious about speaking it except to those whom they know and trust. They understand the importance of caring for the feelings of others.

Live Authentically

Grounded people are consistent people. What they believe on the inside is what they express in their actions. They don’t say one thing and do another. They know that not everyone will agree with their thinking or like them personally. And while grounded people care deeply for relationships, they never compromise at the cost of personal integrity.

There are many people who must live lives where important personal beliefs must remain hidden.  There is a difference between keeping one’s views private versus not living what one believes. Sometimes it is very important to not reveal the truths you learn on the mystical path. Our grounded beliefs do not require us to reveal all that we know or to reveal the hidden fullness we have come upon. We must however, live our lives with authenticity. So even if you must remain silent about many things, let your life show what truths you really believe.

A Profound Respect for Mother Earth

Though entire books and documentaries have been written about this amazing planet and its spiritual qualities–that is not our intent here. What we do want to say however is that a grounded person worships and adores the earth we live upon. There is nothing that we enjoy in this physical life that did not come from our Mother. The air, water, materials we use for shelter, plants, animals, and our very lives come directly from this beautiful planet. Just as we should respect our own parents, so too, we respect the profound intelligence that created us.

Earth is not a thing that is separate from us–it is a part of us and we are a part of it. Mother Earth has an intelligence just as surely as you and me. She carries out her own unique sacred mission envisioned by Source–which also includes helping us to ascend to new levels of spirituality in other dimensions where the earth resides.

A mystic is one who studies the earth to learn of its power and lessons. In time, they come to understand that there is a whole range of spiritual beings on the God-continuum that have been specially created for the care of this planet. There are elemental spirits that care for the earth and plants.

There are ascended masters who create all matters of science including geologic formations, oceans, animals, and ecosystems. There are energies storied in earth’s crystalline structures that serve as Akashic libraries for the solar system. We could go on. The earth is far more complex and complicated than most people know. It has a wisdom that is yet to be revealed to the public at large.

Low Drama

Grounded people do their best to stay away from anger and drama. We all know drama kings and queens who constantly express angry thoughts about people, places, and things.  One day they they are angry with a coworker. The next day they are enraged about something else. When something happens to them, they react over-the-top emotionally.

People of drama are always judging and criticizing others, and sometimes themselves, for never measuring up to some standard known only to the angry person. Grounded people avoid these behaviors. They seek peace and tranquility. They work hard to let negative energies go. They seek to resolve their differences as quickly as possible. They keep short accounts–that is, they ask for and grant forgiveness quickly.

Most of all, a well-grounded person keeps a steady disposition knowing that both the good and the bad pass away before long. They don’t allow themselves to become overwhelmed when trouble comes or act surprised when good luck comes to an end.

How to Access This Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color red (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note C (32.7, 65.4, 130.8, and 261.6 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra LAM (pronounced lum),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the cube–representative of your personal sacred space and the four cardinal directions,
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.


The red root chakra is important to maintain because it keeps us grounded. Grounding is important because it closes the spiritual energetic circuit and allows the Spiritus Lumine to travel freely through our bodies. This is the chakra that manages the energies of passion, creativity, as well as our more primal, animal like, qualities. When the chakra is managed effectively, we feel comfortable in our own skin, live authentically, respect ourselves and others, and feel a profound connection with Mother Earth.

Other Material

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