Approach the Upper Room

My dear friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray who watches over all souls who cry for awakening and those seeking next steps of ascension. Have you noticed the chaos and change taking place around you? Social systems, political systems, educational systems, religious orders, and economic systems are all facing the brink of a sure moment of truth. In these times, remind yourself that “all is as it should be.” These are not random events, they are part of a larger plan enacted by forces greater than humankind for your good. And while no power or force on earth can stop the changes from occurring, it is still well within the hand of humanity to determine whether these changes bring total collapse or begin to awaken humanity.

All is going according to plan

Many believe that the crises facing your hallowed institutions are signs of mismanagement and failure–requiring even more control and protection from self-seeking despots. But perception is everything. Choose to see these changes as an indication of failure and you will strive to prop up the old ways which fail billions of humanity each day. But if you to choose to view things through the eyes of the Lord’s of Karma, you will realize that you are witnessing the travails of awakening humanity.

Long ago, the Lords of Karma and guardians of this planet were given a daunting task to raise the vibrations of earth’s sentient population. This they have done. Their successful work is now stressing the entire social order to the point of collapse. Soon, a new creation fully capable of serving the needs of an ascended humanity will replace that which you now see.

The Importance of Retreat

But as these things occur in your outer experience, it becomes even more important to prepare inwardly for the things to come. There is a place of shelter from the stresses of life that you constantly face. There is a place of quiet rest where you may live in full love and acceptance. Some call this place The Cave of the Heart, Inner Sanctuary, or House of Rest. All of these are accurate descriptions. It is a real place that is accessible through quietness and meditation. In the allegory of the last supper of Jesus, it was held in an upper room. Therefore, we call this place the Upper Room.

The Sanctuary of the Upper Room

Think of this inner sanctuary as a place that is fully devoted to your soul and its needs. Here you will find full acceptance–for your perfection is who you really are at your core. In this place, you will always be accepted as you are. We have spoken about your triune nature and the Spark of the Divine which is mated to your higher-self within the Lux Animae. This Spark of the Divine is your specially apportioned God that has been set aside to serve your soul on an exclusive basis. The inner way is based upon an understanding of this spiritual power.


In your meditative time, either before you retire in the evening or awaken early in the morn, direct your spiritual imagination to a massive door that is found on a darkened street. It is important that you believe in the upper-room–for it is real. This door responds only to your knock, for those who answer it are part of the Spark of the Divine that is partitioned exclusively for you.

The door opens and you are invited into a warm and inviting space by a servant who is totally dedicated to helping you. You feel welcome. As you look around, you experience a sense of familiarity. This is more than a room, it is a house you have been in many times before. It feels like home. This place is the place of which Jesus spoke–the place prepared for you. You have traveled back and forth to this place over many of your lifetimes.

The Upper Room

Continue walking through the room and into another room. Notice that your favorite foods and drinks are prepared for you. Notice the furnishings–custom made to your tastes. Look through the window as wide as the wall. You will notice palatial grounds overflowing with perfected landscapes–complete with beautiful trees and flowing plants. Yes, you know this place–even though you’ve been away for some time.

This place we call the Upper Room exists only for your comfort. It is where you may come and visit with your guides and invited guests. There is nothing here that can harm you in any way for it is a place of ultimate safety.

We encourage you to walk to the inner courtyard. There you see a bright flame of dancing fire. This is the fire that Moses saw that that day he observed the burning bush. It is the fire that appeared over the heads of the apostles on Pentecost. This fire is the actual form of your inner Spark of the Divine–that God-presence which is set aside totally for your growth and development. And since you–as a soul–are created in that very image, that flame is your true image as well. Flame is your true form when shedding any need to appear in one worldly form or another.

As you observe the flame of the Divine, you remind yourself of your own flame presence and move closer to the divine until you are merged as one flame. In this union, you feel the deep and abiding love of your creator. You ability to remain merged in this unity is ascension.

In your daily life, you try and remember this oneness as you meet the people, places, and things of your day. The ability to see the unique God flame inside of each person you meet allows you to serve humanity in ways that are truly impossible to those who cannot. This abiding knowledge and love is what allows you to overcome the world–no matter how scary it may be.

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