Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Dear Friends, never forget that you are never alone–ever! In your hour of greatest need, as well as your greatest success, we angels, spirits, and guides of the God-Continuum are as close to you as your breath. You don’t have to see us to know that we are here. We lead you to posts such as these and websites to help you. We bring you books, friends, and teachers. Unless you develop a strong spiritual sensitivity, our actions remain mostly transparent to you. We are very inventive in nudging you in just the right direction–and making you believe you thought of it all by yourself!

Angels, Spirits, and Guides are Always with You

Some angels, spirits, and guides surround you because they have known you for hundreds of lifetimes. Others are there because it is their duty on the God-Continuum to watch over you and provide you with guidance. Some are there because you called for our attention–and we always respond. Others are here because you are working on something that requires our special help. No matter, we surround you with our love and best wishes.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Speak with You

You could not possibly know all the names of your angels, spirits, and guides, but many of us are willing to speak with you in your dreams and moments of meditation.  More than names, think of us as energies and vibrations! Did a song just pop into your head? That was probably us trying to get your attention–or it could have been a loved one you once knew letting you know that they are nearby. Sometimes a song is given to you so that you will receive a spiritual message. Always pay attention for random thoughts that appear. That’s us trying to reach you. Pay attention as well when your mind drifts one way or another–that could be us trying to get you to think about something important!

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Assume many Forms

We spiritual guides don’t always look like those pictures and paintings. We can be a beggar on the street, a stranger on the plane, a mysterious helper that comes out of nowhere. We may be a voice in your head or a feeling that makes you want to do something sweet for somebody else–or stay away from someone who isn’t what they appear to be. Think of a time when someone you didn’t know seemingly showed up to help you out of a difficult situation. Angels, spirits, and guides were working behind the scenes to help you.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Lend Protection

Were you almost involved in an accident? Angels, spirits, and guides probably made sure that you experienced a near miss instead of a fatal wreck. Did help arrive for you just in time? Yes, that was us. We are always around you when you need us. Did you suddenly remember to put gas in the car, air up a tire, or go back into the house for your wallet? We help you remember to do things that make your life smoother and easier.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Help You Through Hard Times

Yes, it is true that you will sometimes experience an event you call bad! Just know this; before you arrived on the planet, you agreed that this would be so. Even when you suffer as agreed beforehand, we angels, spirits, and guides are nearby. Have you had those moments when you were seemingly calm in the worst of circumstances–even when others were not? That was us helping you remain composed.  We are willing to whisper comfort in your ear, cause you to sleep, or even go into a coma–if it is in your best interest.

Never fear the moment of death! You have done this so many times before! We are always at hand–helping you shed the body and walk across the threshold into the blessed dimension. Many times, we have pulled your spirit split seconds before a painful death–and you never felt a thing! We won’t make you suffer unless you agreed to do so.

Call Upon the Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Call us and we come. Think of us–and know that we are near. Talk to us as you would a friend sitting across the table from you.  We are that close. We hear what you say–and we answer back! In meditation, you can learn to speak with us. Soon, you will discover our ways of communicating with you–throughout your ordinary day.

You can build a personal vocabulary with us. Tell us what a penny on the sidewalk means–and we will remember it and use this as a communication tool. Tell us what feeling you want to feel when danger is near–we will give it to you when the time comes. Tell us what you want to feel when you hear the truth–we will provide you with that feeling as well. Tell us what birds and color of birds mean to you and we will send them to you at just the right time. We could go on. Work on developing your communication skills with us–we will start working with you right away. In time, you will see that you are in a seamless pattern of communication between your world and ours.

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