From Awakeness to Alertness: The Power of the Tetrahedron


Dear Friends, my grace with your faith makes you spiritually powerful. When you and I join in partnership and focus our energies for the greater good of some person, place, or thing, we become a force of good to be reckoned with!

Power of the Tetrahedron

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. For those of you who are discovering the joys of mystical living, you now know that the human race has many friends and spiritual guides across the God-Continuum who watch over you behind the scenes of your life. We excitedly await the moment when you discover that we are here. For years, we heard your prayers and cries for help and provided you with support and guidance. Then one day, you recognize the personal nature of this guidance and your life changes. Finally, the day arrives where your Soul awakens once more to begin the partnership of your Soul consciousness with the Spark of the Divine. This momentous event is an especially sacred moment for us all. The partnership represents awakening–and that is tremendous. Now we must bring you from an awakened state to the alert state where we put the energies of the partnership to work. That is why we want to speak with you about the tetrahedron. This sacred geometric symbol, if properly understood, will show you how to add focus to our partnership which in turn, unlocks even more spiritual growth and power.

Introducing the Tetrahedron

tetrahedronFrom your learning, you probably know that the tetrahedron is an equilateral triangular pyramid. It has a base of three equal sides connecting to a point above the triangle that is also a similar distance away. As a geometric object, it is very stable and able to withstand enormous forces. That is what your knowledge teaches you. As a metaphysical object, there are many additional lessons one may learn through study and contemplation. Notably, this shape can serve as an object lesson about the importance of partnership and focus. Mystics also use it as a meditative object for protection–placing themselves and others inside as a means of defending them against malevolent forces. The geometric object is also one half of a Merkabah–a Divine method for transporting our spirits and astral bodies across limitations of space and time. Let us begin to examine this object.


The First Point on the Tetrahedron is You

dot1The Triangular Base is composed of three points and each has a spiritual significance. The first point represents the power you bring to this dimension. It includes your human consciousness, emotions, mental abilities, passions, physical abilities, and spiritual qualities. To view it more simply, it represents your physical powers and awareness along with the intention that controls these powers. Your will may be ruled by your egoic passions (base desires and cravings), your unchecked emotions (both positive and negative), your heart (checked emotions or emotions that are under control), the mind (logical processes) or the higher-self (the wise combination that respects your body, emotions, mind, and heart). Learning to subject our powers to the control of the higher-self is the work of many lifetimes. It takes intelligence, skill, repeated human trials, and extradimensional help to effectively manage and channel the tremendous energies of human passions and emotions through the heart and mind. People who reach this level of self-control are to be congratulated; but as important as that is, it is only a first step. Though we should never underestimate the power and importance of a single human being, there is just so much that one person can do. And we clearly state that individuals who are under the control of their higher-self are more spiritually powerful than those who are not. Even so, it is not good to live or work alone. We were meant to work collectively.

The Second Point on the Tetrahedron is Partnership

dot2The second point of the triangle’s base represents spiritual partnership. This is where we bring our energy into a partnership with other people, places, and things. When we marry, we enter into a partnership. When we work for some company, we enter into a partnership. Humankind becomes more powerful as it makes wise alliances. Spiritually speaking, partnerships might include groups and organizations you associate with for spiritual and religious advancement. It might represent a commitment to follow a particular spiritual path or to study more deeply a particular strain of spiritual teaching. The people, places, and things we partner with often reflect our present state of conscious awareness–though it is possible to outgrow existing partnerships and alignments. As we said earlier, there are four basic levels of human awareness. Depending upon which primary state of conscious-mental awareness you bring to the table, your satisfaction with current partnerships will vary. Like begets like. People who rely on the logical mind prefer to partner with similar people. People who moderate their emotions through the power of their minds prefer to associate with related individuals. On it goes.

Spiritual Partnerships

My friends, humankind understands the meaning of partnerships to make money, obtain an education, and to gain pleasant physical experiences; but most of humanity has yet to form true spiritual partnerships. It is one thing to study privately and another to commit to a spiritual partnership. The first step of faith is to “Do Something.” We are not saying that it must be a physical partnership. Many mystics are very attuned to the voices of their spiritual masters and communicate with them on a daily basis. These are wonderful partnerships, but, it is also good though to associate with other lightworkers who may live in your area or have the same interests as you.

Do not be surprised if your guides lead you to organizations you may have never considered before! The step of forming a spiritual partnership demonstrates to Source that you are willing to begin the journey of spiritual surrender. Honestly, it is less critical about what spiritual partnership you form than it is that you commit to doing something. Once you commit, Source will do the rest of the work.

Temporary Partnerships

To acquire new knowledge requires that we partner with teachers or organizations that can provide us with the experience we seek. It is not uncommon to form temporary partnerships with people and areas of expertise that we will use for only a brief period. For instance, a person might participate in sales training and learn how to be a good salesperson. After a few years, they may take another job that does not require those same skills. Still, the partnership skills they acquired as a salesperson remain available for use as Source may require.

The creation of partnerships is a necessary and vital thing. The more you have, the more opportunities avail themselves. Part of the earthly journey is to participate in these partnerships so that we might learn the limitations of our self-reliant knowledge. For instance, some people wish to experience an existence where they join or lead a religious order. During lifetimes such as this, the Soul learns the limitations of all organizations–even so-called spiritual ones.

The Best Partnerships

The best partnerships occur as both parties operate from the levels of the higher self. This is the ideal but it is not always possible. Many mystics in the world today operate from the higher-self and earn a living through partnerships with organizations focusing upon human productivity and profit. Even so, when one of the partners operates from the level of the higher self, much good is accomplished. And speaking frankly, we guides want you to know that the reason most of you are here is to bring great light to people and organizations who do not yet understand how to operate from the higher self.

There are limitations to partnerships–even those where all parties operate from the higher self. Being associated with a quality organization or group of people, as good as that may be, is not the result we seek for our spiritual path. The partnership between a husband and wife, as beautiful as that is, grows stale and meaningless without shared purposes. To grow spiritually, partnerships must have a purpose–or a reason for being. It must have a focus.

The Third Point of the Tetrahedron is Spiritual Focus

The third part of the triangle represents the power of shared focus. When all participants of a mutual partnership desire a common outcome, great accomplishments are possible. When a partnership exists between awakened individuals and their Spark of the Divine, Supernatural forces now come into play. The awakened human Soul becomes alert and focused as it engages in the Spiritual work Sources sets before it. A simple example might look like this. A person seeking to grow spiritually studies a particular path. One day, the person uses this information to help and bring meaning to another person who is seeking. The writer of this blog partners with Brother Thomas to share metaphysical truths to those who are trying to learn more about the purpose of life and living.

We guides want you to know that the emptiness some mystics  feel derives from a lack of spiritual focus! Yes, it is true that many are preparing your lives for good and righteous living. It is also true that you are learning how to eliminate the worldly dramas that distract you from spiritual growth. It is also true that many of you are forming spiritual partnerships. You are learning new ideas and allowing Source to reveal many hidden truths. All of this is well and good–but you will need more to grow spiritually. To be fully alive and alert, your partnerships must have a spiritual focus.

All Tetrahedron Points Energized by Source

tetrahedronYou’ll notice that there is a fourth point remaining at the top of the pyramid. This point represents Source-Consciousness or the Divine energies that are fed to all of the other points by the Spiritus Lumine. The culmination of spiritual power, in any event, is the degree that all points of energy on the tetrahedron are willing to surrender to Source! Your Divine Spark is fully surrendered to Source–so that is a great start. Awakened mystics have agreed to partner their conscious-awareness with the Divine Spark–so the first energetic point of the tetrahedron is fully prepared to receive the Divine Energies. Once the mystic chooses a partner that is open to the Divine Energies–even more power is available. And finally, once Source motivates the focus of the spiritual partnership, full power becomes available!

The Tetrahedron as a Mystical Practice

Before we close, we wish to point out that the power of mystical practices and spiritual exercises–rely upon the tetrahedron. Understanding this concept makes a physical and qualitative difference in your spiritual path and growth. Here is a simple formula for you to consider. Feel free to experiment and modify this spiritual exercise. This is a potent mystical practice that can be used in many different ways including healing, spiritual travel, meeting masters and guides, receiving wisdom, and creating protection. These are only a few of the many potential things you may do with the tetrahedron.

  1. In your meditation, prepare the tetrahedron using the power of your spiritual imagination.
  2. Take a moment to surrender your conscious awareness to the Divine Spark within you by reciting the mantra; Thy light is my light over and over again until you feel the calm that it brings.
  3. The calm is a sign that your mind is under the direction of the Divine Spark and that you are ready for partnership.
  4. To create a partnership, invite your angels, spirits, and guides to join you in your meditation. Next, you are ready to develop a focus for your partnership.
  5. Rather than choose a source based upon your thinking and desires, call upon Divine-Source to guide your thinking.
  6. For instance, Source may encourage you to focus on creating internal peace and calm. Or, perhaps Source will inspire you to seek a guide or obtain a spiritual message or word of wisdom.
  7. Sometimes, an easy way is to listen to the direction of Source is to form a question, such as Divine Source, I am now in partnership with my angels, spirits, and guides. Please show us the focus and direction you would like our spiritual exercise to go next.
  8. After you make your request, sit quietly. Soon, your mind will either travel to some person, place, or thing.  You should accept this as a message from Source that this is to be the focus of your meditative experience. For instance, if you begin thinking about a person you know is ill, Source is probably saying that you that you should practice energetic healing, praying, or sending thought-form  blessings through the ethereal planes.
  9. Source knows what the focus should be and will let you know.
  10. As you continue with the mystical practice, understand that your consciousness now resides inside of the tetrahedron your imagined. Inside of the tetrahedron, you are protected by the forces of good. Only good can come in and only good can go out.

This lesson has certainly not exhausted the study of the tetrahedron nor its mystical powers. It has introduced you to the critical concepts of surrendering to the Divine Spark, spiritual partnerships, and the focusing of your efforts. The student is encouraged to spend time rereading this lesson then petitioning their guides and masters for new inner wisdom. Properly understood, this lesson will invite additional initiations from your spiritual guides and an increase in spiritual power. May the blessings be.

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