Blessings of the Ankh: a Mystical Practice


The Ankh and Mysticism

For the mystic, the Ankh is a mystical symbol that brings great blessings. It is an ancient talisman found in many Mesopotamian cultures–most notably Egypt. It is a potent symbol that references the power of creation and eternal wisdom. It may be used by the spiritual imagination as a key, or means of travel, to one of the many Golden Temples of Light. At these temples, one may meet with wisdom guides who provide the mystic with instruction, initiations, and an opportunity to re-energize the spiritual and auric fields of the Lux Anima and physical bodies. Contemplating the Ankh helps the mystic develop their clairvoyant abilities of seeing beyond the physical realm.

Meaning of the Ankh

The Ankh, sometimes called an Egyptian cross, symbolizes eternal life, wisdom, insight, and fertility. The Ankh is readily found in Egyptian paintings and literature. As a fertility symbol, the loop represents the female vagina joined by the male penis in the line below. The crossed line below the loop represents the outstretched arms of family. The loop also represents the eternal soul. The figure has been in Egyptian tombs and on mummies as a symbol of life after death. Metaphysically, the Ankh represents the power of clairvoyance–the ability to see to the worlds beyond.

A Mystical Practice Using the Ankh

Many mystical practices draw upon the power of the Ankh for wisdom and creativity. We offer the following meditation for your use in those times where you need clarity, understanding, and guidance. This practice will remind you of your true nature and reason for being.

  1. Relax, center, and protect yourself using the meditative practices outlined in those lessons found in the Mystical Practices.
  2. Using the power of your spiritual imagination, bring before the screen of your inner eye a large golden Ankh. It is floating freely in a dark space and radiates golden rays in all directions.
  3. Allow yourself to travel in your spiritual body towards the center of the loop located at the top of the golden Ankh. As you approach and enter the loop, you notice that you have crossed into a tunnel of bright and hazy golden-white light. Notice that it is like you are traveling and floating upon a celestial road that extends an infinite distance.
  4. As you travel this celestial tunnel of golden-white light, you are bathed in energetic light and luminescence. This light perfects your light body as you continue to travel within the celestial space. All dark places and tears in your energetic field are quickly absorbed and replaced with vibrant and pearlescent white light.
  5. There is now a large sphere of radiant light around you extending a considerable distance from your body. This sphere is large and powerful. You are the center and source of this light.
  6. As your travel continues, you begin to notice a sizeable temple-like structure ahead. This is one of the many Golden Temples of Light and Wisdom that you often visit in your sleeping state. Yet, now, as you travel in your astral body, you are fully awake and aware.
  7. This temple is a massive building–much more extensive than any earthly capital building. It is made of gleaming white marble and has an extensively long and wide ramp extending from the ground-level to the mid-level courtyard located in the front and middle of this building.
  8. At the top of the ramp, you see seven massive columns that front the middle of the temple courtyard complex. Behind these columns is the temple courtyard.
  9. Behind this courtyard is another great ramp leading to the next level of the temple.
  10. Your eyes now notice that across the top of these columns, in large gold lettering, are the words of a long-forgotten language. It says, “Temple of the Eternal Golden Light.” Beneath this, in smaller letters, are written ten-thousand names of God. Every few seconds these names fade and are replaced with ten-thousand additional names.
  11. At the top of the ramp in the middle-level courtyard. You see two wise and radiant beings of light–a man and a woman. They are draped in white tunics with outer garments of red. As you approach, both extend their hands towards you. The priestly man holds your left with both of his hands, and the wise woman holds your right with both of her hands.
  12. Both welcome you to the Temple of Eternal Golden Light and remind you that, like you, they once lived upon earth-like planes.
  13. The priestess hangs a golden necklace around your neck. Dangling at the bottom is a golden Ankh. She tells you this key allows you to enter the Sanctuary of Golden Light, which is reserved and ready for you.
  14. The three of you walk the length of the second ramp to the second courtyard. You walk beyond the pillars to the inside of an open courtyard with a high ceiling. In the middle of this space is a floating sphere that radiates translucent golden light. You are told that this is a portal to the Great Central Sun ITself.
  15. As you walk towards the sphere, you note a spacious ramp that begins its descent directly below the temple’s gigantic sphere.
  16. As you descend, You see many hallways with gleaming golden walls leading in all different directions. These walkways are lined with doors on either side.
  17. Your guides lead you down one of the spacious hallways and stops before a large paneled door. On the door is a sign which says “Souls of the People of Earth.”
  18. Your guides say that your key alone opens the door–and that even they may not enter this room. Your guides hug and give you a short blessing, “May the wisdom of Source and the Great Central Sun bless you this day with words that enliven your soul and bless all peoples of the earth.”
  19. You slip the Ankh into the door and watch it disappear. Suddenly, you find yourself transported into what seems a darkened space where you are hovering above the very earth itself.
  20. As you place your attention upon the earth, you find that you are suddenly standing in that very place. In this place, you may see all history and dimensions of the earth. You may see any person alive or dead. Wherever you pass upon the earth, your light shines.
  21. A voice comes to you clearly in your inner hearing. There is no doubt of your understanding. It says, Before Earth and all that is, I was. From my power and imagination, the Earth and all that is came into being. You are none other than myself, a part of me that I sent upon a journey long ago. And though you have journeyed, we have never been apart. There has never been a time when YOU were not ME, and I was not YOU.  Now tell me what you will and desire for the yet to be awakened people of the Earth and let us bless it together.
  22. Take a few moments now to bless the earth with your love, light, and words. As you do so, hear the words of Source and you together saying, “May it all be as we have said.”
  23. When the timing seems fulfilled, please return to your earthly consciousness.

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