An Easy Mystical Practice using the Names of God

names of god

Dear Ones, to focus on the names of God is to invite Source energy into your life. Yes, it is that simple! We often make it too complicated! If you cry out with this fervent prayer, “Lord, please help me!,” you may rest assured that the Lord you call upon hears your pleas and responds immediately!

If you want to increase your energetic force (prana), recite the names of God!

Reciting the Names of God is probably the most underestimated of the mystical practices for cultivating spiritual energy; yet, it is one of the easiest to perform. We want you to know–reciting the names of God is just as effective as any breathwork (pranayama) you may learn to control the prana in your body! Each are important and we encourage you to do both–but if you had to choose, pick reciting the names of God.  This is something you can do anytime and anywhere. You may simply chant a single name for God over and over again, or you may call upon many different names in a row. It does not matter.

The Names of God Activates Your Energetic Forces

Whether you know it or not, deep within each of your cells, the Spiritus Lumine, the universe of distributed Source-Energy, is available for activation as you intentionally recite the names of God. This activation aids you in connecting your Lux Animae with Source-Consciousness, travel to other dimensions, or speaking with your angels, spirits, and guides. It is an easy way to raise your vibratory state. And if you think about it, what more noble thoughts could one have or place in their energetic field than the names for Source-Consciousness?

If you develop a daily practice of reciting the names of God, before long, these names will recite themselves automatically and unconsciously in the background of your unconscious mind as you conduct the normal affairs of your life. This lends even greater power to your daily affairs.

What Names of God Should I use?

It does not matter what names of God your recite–provided these names have meaning to you. Yes, we know, many religious groups will tell you otherwise–but Source-Consciousness is well aware of ITs names and responds to them all! As you develop your mystical practice, you should consider expanding your vocabulary of the Divine. Create names of God that call upon the Divine Healer, Blessed Giver, Wise Leader, Patient Mother/Father, and so on. Again, you may select from traditional names or create your own. Consistency is the key! As you learn more about these characteristics of Source–you will find yourself calling upon them instinctually as you have a need for them in your life.

An Easy Mystical Practice Using the Names of God

  1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, keep your back reasonably straight, and arrange your legs in a comfortable position.
  2. Take a number of deep breaths by inhaling slowly for five counts and exhaling for another five counts. Try to take ten of these.
  3. When you begin to feel relaxed, begin the exercise by taking a slow inhale while you mentally saying a name of your choosing for God. Hold your inhale for at least two counts.(Here are some examples: Source, All-there-is, Universe, Eternal One, Great Spirit, Father, Mother, Spirit, All-Loving One, Heavenly Lord, Holy Light, Light Eternal, Spiritus Lumine, I am that I am.)
  4. On the exhale, mentally say, “I love you and invite you into my life.”
  5. See if you can state twenty different names for God. As you do this,
    notice how calm and peaceful you feel. The names of God help center a person and instill inner peace.
  6. Some people find it helpful to use a mala, rosary, or large beaded bracelet as they roll beads between the thumb and forefinger to keep count or complete a cycle.

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