Improve Physical Exercise with This Outer Form

A Helpful Outer Form for Physical Exercise

Those who love physical exercise know that breathing is foundational to their work. In yoga, movements are conducted on the in and out breaths. In weight lifting, exhale as you are pushing and inhale as you lower the weight. Here is a helpful outer form that is handy for your exercise program. Try it and see if it doesn’t improve your ability. The exercise is very simple.

What you do

  1. On the in-breath, imagine you are bringing in the vital red energy.  Just imagine a cloud and beam of red light surrounding you and being absorbed by your in breath.  While you inhale, say the mentally say the word, LAM (pronounced lum as in umm).
  2. On the out breath, imagine you are filled with green healing energy and say the word YAM (pronounced yum).

That’s it! Try this easy outer form relying upon the power of the cosmic rays to help you in your exercise and notice the powerful results.