Are You Ready for the New Earth?

New Earth

Mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas, your brother on the God-Continuum who is here to assist you at this time of spiritual ascension. Source decrees that increased rays of vibration be sent into the world so that it might progress beyond this third dimension. This will result in the creation of a new world. These frequencies are bringing about massive changes in Mother Earth and humankind. The changes can be seen physically in the changing weather patterns as well as spiritually and emotionally. Look about and you will see that the world is changing before your very eyes. Since these increased vibrations began, the extremes between light and dark have never been so wide. Today, we want to speak with you about many exciting changes ahead for the new Earth.

The New Earth Experiences an Increased Vibratory Rate

First, we want you to know that the Lords of this dimension and the guardians of this planet have decreed that Earth’s vibration shall be increased. The reasons for this is multi-fold. First, the Lords of this planet desire that it be used for a different intention. As first designed, Earth was never meant to be a place of perpetual simulation. Presently, Earth is a training ground running what we call the Bootcamp Earth Simulation. This prepares Souls for their next level of ascension, by teaching the futility of depending on anything other than the portion of the Soul known as the “Spark of the Divine.”

A New Earth is Coming Soon

Secondly, a tipping point has been reached whereby the simulation may be changed. Those who still have lessons left to learn may easily be sent to other worlds and training grounds to finish their lessons. The Eden that has been imagined from the beginning for this planet is already underway. It awaits the ending of the simulation and a rebirth of new inhabitants who will care for the Earth as it was intended. These new inhabitants are spoken of in the prophetic literature of many world religions. They will not make war nor will they quarrel among themselves. They will live in bodies of matter as they so desire and most, by choice, will choose to live inter-dimensionally. It is the new heaven and earth spoken of in the Holy Bible.

A New Consciousness for Mother Earth

Finally, it is time for a transition of consciousness to occur within Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a conscious entity inhabiting the God-Continuum as do the ascended masters and others who watch over humanity. Even as humankind ascends along the God-Continuum, so does Mother Earth. As the solar system moves into the Age of Aquarius, a new entity assumes the duties once held by the Beloved Mother. Even as Jesus was Lord of the Piscean age, so now Saint Germain reigns in the Age of Aquarius. As this replacement of entity consciousness takes place, we shall expect many other Earth changes as well.

A New Earth begins with Disturbed Weather Patterns

The increased frequency will raise the Schumann Resonance–or the frequency of the electromagnetic field surrounding your planet. Higher frequencies mean higher temperatures. Higher temperatures mean that weather patterns will change–potentially causing a slight planetary shift. We are not talking about a catastrophic pole shift similar to ages past; but, we are saying that the poles will shift enough that some frozen land masses will thaw while others begin to freeze. The rising waters will change coastlines and move modern cities inland. As this occurs, humankind will uncover the relics of many ancient civilizations–many which were far superior technologically to present day earth.

Humankind Enjoys New Powers on the New Earth

The higher vibratory states will impact the subtle bodies of humankind as well. Unknown to most of humanity, a dampening field has been in place for eons to keep humanity from developing its normal and natural psychic powers. Humans are meant to experience telepathic abilities in waking consciousness. They are designed to naturally manifest physical matter by the power of the mind. These increased frequency changes will, for the time being, begin to overwhelm these dampening fields causing unheard of numbers of people to become clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient naturally.

New Earth: Things Get Worse before they Get Better

For humankind watching these changes, know that the powers who rule this planet are watching the clock run out on their ability to control Earth’s inhabitants. They know that changes are ahead and do not intend to go quietly. These behind the scenes rulers still hold immense power and do not yet understand that they will not be able to enslave humanity for much longer. The forces of earthly power hord Earth’s resources, enslave its people through debt and servitude, and unleash violence against any who oppose them.  They control Earth’s media and exude in the mind-control that goes along with it. Soon enough, these methods of control will seen for what it is. As people awaken to the facts, the ability of the few to fool and mislead people will lose much of its power.

At the same time, the bloodthirst of the psychopathic and sociopathic leaders heading the top positions of multinational corporations and heads of state will be exposed for what they are. Once uncovered, these authorities will use all the resources at their power to force nations to their will and to hold onto their positions of wealth and power.

Off-World Evil Shall be Thrown Off New Earth

The reason these offensive leaders succeed is that they have been enabled by powers that are not of this world. These leaders have been given technologies which provide them a significant advantage over ordinary men and women–allowing them to market inventions and products that no one else could imagine. These men and women have been given enhanced physical and mental abilities by the extraterrestrials which allow them to rule over humankind. With the help of the off-worlders, money, wealth, political influence, and mind-control have used to control the masses.

Until now, the off-world leadership that enslaves the world has been hidden from most of humankind. Soon enough, humankind will learn the truth. The vibratory increases will affect the off-world leadership as well. Earth will become an increasingly more hostile place for them–environmentally speaking. And as humanity learns more about their presence, they will find it difficult to rule in secret. But there are other reasons why these evil overlords will be diminished.

New Earth will Come to Know Our Extra-Terrestrial Guardians

Even as there are off-world influences that are full of evil intentions, there are just as many that are highly evolved and developed. The original developers of Earth are just as determined to see this planet and its sentient lifeforms evolve as it was intended in the beginning. These beings are immensely powerful and are ready to unseat the power of the off-worlders.

The way of doing so is very simple in principle. Raise the frequency! Evil vibrates at a lower frequency than good. Light vibrates at a higher rate than darkness. Heat vibrates at a higher frequency than cold. The higher the frequency, the more inhospitable the environment becomes for these evil forces.  But there is more

The higher the frequency becomes, the more earthling will wake-up to their Souce-Given powers. These powers awaken the Soul and expose the darkness. Light overpowers darkness. It is that simple. Much of the global warming that you are seeing and hearing about is the result of the forces of light–doing their work of freeing humankind. Remember as you see these physical changes that significant emotional and spiritual changes are occuring as well.

Good Prevails on the New Earth

Though things will seem worse for a while, evil will diminish and good will prevail.  When enough people see the darkness for what it is and begin to awaken in record numbers, it will become impossible to continue with the willing enslavement of the planet. Forces of light always allow for free will choices. If the planet truly wishes to serve dark forces, they will allow it. However, should the earth awaken and decide it no longer wants to be enslaved, the off-world forces of light will not allow involuntary servitude. And this is what is happening now! The bad guys are being driven away as the higher frequencies bypass the dampening fields allowing more people to awaken and tip the balance of power once and for all.

The New Earth  Replace the Matrix Programming

Through deceit and treachery, earth has been enslaved for thousands of years. Even so, Divine-Source created the Bootcamp Earth Simulation to bring good from this intended evil. The days of Bootcamp Earth are at an end and the planet will be the paradise it is meant to be. Souls who wish to live in unity with their creator–otherwise known as the Spark of the Divine will live here. Soon, that is all who will live here. Earth was never meant to be ruled by despots or the dark forces. Though it has taken millennia for enough people to awakened, the time of ascension is at hand.

In the meantime, mystics should be aware that we are all here to assist all who awaken in this transition time. That is why we are alive now. That is why it is important that you fully awaken–and not only awaken but become fully alert. Much help will be needed by the forces of light to assist the newly awakened and to welcome our the day of our new Earth. Please study carefully the information on this website.

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