Practical Mysticism – Doing Shows Who You Really Are

Practical Mysticism

[dropcap]My [/dropcap]dear mystics. This is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  Isn’t it exciting to be awake once more? Are you beginning to feel the energy currents just outside of your perception? Do you notice the presence of your angels, spirits, and guides moe and more? Soon, if not already, you will see the power of the Spiritus Lumine everywhere you go. Just as it takes a little time for you to awaken each morning, it is the same way spiritually. You have been asleep for so long that it seemed you would never awaken. But here you are! Every day, your eyes, are becoming more wide open and your mind more alert! You finally realize that you are a part of something so much more than the daily life you once lived.

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A Quick Numerology Lesson


One of the easier mystical skills to develop is that of numerology–number recognition. All it takes is learning some basic numerology and agreeing with your higher-self to communicate with you as it sees fit with numbers. Though we will spend an entire lesson on simple numerology, here’s enough information to get you started. As a field of study, numerology is fascinating. It is a subtle and mystical field all by itself. Like all methods of spirit communication, it is based on an agreement with the student and their guides that certain numbers will mean certain things. Once the agreement is made, your guides will begin using numbers as a language and form of personal communication. All you really need to know, to get started, is: what the basic numbers mean, how to reduce numbers to basic numbers, how to treat repeating numbers. That’s it! We will show you how it is done.

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The Mystical Vibratory Circuit

Vibratory Circuit
You are a 100-watt transmitter/receiver.

The physical body is filled with microcrystalline structures vibrating at various frequencies. We activate them as we complete the vibratory circuit through grounding, meditation and mystical practices.

The Spiritual Vibratory Circuit

Our human scientists state that the body at rest produces about 100 watts of power. Through grounding and meditation, the mystic creates a vibratory circuit that allows us to use the human body much like a radio transmitter. Think of it this way. The energy supplied, via the silver cord to the human body, activates the microcrystalline elements. Through grounding and mystical practices, we can close the circuit and activate the transmitter. Spiritus Lumine serves as the universal antenna for the Lux Animae–the transmission device. Depending upon which mystical practice is employed, messages are sent to our angels, spirits, and guides.

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