Blending: The Mystics Way of Serving Others

My dear friends who love the light and ded­i­cate them­selves to its work, this is Broth­er Thomas, your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray. Today I want to speak about a most impor­tant prin­ci­ple of light­work called blend­ing. This is the tech­nique we guides employ as we work in your life. Blend­ing is about remov­ing the human ego’s con­stant need for atten­tion from the equa­tion of life and replac­ing it with the Spir­i­tus Lumine (the Light of God) so that the Divine can pow­er­ful­ly shine through our human forms to those in need. 

One of the great dif­fer­ences between the mas­ters and human kind is that humans like to receive cred­it for the help they give oth­ers while the mas­ters do it so imper­cept­ably that only a mys­tic can tell.

Blending Takes The Attention Away from You

Light­work­ers are peo­ple, moti­vat­ed by Divine-Source, who see the many facets of ser­vice as a way of grow­ing clos­er to God. This grow­ing clos­er, or spir­i­tu­al growth, is based upon the mas­tery of one sub­tle mys­ti­cal prin­ci­ple after anoth­er. One of the more sub­tle choic­es fac­ing a light­work­er is whether they will take cred­it for their role in a spir­i­tu­al action or not. This is a con­stant test that deter­mines whether we are act­ing from ego or tru­ly part­nered with the Divine Spark. The more a lightworker’s ser­vice is devoid of human ego, the stronger and more pow­er­ful it becomes.

Let’s say that you are a Rei­ki work­er. Do you speak of your degrees and train­ing; or, do you humbly state that you are mere­ly a chan­nel that Divine-Source uses for the dis­tri­b­u­tion of ITs uni­ver­sal ener­gy? When you pray for oth­ers, are you quick to tell oth­ers that you are doing so; or, do you keep qui­et and humbly men­tion your actions only as oth­ers ask for your help? How will­ing are you to main­tain the secre­cy of your good works?

Blending Reflects Partnership with Source-Consciousness

Source-Con­scious­ness notices when ego takes cred­it. It also rec­og­nizes when the Soul’s High­er-Con­scious­ness is under the influ­ence or part­ner­ship with Source. Your guides on the God-Con­tin­u­um remain large­ly hid­den. In fact, it is only the mys­tics among you who have come to under­stand that we exist at all! We guides could brag and you would be amazed at the extent of our work – but we don’t. The rea­son we blend is that we love you and Source so much that we want you to have the purest form of help that is pos­si­ble!

Blending is the Mystic’s Way

Yes, Source helps humankind in hid­den ways – but that does not mean that you can­not see the hand of the Divine at work. Mys­tics are like the great track­ers you read about in the Old West­ern sto­ries. In these sto­ries, a bro­ken limb or a bit of grass lean­ing to left or right is just enough to tell the track­er which way to go. In like man­ner, mys­tics see the work­ings of the Great-Spir­it because they have become sen­si­tive enough to notice the sub­tle, but inten­tion­al, signs we guides leave behind. We love to help – for our Divine plan includes ser­vice to the cre­ation. And we are ask­ing that all who feel the call of ser­vice to the light join us in these efforts. We want you to con­sid­er your earth­ly tri­als your spe­cial prepa­ra­tion and train­ing for becom­ing as we are! That is why we bring this con­cept of blend­ing to your atten­tion.

Blending: A Sign of Spiritual Advancement

We have said that the Divine uses blend­ing to help us serve you in hid­den ways. It is a sign of spir­i­tu­al advance­ment when the mys­tic learns to dis­cern these ways. Study us and you will see a pat­tern to our work. And now we tell you of an even greater advance­ment. To grow even more pow­er­ful spir­i­tu­al­ly, prac­tice your light­work as we do – remain­ing hid­den behind the scenes. We want you to prac­tice blend­ing. When you are doing well at this, your aid will be so skill­ful­ly giv­en that it seems nat­ur­al, or even coin­ci­den­tal, to the recip­i­ent. Spir­i­tu­al ser­vice, when cor­rect­ly giv­en, is trans­par­ent to all but the spir­i­tu­al­ly attuned!

Humankind observes the uni­verse and dis­cerns a phys­i­cal order. Mys­tics not only see its phys­i­cal laws but it’s great Cos­mic plan as well! Did you dodge an auto­mo­bile today? The human mind will say, “It’s lucky I was pay­ing atten­tion.” Mys­tics know that it was your guides alert­ing you of the dan­gers ahead. Did you present an espe­cial­ly good idea at work or school today? Instead of brag­ging about how smart we humans are, Mys­tics know that these ideas were giv­en to you by your guides. Did you just hap­pen to come across some excel­lent read­ing that’s help­ful for what’s going on in your present life? That was us!  We guides work in the back­ground. We blend.

It’s Time to Start Blending

And now it is time for you to prac­tice the art of blend­ing. Can you learn this dis­creet art­form of ser­vice? Prac­tice mak­ing your sug­ges­tions so sub­tly that oth­ers believe it was their idea! Do acts of ser­vice in such a way that it can­not be traced to you. Instead of ask­ing some­one, “Do you notice some­thing dif­fer­ent?” Con­duct your act of ser­vice in such a way that it calls no atten­tion to you. Start­ing today, cul­ti­vate the art of secre­cy for your good works. Avoid the spot­light. A great mas­ter once said, “Do not let your right hand know what the left is doing!”

Blending: Helping Behind the Scenes

One of the great ways we can serve oth­er peo­ple is through our dai­ly med­i­ta­tions, mys­ti­cal prac­tices, and spir­i­tu­al exer­cis­es using the great Spir­i­tus Lumine – or Light of God. We can send spir­i­tu­al ener­gy to those who are in need. In your inner work, send the appro­pri­ate col­ors, mantras and vibra­to­ry tones to those who could use some help. Ask your guides to meet with oth­ers who face stress­ful sit­u­a­tions. Casu­al­ly, and we mean very dis­creet­ly, men­tion books, web­sites, and ideas – with­out mak­ing a big fuss over how much you think these mate­ri­als will help. Vis­it with your friends in need via astral and ethe­re­al trav­els – and nev­er call atten­tion to it. Pray to your angels, spir­its, and guides for help and wis­dom – and do the same for oth­ers.

When you are with oth­ers, be will­ing to blend with oth­ers. Let oth­ers have their moments of atten­tion in a group of peo­ple. If help is need­ed, lend it with­out call­ing atten­tion. When meet­ings end, just help oth­ers put the tables and chairs away instead of expect­ing oth­ers to serve you. If you have a lit­tle extra mon­ey, give some away. Remem­ber, as you do these things, you sig­nal the Uni­verse that you are ready for addi­tion­al spir­i­tu­al growth. It is not the atten­tion of peo­ple you seek but the Divine atten­tion of the God-Con­tin­u­um who rewards those who serve IT.

Blending Calls No Attention to Itself

We want to share with you an illus­tra­tion and idea. Food tastes best when no one fla­vor over­pow­ers anoth­er. A good cook will be able to pick out the ingre­di­ents, but no one ele­ment should over­whelm. Blend­ing is also the secret to well-com­posed music. The sup­port­ing instru­ments do not over­pow­er the lead.  The same is true of spir­i­tu­al blend­ing. We part­ner with the Light of God to help and heal wher­ev­er we go. Our atten­tion should nev­er over­pow­er the Light of the Divine. When the spot light is upon you, let the Divine light shine through you and not the oth­er way around.

Blending Means “It’s Not About You!”

When you help oth­ers, do not talk about your­self and your expe­ri­ences! Do not go into auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal sto­ries about things you did “when you were in their sit­u­a­tion.” Instead, focus the Light of the Divine upon the one need­ing help. If you are lend­ing com­fort to some­one who has lost a loved one, do not speak of your lost loved ones. Instead, focus upon the imme­di­ate need of the per­son you are with. If some­one is talk­ing about a desire to lose weight, do not speak about those times when you lost weight! Keep the focus upon oth­ers and work behind the scenes. Remem­ber, when we guides assist some­one, we focus ful­ly on meet­ing the needs of those we help. We set aside our need for atten­tion long ago – and now it is time for you to join us. Make the needs of oth­ers the focus of your help.

When we first begin our secret work, we may have old habits to break. How­ev­er, as we remove the ego from all help­ing equa­tions, we will find that our guides draw even near­er to us. The more we behave like our spir­i­tu­al guides, the greater sense of belong­ing we will feel with those above us on the God-Con­tin­u­um. The bless­ing of the Divine’s atten­tion is the great­est joy a mys­tic can know. We assure you, once you have the Divine’s atten­tion, the atten­tion from humankind will no longer mat­ter to you at all!

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