Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Dear Friends, nev­er for­get that you are nev­er alone – ever! In your hour of great­est need, as well as your great­est suc­cess, we angels, spir­its, and guides of the God-Con­tin­u­um are as close to you as your breath. You don’t have to see us to know that we are here. We lead you to posts such as these and web­sites to help you. We bring you books, friends, and teach­ers. Unless you devel­op a strong spir­i­tu­al sen­si­tiv­i­ty, our actions remain most­ly trans­par­ent to you. We are very inven­tive in nudg­ing you in just the right direc­tion – and mak­ing you believe you thought of it all by your­self!

Angels, Spirits, and Guides are Always with You

Some angels, spir­its, and guides sur­round you because they have known you for hun­dreds of life­times. Oth­ers are there because it is their duty on the God-Con­tin­u­um to watch over you and pro­vide you with guid­ance. Some are there because you called for our atten­tion – and we always respond. Oth­ers are here because you are work­ing on some­thing that requires our spe­cial help. No mat­ter, we sur­round you with our love and best wish­es.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Speak with You

You could not pos­si­bly know all the names of your angels, spir­its, and guides, but many of us are will­ing to speak with you in your dreams and moments of med­i­ta­tion.  More than names, think of us as ener­gies and vibra­tions! Did a song just pop into your head? That was prob­a­bly us try­ing to get your atten­tion – or it could have been a loved one you once knew let­ting you know that they are near­by. Some­times a song is giv­en to you so that you will receive a spir­i­tu­al mes­sage. Always pay atten­tion for ran­dom thoughts that appear. That’s us try­ing to reach you. Pay atten­tion as well when your mind drifts one way or anoth­er – that could be us try­ing to get you to think about some­thing impor­tant!

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Assume many Forms

We spir­i­tu­al guides don’t always look like those pic­tures and paint­ings. We can be a beg­gar on the street, a stranger on the plane, a mys­te­ri­ous helper that comes out of nowhere. We may be a voice in your head or a feel­ing that makes you want to do some­thing sweet for some­body else – or stay away from some­one who isn’t what they appear to be. Think of a time when some­one you didn’t know seem­ing­ly showed up to help you out of a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion. Angels, spir­its, and guides were work­ing behind the scenes to help you.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Lend Protection

Were you almost involved in an acci­dent? Angels, spir­its, and guides prob­a­bly made sure that you expe­ri­enced a near miss instead of a fatal wreck. Did help arrive for you just in time? Yes, that was us. We are always around you when you need us. Did you sud­den­ly remem­ber to put gas in the car, air up a tire, or go back into the house for your wal­let? We help you remem­ber to do things that make your life smoother and eas­i­er.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Help You Through Hard Times

Yes, it is true that you will some­times expe­ri­ence an event you call bad! Just know this; before you arrived on the plan­et, you agreed that this would be so. Even when you suf­fer as agreed before­hand, we angels, spir­its, and guides are near­by. Have you had those moments when you were seem­ing­ly calm in the worst of cir­cum­stances – even when oth­ers were not? That was us help­ing you remain com­posed.  We are will­ing to whis­per com­fort in your ear, cause you to sleep, or even go into a coma – if it is in your best inter­est.

Nev­er fear the moment of death! You have done this so many times before! We are always at hand – help­ing you shed the body and walk across the thresh­old into the blessed dimen­sion. Many times, we have pulled your spir­it split sec­onds before a painful death – and you nev­er felt a thing! We won’t make you suf­fer unless you agreed to do so.

Call Upon the Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Call us and we come. Think of us – and know that we are near. Talk to us as you would a friend sit­ting across the table from you.  We are that close. We hear what you say – and we answer back! In med­i­ta­tion, you can learn to speak with us. Soon, you will dis­cov­er our ways of com­mu­ni­cat­ing with you – through­out your ordi­nary day.

You can build a per­son­al vocab­u­lary with us. Tell us what a pen­ny on the side­walk means – and we will remem­ber it and use this as a com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool. Tell us what feel­ing you want to feel when dan­ger is near – we will give it to you when the time comes. Tell us what you want to feel when you hear the truth – we will pro­vide you with that feel­ing as well. Tell us what birds and col­or of birds mean to you and we will send them to you at just the right time. We could go on. Work on devel­op­ing your com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills with us – we will start work­ing with you right away. In time, you will see that you are in a seam­less pat­tern of com­mu­ni­ca­tion between your world and ours.

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