Are You Ready for the New Earth?

New Earth

Mys­ti­cal friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your broth­er on the God-Con­tin­u­um who is here to assist you at this time of spir­i­tu­al ascen­sion. Source decrees that increased rays of vibra­tion be sent into the world so that it might progress beyond this third dimen­sion. This will result in the cre­ation of a new world. These fre­quen­cies are bring­ing about mas­sive changes in Moth­er Earth and humankind. The changes can be seen phys­i­cal­ly in the chang­ing weath­er pat­terns as well as spir­i­tu­al­ly and emo­tion­al­ly. Look about and you will see that the world is chang­ing before your very eyes. Since these increased vibra­tions began, the extremes between light and dark have nev­er been so wide. Today, we want to speak with you about many excit­ing changes ahead for the new Earth.

The New Earth Experiences an Increased Vibratory Rate

First, we want you to know that the Lords of this dimen­sion and the guardians of this plan­et have decreed that Earth’s vibra­tion shall be increased. The rea­sons for this is mul­ti-fold. First, the Lords of this plan­et desire that it be used for a dif­fer­ent inten­tion. As first designed, Earth was nev­er meant to be a place of per­pet­u­al sim­u­la­tion. Present­ly, Earth is a train­ing ground run­ning what we call the Boot­camp Earth Sim­u­la­tion. This pre­pares Souls for their next lev­el of ascen­sion, by teach­ing the futil­i­ty of depend­ing on any­thing oth­er than the por­tion of the Soul known as the “Spark of the Divine.”

A New Earth is Coming Soon

Sec­ond­ly, a tip­ping point has been reached where­by the sim­u­la­tion may be changed. Those who still have lessons left to learn may eas­i­ly be sent to oth­er worlds and train­ing grounds to fin­ish their lessons. The Eden that has been imag­ined from the begin­ning for this plan­et is already under­way. It awaits the end­ing of the sim­u­la­tion and a rebirth of new inhab­i­tants who will care for the Earth as it was intend­ed. These new inhab­i­tants are spo­ken of in the prophet­ic lit­er­a­ture of many world reli­gions. They will not make war nor will they quar­rel among them­selves. They will live in bod­ies of mat­ter as they so desire and most, by choice, will choose to live inter-dimen­sion­al­ly. It is the new heav­en and earth spo­ken of in the Holy Bible.

A New Consciousness for Mother Earth

Final­ly, it is time for a tran­si­tion of con­scious­ness to occur with­in Moth­er Earth. Moth­er Earth is a con­scious enti­ty inhab­it­ing the God-Con­tin­u­um as do the ascend­ed mas­ters and oth­ers who watch over human­i­ty. Even as humankind ascends along the God-Con­tin­u­um, so does Moth­er Earth. As the solar sys­tem moves into the Age of Aquar­ius, a new enti­ty assumes the duties once held by the Beloved Moth­er. Even as Jesus was Lord of the Pis­cean age, so now Saint Ger­main reigns in the Age of Aquar­ius. As this replace­ment of enti­ty con­scious­ness takes place, we shall expect many oth­er Earth changes as well.

A New Earth begins with Disturbed Weather Patterns

The increased fre­quen­cy will raise the Schu­mann Res­o­nance – or the fre­quen­cy of the elec­tro­mag­net­ic field sur­round­ing your plan­et. High­er fre­quen­cies mean high­er tem­per­a­tures. High­er tem­per­a­tures mean that weath­er pat­terns will change – poten­tial­ly caus­ing a slight plan­e­tary shift. We are not talk­ing about a cat­a­stroph­ic pole shift sim­i­lar to ages past; but, we are say­ing that the poles will shift enough that some frozen land mass­es will thaw while oth­ers begin to freeze. The ris­ing waters will change coast­lines and move mod­ern cities inland. As this occurs, humankind will uncov­er the relics of many ancient civ­i­liza­tions – many which were far supe­ri­or tech­no­log­i­cal­ly to present day earth.

Humankind Enjoys New Powers on the New Earth

The high­er vibra­to­ry states will impact the sub­tle bod­ies of humankind as well. Unknown to most of human­i­ty, a damp­en­ing field has been in place for eons to keep human­i­ty from devel­op­ing its nor­mal and nat­ur­al psy­chic pow­ers. Humans are meant to expe­ri­ence tele­path­ic abil­i­ties in wak­ing con­scious­ness. They are designed to nat­u­ral­ly man­i­fest phys­i­cal mat­ter by the pow­er of the mind. These increased fre­quen­cy changes will, for the time being, begin to over­whelm these damp­en­ing fields caus­ing unheard of num­bers of peo­ple to become clairau­di­ent, clair­voy­ant, and clairsen­tient nat­u­ral­ly.

New Earth: Things Get Worse before they Get Better

For humankind watch­ing these changes, know that the pow­ers who rule this plan­et are watch­ing the clock run out on their abil­i­ty to con­trol Earth’s inhab­i­tants. They know that changes are ahead and do not intend to go qui­et­ly. These behind the scenes rulers still hold immense pow­er and do not yet under­stand that they will not be able to enslave human­i­ty for much longer. The forces of earth­ly pow­er hord Earth’s resources, enslave its peo­ple through debt and servi­tude, and unleash vio­lence against any who oppose them.  They con­trol Earth’s media and exude in the mind-con­trol that goes along with it. Soon enough, these meth­ods of con­trol will seen for what it is. As peo­ple awak­en to the facts, the abil­i­ty of the few to fool and mis­lead peo­ple will lose much of its pow­er.

At the same time, the blood­thirst of the psy­cho­path­ic and socio­path­ic lead­ers head­ing the top posi­tions of multi­na­tion­al cor­po­ra­tions and heads of state will be exposed for what they are. Once uncov­ered, these author­i­ties will use all the resources at their pow­er to force nations to their will and to hold onto their posi­tions of wealth and pow­er.

Off-World Evil Shall be Thrown Off New Earth

The rea­son these offen­sive lead­ers suc­ceed is that they have been enabled by pow­ers that are not of this world. These lead­ers have been giv­en tech­nolo­gies which pro­vide them a sig­nif­i­cant advan­tage over ordi­nary men and women – allow­ing them to mar­ket inven­tions and prod­ucts that no one else could imag­ine. These men and women have been giv­en enhanced phys­i­cal and men­tal abil­i­ties by the extrater­res­tri­als which allow them to rule over humankind. With the help of the off-worlders, mon­ey, wealth, polit­i­cal influ­ence, and mind-con­trol have used to con­trol the mass­es.

Until now, the off-world lead­er­ship that enslaves the world has been hid­den from most of humankind. Soon enough, humankind will learn the truth. The vibra­to­ry increas­es will affect the off-world lead­er­ship as well. Earth will become an increas­ing­ly more hos­tile place for them – envi­ron­men­tal­ly speak­ing. And as human­i­ty learns more about their pres­ence, they will find it dif­fi­cult to rule in secret. But there are oth­er rea­sons why these evil over­lords will be dimin­ished.

New Earth will Come to Know Our Extra-Terrestrial Guardians

Even as there are off-world influ­ences that are full of evil inten­tions, there are just as many that are high­ly evolved and devel­oped. The orig­i­nal devel­op­ers of Earth are just as deter­mined to see this plan­et and its sen­tient life­forms evolve as it was intend­ed in the begin­ning. These beings are immense­ly pow­er­ful and are ready to unseat the pow­er of the off-worlders.

The way of doing so is very sim­ple in prin­ci­ple. Raise the fre­quen­cy! Evil vibrates at a low­er fre­quen­cy than good. Light vibrates at a high­er rate than dark­ness. Heat vibrates at a high­er fre­quen­cy than cold. The high­er the fre­quen­cy, the more inhos­pitable the envi­ron­ment becomes for these evil forces.  But there is more

The high­er the fre­quen­cy becomes, the more earth­ling will wake-up to their Souce-Giv­en pow­ers. These pow­ers awak­en the Soul and expose the dark­ness. Light over­pow­ers dark­ness. It is that sim­ple. Much of the glob­al warm­ing that you are see­ing and hear­ing about is the result of the forces of light – doing their work of free­ing humankind. Remem­ber as you see these phys­i­cal changes that sig­nif­i­cant emo­tion­al and spir­i­tu­al changes are occur­ing as well.

Good Prevails on the New Earth

Though things will seem worse for a while, evil will dimin­ish and good will pre­vail.  When enough peo­ple see the dark­ness for what it is and begin to awak­en in record num­bers, it will become impos­si­ble to con­tin­ue with the will­ing enslave­ment of the plan­et. Forces of light always allow for free will choic­es. If the plan­et tru­ly wish­es to serve dark forces, they will allow it. How­ev­er, should the earth awak­en and decide it no longer wants to be enslaved, the off-world forces of light will not allow invol­un­tary servi­tude. And this is what is hap­pen­ing now! The bad guys are being dri­ven away as the high­er fre­quen­cies bypass the damp­en­ing fields allow­ing more peo­ple to awak­en and tip the bal­ance of pow­er once and for all.

The New Earth  Replace the Matrix Programming

Through deceit and treach­ery, earth has been enslaved for thou­sands of years. Even so, Divine-Source cre­at­ed the Boot­camp Earth Sim­u­la­tion to bring good from this intend­ed evil. The days of Boot­camp Earth are at an end and the plan­et will be the par­adise it is meant to be. Souls who wish to live in uni­ty with their cre­ator – oth­er­wise known as the Spark of the Divine will live here. Soon, that is all who will live here. Earth was nev­er meant to be ruled by despots or the dark forces. Though it has tak­en mil­len­nia for enough peo­ple to awak­ened, the time of ascen­sion is at hand.

In the mean­time, mys­tics should be aware that we are all here to assist all who awak­en in this tran­si­tion time. That is why we are alive now. That is why it is impor­tant that you ful­ly awak­en – and not only awak­en but become ful­ly alert. Much help will be need­ed by the forces of light to assist the new­ly awak­ened and to wel­come our the day of our new Earth. Please study care­ful­ly the infor­ma­tion on this web­site.

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