The Manipura Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

The Manipura Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

Mystical travelers, there is no better life than living in the Spiritus Lumine–The Light of God!  The light gives us returns us to our proper state of the spiritual sovereign and gives us the daily wisdom we need for all things as we commune daily with Source. A desire to live in the light is the very definition of a mystic. Indeed, if you are ever asked, “What is a mystic?” Your short reply of two sentences should be as follows, “A mystic is one who connects the light of their soul with the light of Source and follows this Light wherever it leads.” Let us continue with our discussion of the seven rays.

Each human being has been given the precious gift of the seven rays.  For most, the energy lies dormant within–used unconsciously and with little, or no, awareness.

These energies are like unto the waves of the ocean!  They can either toss us about and bring us to exhaustion, or we learn to harness its energy and travel effortlessly in a well designed sailing vessel!  So it is with us. The energies manage us or we manage them.

We can be a slave of our passions and anger (the red chakra) or tossed about by our emotions (the orange chakra). There is only one way to harness this energy. We must work with the Spiritus Lumine so that we might learn to manage our precious conscious awareness. This is the key! As we learn how to train and use our conscious moment awareness through the inner and outer forms, we learn to smooth the wild and discordant energetic rivers into smooth hydroelectric power! Suddenly, we become a power-station that lights up our part of the world!

Perhaps no energy is more personally dangerous to your planet than that of the Manipura Yellow Chakra, for it is the chakra of reasoning.  Abuse of this chakra at the collective level can destroy the earth. The mind can unravel the mysteries of the atom–giving us light for our homes and factories, or it may be used to create powerful bombs that bring about a devastating nuclear winter and reduce the planet to ashes.  Without the Spiritus Lumine, the mind has no inner compass to decide the best use of data and information. Now let us study this amazing energy and learn the lessons of the Manipura.

Basic Information

The Manipura chakra is located along the spinal column in the upper part of the belly. Its name means “lustrous gem.” Its color, which is yellow, appropriately, represents divine light, illumination, and the power of understanding. The Manipura chakra takes the energy of the orange chakra–home of the emotions–and adds rationality to it. The gem is the home of the mind, logic, rationality, clear thinking, and the famous “gut feeling.” When we solve riddles, problems, math, or contemplate the meaning of something, we borrow energy from this wonderful chakra. In our culture, most people have a high opinion of the mind. Thinkers are highly respected–as they should be. It is thinking that keeps us from being a slave of our passions and emotions by encouraging the mind to consider the consequences of any potential actions. As energy travels from the root chakra to the sacral, the energy is transformed from raw passion to a more refined emotional vibration. Then, as this energy continues to travel upward towards the solar plexus, the energy becomes even more sophisticated with clarity and rationality. Thus, instead of being tossed about by our emotions, we become more aware of why we feel the way we do.

The Lesson of the Yellow Manipura Chakra

Our goal is never to squash emotions in favor of the mind–quite the contrary! We seek to increase the depth of our feelings as we become more mindful of our emotional states throughout the day. The mystic seeks to balance the emotions with the understanding of the mind. We use our minds to help clarify what we are feeling–and we trust those feelings as a true indicator of how our body is presently responding to our environment. At times, the mind may overrule the emotions–and for a good reason. Perhaps we see a child running into the street. We may feel fear for the child and worry for our safety–yet allow the mind to overrule as we rush to rescue the endangered child. Thus, the mind is a useful tool for correctly identifying the exact nature of feelings residing within us and an able decision maker about how to use this information.


The ability of the mind to remain alert to our feelings is called mindfulness. Through the practice of inner and outer forms, the skill of mindfulness can be expanded to every area of our life. Mindfulness is the practice of skillfully developing an objective non-judgmental observer awareness witnesses the internal and external actions of our lives. Learning to observe without judgment is not as easy as it sounds. Our culture has strongly programmed us to be critical and evaluative of people, places and things. As a practice, mindfulness is one of the best ways of increasing the vibratory vitality of our Manipura chakra. Our lives become calmer and improved as we learn to incorporate mindfulness into every aspect of our lives. For instance, when can use mindfulness as we take a bite of food. We can savor each bite and identify as many tastes as possible. We can notice the texture, the temperature, the flavors and so on. The purpose of our mindfulness is to fully participate in the lives we have instead of becoming lost in the mental worlds of the past and future where anger, regrets, and anxiety reside. Through mindfulness, we don’t miss the important moments in life. We savor the moment of happiness with our loved ones as they occur. We notice the direct intervention of Source as it gives us some boon of grace when we need it the most. We notice the color purple in the flowers as we pass them by! We open ourselves to being full participants with life as it happens–instead of hiding in our thoughts, iDevices and the like!


We can also use mindfulness practices to center the body and relax the mind. It can be as simple as sitting down for a moment and placing our attention on our breathing. We may observe our mind slowing down as we breathe naturally and watch for the breath as it enters and exits the body.

Gut Feelings

Another essential feature of the lustrous gem is its ability to produce  “gut feelings.” As the chakra receives the upward flowing energy from the sacral chakra–the seat of our emotions–it often emits vibrational wisdom that we humans often infer as strong intuition and the like. When thinking about an action towards some person, place, or thing that seems wrong to us, the chakra may emit energy that causes us to feel slightly queasy or in dis-ease–a sign that the body is not receptive to this energy. Mystics learn to pay attention to their intuitions and gut feelings.  As mentioned in an earlier lesson, good feelings mean “go ahead” while bad feelings mean “no go.” Learning to recognize the signs of the Manipura is an invaluable gift for correct decision-making.

Akashic Intelligence

Finally, we note that the chakra is related to the extra-dimensional mental body of the Lux Animae. This is the home of the akashic intelligence that we may consult in meditation. We say akashic because this is the reservoir of knowledge we have built over multiple lifetimes of soul existence. In the beginning, mystics will often forget that they have lived countless lifetimes in places just as sophisticated–or more so–than they do now. This knowledge resides in the Lux Animae and is managed by the higher-self. It is available to us through meditation and the practice of other inner forms.

How to Access This Chakra

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color yellow (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note E (41.2, 82.4, 164.8, and 329.6 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra RAM (pronounced rum),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the tetrahedron (pyramid)–representative of your sacred space for personal power and prosperity,
  • The practice of mindfulness.
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Malachite, Calcite, Citrine, Topaz,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.


The yellow sacral chakra processes the energies of the emotions and root chakra and adds rationality to them.  When used mindfully, emotions become moderated and helpful to ourselves and others. Misused, we use the chakra to rationalize our reasons for allowing our feelings to run rampant over self and others. The lesson of this beautiful chakra is the importance of developing mindfulness–to actually apply logic and reasoning to the thousands of emotions as they travel through our body. This kind of mindfulness centers and calms the body. The esoteric mental body, which is also attached to the physical body, carries the person Akashic records for the journey of your soul. These can be accessed through meditation.

Other Material

  1.  The yellow solar plexus chakra maintains our mental well being. This video uses the seed mantra “Ram” for a meditative focus.

2.  The following link opens an attachment called the feelings inventory. It can be found at the website for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Many other such lists can be found with your favorite search engine. Notice how many–more precise–definitions for feelings are presented here. Try checking in with yourself several times a day–and see if you can enrich your feelings vocabulary.