Ascension: If You Win Here, You Stay Here

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My dear friends, a prevailing view among humankind is that this world an epic battleground of good versus evil. It is understandable that you believe this. Everywhere you look something is going on that challenges the very meaning of goodness. The good versus bad understanding says that we gain our ascension by learning how to overcome evil with good. As with all things, there is a certain amount of truth in all of this, but it is most elementary and incomplete. We want you to develop a more sophisticated view.

You are intentionally here on Boot Camp Earth taking lessons designed for your growth and ascension. Yes, you purposely enrolled here–and not under false pretenses either! From a cosmic viewpoint, this world is no more evil than a karate class, health club, or weight lifting session that exercises your body to exhaustion. That which you see happening everywhere about you is nothing more than the perfection of the Boot Camp Earth simulation which is expertly designed to teach you how to surrender your will to that of the Divine Spark residing within you.

Ascension: Perfection of the Imperfect

It is important that you understand what we have just said. Much time is wasted in the early stages of life by those who rail against the evils and injustices found in every major system of culture they see. Some of your kind become so focused upon these evils that they lose heart and stop believing in the Divine entirely. We want you to know, as crazy as it may sound, that the earth is good! In fact, it is perfect in the way it was intended!

To put a finer point on it, Source-Consciousness is undoubtedly able to create a planet where perfection abounds. That is not the point of the Boot Camp Earth simulation and it would be doing you a great injustice were it otherwise. Itis perfect is in its imperfection–its ability to bring out your achievement! Source, working through we guides on the God-Continuum, wants you to realize the intention of the simulation so that you might move forward by turning to the God-Spark inside of you. Success begins the moment you do this.

Ascension: The Seize Control Strategy

People who do not understand the purpose of this simulation adopt coping mechanisms to ensure their survival. They reason, “If I must live in a brutal world, I will be the brutal one instead of the brutalized.” Therefore they seek to rule by seizing control and resorting to ruthless methods, using any means available, to obtain absolute power. This form of survival appears to work, but it will not defeat the simulation. Their reward for “winning” in this way is that will receive “an opportunity” to return to the simulation once again via reincarnation. Only this time, the laws of karma require they swap roles and suffer the same brutishness at the hands of others.

Winning in this 3-D world keeps us here.  The more we win, the more enmeshed we become to a perfectly rigged system designed to hold us more tightly in place. You cannot beat this system–but you can transcend it.

Ascension: The Righteous Resistance Strategy

There is another class of people we call the “righteous resisters.” They do all they can to seek a more enlightened and egalitarian society by upholding societal traditions and creating systems of law designed to limit the power of the ruthless. This is certainly a better path than resorting to savage methods of absolute power. However, in many ways they are no different than the first group of people–they just resort to the creation of laws and new systems for assuming control.

The Boot Camp Earth simulation does not allow this approach to work either. Sadly, once these people succeed, it is not long before the new reformed systems of power become as corrupted as the old. The reward for this second class of people is reincarnation as well. The primary reason for this is that the righteous resisters are still clinging to the notion that “they,” not the Spark of the Divine, can create a more perfect system. This is never true.

Ascension: The Avoidance Strategy

There is a third group of people who do their best to stay out of all the fights between the ruthless dictators and the righteous resisters. These “Switzerland-like” people try and avoid all problems by letting whoever is in charge at the moment have their way. They seek no power for themselves and only wish to live in peace. They try and do no harm, but neither do they stop any harm. The simulation will not allow these people to win either. This is because “checking out” or avoiding problems is still a strategy of coping that is not based in surrender to the Spark of the Divine. It is a human approach to a perplexing problem.

Ascension: Doing what I Think is Right Strategy

For lifetimes humankind has tried to defeat the simulation using the power of the human mind, emotions, our science and technology, and many other approaches. While not condemning these approaches, if we wish to ascend, they cannot be our first choice. Since Source-Consciousness created this perfect simulation, the only key that can defeat it is our very own Source-Consciousness which abides in what we call the Lux Animae.

Lightworkers are not immune to these systems described above. We often fall for the eternal gambit of choosing sides–thinking that we will overcome evil and replace it with a better system. But winning in this 3-D world only enmeshes us more deeply within it.  This is not the world we want to live in and this is not the body we want to live forever in. There is another way.

Ascension: An Example of the Correct Way

There is a story about the temptations of Jesus. He went to the wilderness to fast for many days. He became hungry from all of his fasting. It was at this moment of trial when the devil appeared and suggested that Jesus turn the stones about him into bread. Jesus answered, “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” What he meant was this; when we face trials, we must consult with the Divine Spark about our next steps. We should not assume that we know what is best. We do not follow what is right in our own eyes.

The primary goal of Lightworkers is to transcend the Boot Camp Earth Simulation through ascension living. This means that each time we are tested, we surrender to the will of the Divine Spark and follow its leading.

My friends, whenever you face a problem, no matter the size, consult with the Spark of the Divine. Let Source lead you in the way you should go. Follow the leading of the Spark within your Lux Animae and you will discover a source of fantastic power. The God within is your liberation. This is the faith that overcomes the world.

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