Living the Chakras

Living the Chakras

A Word From Brother Thomas

[dropcap]Dearest[/dropcap] brothers and sisters, I am Brother Thomas, your friend who lives on the other side of awareness. We who work with the cosmic rays are watching, with great anticipation, those who have made it to where you are now. Slowly but surely your spiritual path has brought you to this level of obtainment. We are excited because we too remember those times when we were no different than you. Our advantage is that we know how quickly your growth will be once you decide in earnest that it shall be so! Never underestimate the power of spiritual intention. For I, and others like me, will quickly come to your aid as you call out for divine guidance. Today I want to introduce an energetic way of living that has the potential to transform your life and jump start you to the next level of spiritual development. It is based upon the sacred energy that flows from Source to Soul and from Soul to the physical body via the silver cord. We are talking about the energy of the chakras. But we are not talking about Chakras in the same way that yoga teachers of your time speak of them. These are not new age buzzwords that we use–but something far more important!

You are a Spiritual Being

By now, most on the mystical path have come to realize this most important truth–you are spiritual beings living in a physical body, but many do not  know why this knowledge is so special. Here is the secret knowledge so many have not been taught. Before you incarnate, there is a direct connection between your soul body and source.  Once you live in physical form, the spiritual circuit between Lux and Spiritus (Soul and Source) is opened to allow the insertion of another entity and then closed to complete the circuit. This entity is your physical human form. It filters all but a specialized band of frequencies which define your human experience. While living in the body, a significant part of your soul’s energy must pass through the physical form before it may connect once again with Source. Just as humankind has learned to master physics and earth energies in order to build communication devices, so too, your soul must learn to master the energetic forces of the physical form in order to securely connect with Source. That, in a nutshell, is what the life of a mystic is all about–learning to master the energy of the chakras to better commune with Source. That is what this lesson is about.

Chakras – The First Religion

Another little known secret is this: before there were organized religions, saviors, and gurus of all kinds, the first religion (if we would call it that) was mastering the energetic forces of the chakras. This alone is all that is needed to produce a golden age for humankind. Here we learn how to be a grounded person, how to gain mastery over our emotions, how to be objective, how to live lives of compassion and love, how to speak our truths respectfully, and how to contact the ancient wisdom that resides on the other side of our present awareness. Indeed, if humans today were to constantly monitor their energetic centers and maximize positive energy flow (or at the very least, transform all known negative energies into positive energy as it journeys through the chakras), there would be no need for laws, police, defense forces, religions, or moral codes of any kind. This is because the energetic forces provided to each physical entity makes its presence known through vibratory forces that can be immediately perceived in the human physical complex as beneficial or not. We not only have the ability to monitor this energy, we have the ability to transform it into a high vibratory state. This is the state of ascendence!  This is what it means to live the chakas! I urge you to pay careful attention to the information you receive in this lesson and to practice carefully all inner and outer forms.

The Chakras

[dropcap]To[/dropcap] review, chakras are the major energy centers located along the midline of the body from sacrum to crown. Each of these energy centers is fed a particular frequency of energy by the silver cord and is attached to subtle bodies located just outside of the human physical form. It is convenient to represented these energies by a particular color. Please note, the colors assigned to the chakras are the results of generations of received knowledge spanning thousands of years. In a very real sense, one could say that the assignment of these colors are arbitrary–much like we might color code our email to represent different classifications of information. While colors are important, it is just as important to remember that it is our intention to focus upon the spiritual energies represented by these colors that matter most. Even so, there is much intuitive wisdom in the assignment of these colors.

Frequency Waveforms

The colors range from the lowest and longest perceived frequency waveforms. These include the infra reds, to the highest and shortest wave forms, the ultra violets. The ancients wisely assigned each vibratory state a spectral color to a place on the human body corresponding to an action, or energy, commonly undertaken by humans. Some of these make perfect sense to most of us. For instance, the color blue is associated with the throat chakra which is responsible for communication.  Some, like the solar plexus, are less obvious. Most people in today’s culture would not intuitively associate this chakra with the realms of thinking and logic.

Human Behaviors

Each of these colors is ranked from low to high frequency and associated with a human behavior traditionally ranked from lowest to highest in terms of spiritual aspiration and development. Notice, we use the word traditionally. The ancients would argue that the color red, which is associated with passion, connection to the earth, and physical energy, is a lower form of spirituality than the crown chakra, which represents spiritual development and transformation. While we understand the logic behind this thinking, we approach it differently.

Levels of Development

Each vibratory frequency and each level of spiritual development, no matter how lowly we humans may perceive it to be, has a vitality that is important for us. First grade is just as important as college. True enough, we don’t remain in first grade forever, but we should respect the lessons we learned there as a part of our vital educational foundation. The same is true in the spiritual realm. All vibratory states are worthy of our exploration, though some will be drawn more to one color than another. Some on the spiritual path might assume (usually because of earlier misguided programming) that a spiritual aspirant would have little or nothing to do with the chakra associated with sexuality (many paths encourage their students to just ignore them altogether). But we believe the color orange, which represents our emotional and sexual vitality, is just as important to human thriving and experience as say, the heart chakra. Indeed, a mystic who does not respect their emotional and sexual energies will find it next to impossible to get along with the human family, much less advance along the mystical path! The way we treat ourselves and others emotionally and sexually is foundational to happy living and spiritual advancement. We believe it is misguided to make our emotions and sexual experiences “off-limits” as some paths do. We believe all of these energies should be skillfully cultivated and used. Understanding, respect, and balance are key. A list of chakras and assigned colors are given below.

Chakra Table
  ColorSpectral  Location  Importance
  Red  Root – tailbonePassion, safety, survival, protection, grounding to mother earth, connection to nature
  Orange  Sacral – below navelEmotional expression, sexual energies, abundance, pleasure
  Yellow  Solar Plexus – stomach areaMind, logic, thinking, rationality, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem
  Green  HeartHealing, harmony, peacefulness, inner peace, love, joy, kindness, compassion, a bridge between the physical and spiritual.
  Blue  ThroatCommunication, self-expression, speaking, ability to express truth, discernment of information
  Indigo  Third Eye – between browspsychic development, intuition, imagination, bridge between the mental and spiritual realms
  Violet  Crown – top of headInner and outer beauty, ability to connect with the divine, spiritual development, bliss

Extra-dimensional Connections

These subtle color rays energize the organs and the various extra-dimensional bodies attached to the human body. There are spiritual exercises we can do using these colors utilizing the spiritual imagination in both the inner and outer forms. For instance, when we need healing, we might conduct a chakra meditation and base it on the color associated with the need we have identified. Or, if we are preparing for a big meeting at work or school, we might meditate upon the colors blue and indigo as we mentally speak, or say aloud, affirmations of our ability to expertly exercise our creativity and self-expression.  There are other approaches as well. For instance, when we are emotionally upset, we might focus upon balancing the orange chakra (emotional expression), meditate upon the green heart chakra for peace and peace and harmony, and conclude with a brief meditation upon the blue throat chakra for assistance in self-expression and speaking our truth. These are but a few of the many thousands of inner and outer forms we might use to draw upon the energy of the chakras.

A Simple Chakra Healing Inner Form

The basic approach to all of the chakra meditations involves sitting in a meditative state, projecting the desired color upon our mental view screen, as we “breathe” the desired colors in and out of our bodies. If we want to do more, we might also ask our angels, spirits, and guides for special gifts and understanding as we meditate upon each color. There are many variations of this basic approach.  For instance, we might focus on energizing and healing one particular chakra by bathing the desired chakra location with the appropriate light. Keeping in mind the importance of ethics, as described in an earlier lesson, we might practice a form of energetic healing for someone who needs it by sending the person in need these healing rays. In this short spiritual exercise, we will teach you an inner-form designed to bring more healing energy into the physical body. It is a form of self-healing.

  1. Relax, ground and center your body in the method your prefer, or as described in the lessons on the inner forms
  2. Once your body is relaxed, and you feel ready to focus your energy, prepare your body to receive the cosmic rays by imagining your physical form being bathed from head to toe with the color of light you desire.
  3. Imagine your chosen ray of light drawing itself to you like a thick foggy cloud. Or, imagine a wonderful foamy cream that is filled with the energy of your chosen cosmic ray that covers all of your body–absorbing the energy wherever it is needed.
    1. If this is difficult to visualize, try instead to imagine a massive and comfortable coat, filled with cosmic ray energy, which is draped round your body covering it all the way to the ground.  Imagine the energy permeating and filling your body.  As it does so, it fills you with comforting and beneficial energy. 
  4. As you draw in the breath, allow a bright shining cosmic ray of light from heaven to enter your body from the crown chakra and stream all the way down to your toes. On the out breath, imagine the reverse. As you breathe out, Mother Earth sends you the cosmic ray through your feet–streams it through the body–and exits the ray through the crown chakra in a powerful stream into the heavens. 
  5. Create a rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. Do this exercise as long as is comfortable.
  6. When you conclude, thank your guides and masters for the blessings of this ray.


Source energy is distributed through the Spiritus Lumine, to the Lux Animae, and then feed via the silver cord to the human body. There are seven primary energy centers whose locations are: base of the spine, genital area, solar plexus, heart, throat, between the eyebrows, and crown of the head. Each of centers process energy differently. If we do not learn how to direct our conscious awareness on these energy centers, our lives suffer. Learning how to manage these energies was the “religion” before there were religions. If humankind were able to skillfully manage each of these seven energy centers, there would be little need for most laws, rules and regulations. Studying the chakras, and learning how to channel their energies, is a way of life that helps the mystic rid themselves of pointless drama. This peaceful existence raises our vibration and makes it possible for the mystic us to commune their angels, spirits and guides.

Other Material

  1. We like the explanation of the chakras provided by the folks at Self-Realization Fellowship. This video is one of four that explains how the management of each chakra contributes to a harmonious life. The speaker, Asha Nayaswami, is a very quiet presenter–but don’t let that fool you. There is real gold here.