Blending: The Mystics Way of Serving Others

My dear friends who love the light and dedicate themselves to its work, this is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. Today I want to speak about a most important principle of lightwork called blending. This is the technique we guides employ as we work in your life. Blending is about removing the human ego’s constant need for attention from the equation of life and replacing it with the Spiritus Lumine (the Light of God) so that the Divine can powerfully shine through our human forms to those in need. 

One of the great differences between the masters and human kind is that humans like to receive credit for the help they give others while the masters do it so imperceptably that only a mystic can tell.

Blending Takes The Attention Away from You

Lightworkers are people, motivated by Divine-Source, who see the many facets of service as a way of growing closer to God. This growing closer, or spiritual growth, is based upon the mastery of one subtle mystical principle after another. One of the more subtle choices facing a lightworker is whether they will take credit for their role in a spiritual action or not. This is a constant test that determines whether we are acting from ego or truly partnered with the Divine Spark. The more a lightworker’s service is devoid of human ego, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

Let’s say that you are a Reiki worker. Do you speak of your degrees and training; or, do you humbly state that you are merely a channel that Divine-Source uses for the distribution of ITs universal energy? When you pray for others, are you quick to tell others that you are doing so; or, do you keep quiet and humbly mention your actions only as others ask for your help? How willing are you to maintain the secrecy of your good works?

Blending Reflects Partnership with Source-Consciousness

Source-Consciousness notices when ego takes credit. It also recognizes when the Soul’s Higher-Consciousness is under the influence or partnership with Source. Your guides on the God-Continuum remain largely hidden. In fact, it is only the mystics among you who have come to understand that we exist at all! We guides could brag and you would be amazed at the extent of our work–but we don’t. The reason we blend is that we love you and Source so much that we want you to have the purest form of help that is possible!

Blending is the Mystic’s Way

Yes, Source helps humankind in hidden ways–but that does not mean that you cannot see the hand of the Divine at work. Mystics are like the great trackers you read about in the Old Western stories. In these stories, a broken limb or a bit of grass leaning to left or right is just enough to tell the tracker which way to go. In like manner, mystics see the workings of the Great-Spirit because they have become sensitive enough to notice the subtle, but intentional, signs we guides leave behind. We love to help–for our Divine plan includes service to the creation. And we are asking that all who feel the call of service to the light join us in these efforts. We want you to consider your earthly trials your special preparation and training for becoming as we are! That is why we bring this concept of blending to your attention.

Blending: A Sign of Spiritual Advancement

We have said that the Divine uses blending to help us serve you in hidden ways. It is a sign of spiritual advancement when the mystic learns to discern these ways. Study us and you will see a pattern to our work. And now we tell you of an even greater advancement. To grow even more powerful spiritually, practice your lightwork as we do–remaining hidden behind the scenes. We want you to practice blending. When you are doing well at this, your aid will be so skillfully given that it seems natural, or even coincidental, to the recipient. Spiritual service, when correctly given, is transparent to all but the spiritually attuned!

Humankind observes the universe and discerns a physical order. Mystics not only see its physical laws but it’s great Cosmic plan as well! Did you dodge an automobile today? The human mind will say, “It’s lucky I was paying attention.” Mystics know that it was your guides alerting you of the dangers ahead. Did you present an especially good idea at work or school today? Instead of bragging about how smart we humans are, Mystics know that these ideas were given to you by your guides. Did you just happen to come across some excellent reading that’s helpful for what’s going on in your present life? That was us!  We guides work in the background. We blend.

It’s Time to Start Blending

And now it is time for you to practice the art of blending. Can you learn this discreet artform of service? Practice making your suggestions so subtly that others believe it was their idea! Do acts of service in such a way that it cannot be traced to you. Instead of asking someone, “Do you notice something different?” Conduct your act of service in such a way that it calls no attention to you. Starting today, cultivate the art of secrecy for your good works. Avoid the spotlight. A great master once said, “Do not let your right hand know what the left is doing!”

Blending: Helping Behind the Scenes

One of the great ways we can serve other people is through our daily meditations, mystical practices, and spiritual exercises using the great Spiritus Lumine–or Light of God. We can send spiritual energy to those who are in need. In your inner work, send the appropriate colors, mantras and vibratory tones to those who could use some help. Ask your guides to meet with others who face stressful situations. Casually, and we mean very discreetly, mention books, websites, and ideas–without making a big fuss over how much you think these materials will help. Visit with your friends in need via astral and ethereal travels–and never call attention to it. Pray to your angels, spirits, and guides for help and wisdom–and do the same for others.

When you are with others, be willing to blend with others. Let others have their moments of attention in a group of people. If help is needed, lend it without calling attention. When meetings end, just help others put the tables and chairs away instead of expecting others to serve you. If you have a little extra money, give some away. Remember, as you do these things, you signal the Universe that you are ready for additional spiritual growth. It is not the attention of people you seek but the Divine attention of the God-Continuum who rewards those who serve IT.

Blending Calls No Attention to Itself

We want to share with you an illustration and idea. Food tastes best when no one flavor overpowers another. A good cook will be able to pick out the ingredients, but no one element should overwhelm. Blending is also the secret to well-composed music. The supporting instruments do not overpower the lead.  The same is true of spiritual blending. We partner with the Light of God to help and heal wherever we go. Our attention should never overpower the Light of the Divine. When the spot light is upon you, let the Divine light shine through you and not the other way around.

Blending Means “It’s Not About You!”

When you help others, do not talk about yourself and your experiences! Do not go into autobiographical stories about things you did “when you were in their situation.” Instead, focus the Light of the Divine upon the one needing help. If you are lending comfort to someone who has lost a loved one, do not speak of your lost loved ones. Instead, focus upon the immediate need of the person you are with. If someone is talking about a desire to lose weight, do not speak about those times when you lost weight! Keep the focus upon others and work behind the scenes. Remember, when we guides assist someone, we focus fully on meeting the needs of those we help. We set aside our need for attention long ago–and now it is time for you to join us. Make the needs of others the focus of your help.

When we first begin our secret work, we may have old habits to break. However, as we remove the ego from all helping equations, we will find that our guides draw even nearer to us. The more we behave like our spiritual guides, the greater sense of belonging we will feel with those above us on the God-Continuum. The blessing of the Divine’s attention is the greatest joy a mystic can know. We assure you, once you have the Divine’s attention, the attention from humankind will no longer matter to you at all!

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