The Anahata Green Heart Chakra

A Word from Brother Thomas

If you could see humankind as we on this side of awareness do, you would see beautiful sparkling lights that we recognize as souls.  Each soul has a charge of energy that was given it by Source, on the day of creation, that will stay with it forever.  As the soul journeys, additional energy is gathered and attracted. The soul becomes more bright and powerful. It is able to accomplish more things. Nothing is brighter than a soul that has gained awareness of the mystical path!  So many energetic changes take place.  It is like the light adjustment on your smart devices. 

The more the mystic follows the path, the greater the soul’s illumination. Remember, like attracts like! As you commune with the Spiritus Lumine, your light becomes brighter–attracting the light of ascended guides themselves!  This is one of the ways they know to come to you! As your light becomes brighter, that is your signal that you are ready for their assistance. No light is more beautiful than the discovery of a new soul which becomes visible to us! It is like the excitement of your very own astronomers who discover the light of a new star! They are eager to map and study it further!  So it is with you. As your light becomes bright, your luminescence attracts new guides to help with your ascendance.

Remember, like attracts like! As you commune with the Spiritus Lumine, your light becomes brighter–attracting the light of ascended guides themselves!

It is no understatement to say that the first and greatest jump a human being can make in their spiritual development to move from identifying with the powers of the Manipura to that of the Anahata–the Green Heart Chakra. The power of this chakra is what prepares one for the great work ahead. While most humans are amazed by those, who have a powerful mind that is capable of understanding all things–we on this side are even more amazed by those who add the wisdom of the heart to this knowledge.

Until now, the chakras we have studied are foundational to building the character of the human being. The heart chakra allows us to use this unique soul character to the benefit of others.  It is the chakra of multiplication. Before, were serving ourselves and used others to our ends–using the energy of the Anahata Green Heart Chakra, we gain an even higher dimension of energy–that of peace, hope, love, and joy. 

The teaching of this energy is what sets others free!  Without a doubt, mystics seek to commune with Source, but just as importantly, there is a hope within each mystic that their light work will somehow benefit others as well. Let us study this chakra and learn how this may be so.

Basic Information

Of the seven traditional chakras, the Anahata, or heart chakra, is considered the midpoint of these important energy centers. The chakra is considered a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds and as such is given great importance in metaphysical literature. When utilized with mindfulness and awareness, the Anahata helps us transcend the ego–which seeks to maximize people, places, and things to its own ends.

The heart chakra is about giving and receiving. In many ways it is a communal chakra that functions best as individuals seek what is best in others as well as themselves. Its color is green, like the evergreen–which remains active and alive even in the bleakest of wintertime. It represents love, peace, joy, harmony, healing, peace, peacemaking, compassion, and well-being.  This is the energy we feel when we are moved to tears of joy or experience the tears of injustice! This is the chakra that moves to action when we see natural disasters that have destroyed entire communities.

This is the place where we feel deep, joy, love, and connection with those we love. For many people, the ability to access the heart chakra is limited to close family and friends–but our hearts can be greatly expanded to experience love overflowing. The importance and power of this chakra should not be underestimated.

If one thinks about it, the mission and focus of so many heavenly saviors, earthly masters, avatars, and the like has been to teach us how to love more perfectly. The way of love and nonviolence has changed many nations when laws and wars could not! It is truly a majestic chakra!

Lesson of the Green Anahata Chakra

As energy continues to flow in an upward direction from the Manipura, or mental, chakra, the new energy of the Anahata, heart chakra, further refines the vibrations it receives with the energies of love, compassion, healing, harmony, and well-being. As the mind mediates our emotions, so too, our hearts mediate the energy that springs from the mind.


The heart adds mercy in times of judgment. A perfect example of this is a story presented in the Holy Bible about an adulterous woman who was brought before Jesus for judgement. The group who brought the woman (Isn’t it interesting that we don’t know why the man involved with her wasn’t brought forward as well?), reminded him that the law (biblical law) required her to be stoned to death.

Isn’t this an amazing example of reading and interpreting spiritual text from a literal and fundamental view–as so many do today? The judgment was considered correct because it was a literal application of text–a beautiful function of the Manipura chakra! Jesus did not use text to harm others. He showed the crowd a different way. He had compassion upon the woman and made the famous statement, “Let those who are without sin cast the first stone!”

This story is an example of how to draw the energy of the mind to the heart! This is the function of the Anahata as it was meant to be! That day, judgment was tempered by mercy as the crowd walked away until there was only Jesus and the woman remaining. According to text, Jesus asked the woman, “Where are your accusers?” The woman replied, “Lord, they have all gone away.” This reply is a perfect example of what happens as we engage the heart–all of our accusers go away! So much of the suffering of humankind is the result of shame, guilt, self-loathing and low esteem. All of these “accusers” can go away the moment we correctly engage the energy of the Anahata!

Flow the Energy Upward

Our inability to actively engage the energies in motion from the emotional and mental chakra and draw them upward to the heart is a source of much personal pain, self-loathing, low self-esteem, and the feeling that “we are not enough.” Every day, those who walk the mystical path will certainly be tempted to harshly criticize and judge themselves and others. It appears to be hardwired into our DNA! Certainly, it is a cultural past time for sure. However, the famous saying, “Judge not that you be not judged,” remains true.

If we resonate with the emotional or mental states, rather than the heart, and we give into critical and judgmental behaviors, we will attract and resonate with the same kind of energies–only this time, it will be directed towards ourselves! There is a way out. We must use the power of the mind to remind us to raise these energies to the Anahata!

Many who walk the spiritual path act as though “raising our energy” is a complicated process–as though it were some magical thing that takes years of learning. The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine is much more practical. We teach that to raise energy to the heart chakra, one only needs to examine situations of concern more carefully.

For instance, if one is feeling “charge” or emotional about something, they must develop the habit of reminding themselves to apply their mental facilities to look at the situation more deeply and objectively–and this time without judgment. This raises the energies from the emotional centers to the mind.

Once an objective viewpoint is derived, and emotions are lessened, the student then reminds themselves to apply the principles of healing, harmony, love, and compassion to the issue of concern. This simple process is what it means to raise energy to the heart chakra. The hardest part of it all is developing a conscious awareness of those moments when we feel emotional or judgemental–and catch ourselves in the act. Let’s continue with a fictional example.

A Short Example

Let’s say that you see a person in a busy intersection holding a homeless sign and begging for money. Perhaps like many, you become outraged by the behavior noting that begging in public is against city laws–and that it backs up the cars in your traffic lane. You might add some personal judgments as well such as “Why doesn’t this person get a job? I’ll bet that person makes a lot of money doing this. If I give money, the person will probably use it to buy drugs and get high!

Instead, remind yourself not to stay stuck with a negative emotional charge. You raise the energy to the Manipura by intentionally removing your judgments and determine to think more objectively. You note, the person looks cold and has no jacket. You reason that if the person is truly homeless, it will be necessary to raise enough money to buy a cheap place of lodging before nightfall. Perhaps you reconsider the reasonableness the laws which prohibit begging in public locations.

Next, you raise the energy of this situation to the Anahata by noticing that this person appears frightened, thin, unhealthy, and cold. You wonder perhaps if such a person has deep emotional problems that keep them from holding a job and relating to others as “normal” people do. You remind yourself that if you lost your job–perhaps you’d be a few months away from this same condition! As the energy raises to the Anahata, you feel compassion and connection for the homeless person that a few seconds ago made you angry. You act on this connection and decide to offer the person a few bills you have set aside in the car. As you roll down the window, you smile and say “Good luck buddy,” as you hand over the bills. As you drive away, you imagine green healing energy being transmitted from above that totally envelops the unfortunate individual–bringing peace and harmony as it does so. This, approach, as simple as it is, can be applied to any situation of emotional charge or concern.

How to Access this Chakra

A Surefire way to Energize the Heart Chakra

A guaranteed way to open the heart chakra is pause for a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving. It works every time. Start giving gratitude and thanks for everything (and we mean everything) in your life. The very nature of the heart is based upon thanksgiving and gratitude. Get in the habit of wearing a wrist mala (a bracelet made of medium-sized wooden beads or sacred stones).

Hold the mala in your dominant hand, close your eyes, and as you take each breath, roll a bead between your finger and thumb (similar to a rosary). As you inhale, mentally say, “I am thankful for ___________.” See if you can roll the entire necklace before you stop. This also works when you are anxious about some person, place, or thing.

Just take a moment and roll the beads as you reflect o what you can find to be thankful for as you think about the situation. Giving thanks is not an intuitive process. Most of the humankind accept their blessings without much thought–and curse their misfortune each time it occurs. If we want to live a life where our heart chakra is open and activated, it is important to train ourselves in the spiritual work of giving thanks and showing gratitude many times over the times we show displeasure.

Access the energy of this chakra by practicing inner and outer forms which focus upon:

  • The color green (both physically and with the spiritual imagination),
  • Listening to harmonics of the musical note F (43.6, 87.2, 174.4, and 348.8 Hz),
  • Chanting, or listening to chants, of the seed mantra YAM (pronounced yum),
  • Placing your attention upon the sacred geometry of the octahedron–representative of your sacred space for love, forgiveness, healing, and compassion,
  • Carrying or holding gemstones of Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, Green Tourmaline,
  • A combination of any or all of the methods above.


The sacred green heart chakra represents the midpoint of the seven major energetic centers. This chakra takes the energy of the yellow, orange, and red chakras below it and refines the energy using the power of love, compassion, and harmony. The power of love is needed to mediate the harsh logic of the mind. For instance, a rational and intelligent minds create laws.  Hearts, on the other hand, help us to know when exceptions to a law ought to be made. The energy of love is powerful not only on this third dimensional world but the higher dimensions beyond as well. The ability to access the power of love provides the energy we need to ascend to the next level of our spiritual growth.

Other Material

  1.  The Bija Seed Mantra “Ram” is presented in this meditation video. Take a moment and listen to it while imagining the color green on your internal mental view screen.

2.  This next video features Matt Kahn, a beautiful new age who has much to say about becoming a more loving person.  Matt and Julie Dittmar have a series of teachings they entitle, True, Divine Nature. As you listen to this video–notice how Matt encourages us all to respond with lovingly–even when we are intentionally mistreated!