What Happens after We Die?

Death is a process that is well planned

My dear loved ones, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. Today, I want to share a message of great importance. This message is something that many of you know intellectually–but do not yet fully know through and through. The message is, We do not die! My friends, there is no death–only a resting and movement of the consciousness into a new location and nothing more. When bodily dissolution occurs, everything that was you is still with you–and more.

Mystically speaking, we are always preparing for physical death. We plan for it before our incarnation. As we live, we and carry a realization of its looming reality in the back of our minds. While here, our angels, spirits, and guides continually nudge us to take a long view. They encourage us to behave more nobly so that we might have no regrets upon our passing. As we grow older, and our body begins to decay and lose function, we clearly realize that the end is not far away.

There is No Death

As we repeatedly teach at Spiritus Lumine, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience–not the other way around! This viewpoint greatly impacts our view of death. Your soul is immortal and cannot die.

Your normal state of being is not the three-dimensional physical matter we see on earth. It is an assemblage of light and sound vibrational patterns residing along the God-Continuum.

Brother Thomas

When this light and sound consciousness decides to journey to the denser worlds of matter, it requires a physical vehicle to help it do so. A specially created body helps the incarnated soul accomplish its goals. Once the soul’s work is complete, the atomic structure of the body has the freedom to disintegrate. Once this happens, your freed soul re-assumes its normal vibrational form.

The Pre-Planning of Your Death

Most people assume that life follows a pattern of natural health until disease or accident befalls them. Then, one either recovers their health or steadily declines until death overtakes them. There is more to it than that.

While planning your earthly incarnation, you and your guides not only set a preferred day of arrival–but a preferred day and time for departure as well.

Brother Thomas

Imagine you are taking a trip in your car. As you travel, you will probably plan a few stops along the way for rest and relaxation. As you begin to arrive at the town of your destination, the highway offers several potential exits. There is always the preferred exit–but you have the option of selecting an earlier or later one depending on what your needs may be. So it is with the earthly journey of your soul.

In most cases, souls create potentials for early, mid, and late-life departures. As one lives, we decide which exit point we will use. We encourage our mystics to examine their life situations–especially those of childhood and middle age. A close inspection usually reveals several instances when, absent some intervention, one might have departed earlier.

We guides are always nearby and working with you. Though you may not be consciously aware that the time of your passing is at hand, the greater part of you residing on this side is fully aware of your departure schedule and what you must do to prepare for it.

As the time of your leaving grows closer, we guides nudge you to get your affairs in order. Mystics and sensitive people are usually aware of this process.

Brother Thomas

The Holy Bible describes several prophets and teachers who consciously knew the hour of their departure. Elijah, Jesus, and Paul all appeared to understand not only the way in which they would die but the time as well. Even today, after the departure of a loved one, many of those left behind often find clues indicating our loved ones knew on some level or another that their end was near. Some people place their home or financial affairs in order. Others may call people they haven’t spoken with for some time. Extending apologies, amends, or forgiveness often indicates an unconscious awareness of the nearness of death.

Dimensional Shifting

Here is something we think you will find interesting. From our side, not everything that looks like death and passing to those of you on earth is as it seems. As mentioned earlier, most souls have alternate departure options. What may appear to be an untimely physical demise to some may well be, from our side, nothing more than dimensional shifting.

As we stated earlier, souls have choices about where to “rest” their conscious awareness. Upon physical dissolution of the body, many if not most, souls chose to return to their natural state of light and sound–but not all.

Some souls choose to slide their awareness to a nearby dimension within the matter worlds. This fulfills karma for those left behind even as while one’s incarnated matter-life continues in another dimension. An example of this is former President John F. Kennedy.

Brother Thomas

John F. Kennedy and Dimensional Shifting

In one dimension of the matter worlds, an assassin’s bullet cruelly cut short President Kennedy’s life–but there is a metaphysical reality that most do not know. At the time of death, Kennedy’s consciousness seamlessly moved to a nearby dimension where he lived a full and complete life. Interestingly, in that dimension, Kennedy’s long-term impact upon humanity was not as great.

Death Follows a Program

We on this side do not want you to fear your physical death. We remind our newly awakened brothers and sisters that physical death is something you have done many times.

When the time for your departure arrives, you will know exactly what to do–even if your conscious awareness does not. Like a great airplane arriving at its destination, there is a programmed shutdown procedure the soul flawlessly uses before its body fully expires.

Brother Thomas

As early as a year before your demise, you will feel a nudging from your angels, spirits, and guides to get your affairs in order. This will not seem unusual or odd to you. For awakened lightworkers, this procedure has begun. We know that for our work to be effective, our mental bandwidth cannot contain the clutter of anger and menial tasks. Perhaps you will feel compelled to simplify your belongings or to downsize your home. There will also be a desire to place relationships in a more agreeable context of understanding–especially the more difficult ones.

The Dying Process

The actual process of dying involves two basic processes. These involve the transfers of energy from its physical life form to its energetic form and increasing awareness of the nearby astral dimension.

Energy Transference

The transfers of energy occur in an orderly fashion–even in those cases when death appears to happen quickly. As those who work with the dying know, a dying body often shuts down one system after another–much like someone turning off the lights in each room of a home before they depart. This is a sign that the soul is moving its energy from the physical body to its nearby energetic form.

The Transfer of Conscious Awareness

As energy transfers from the physical body to the energetic form, one’s conscious awareness also begins to shift to the energetic form as well.

Brother Thomas

During the dying process, patients will often experience dual consciousness where near equal amounts of energy reside in physical and astral realms. This makes it possible for patients to see loved ones and other spiritual guides in the same spaces we share with them. Some patients are able to give voice to their experiences while others cannot. Nevertheless, whether physically conscious or not, awareness moves in the direction of its energetic forces.

Dying Daily

For the mystic, the dying process is not all that dissimilar to the mystical practices they have done thousands of times. All are able to do this, but the mystic’s ability to do this consistently and at will is what separates them from most of humankind.

In a very real sense, the basis of all mystical and spiritual exercises is the movement of conscious awareness from one place to the next.

Brother Thomas

The Similarity of Mystical Practices

Lurking behind our conscious human awareness are simultaneous experiences in other dimensions that resemble the dream state. For instance, one may be working away at their daily job only to notice their conscious awareness has drifted into a daydream. This shifting of awareness is what we are talking about. The clairaudient, clairvoyant, spiritual medium, lightworker, and others access these dream states at will. There are different kinds of dream states one may access. For instance, some reveal potential future outcomes-such as clairvoyance–while others access clairaudient wisdom. The point is, these dream-like states are available to all and are the norm for those who exist outside of the worlds of time-space-matter.

In many ways, the shifting of consciousness is exactly what is happening in the death and dying process.

Brother Thomas

The Apostle Paul

In the new testament of the Holy Bible, the Apostle Paul said that he died daily. This is an accurate description of the ability to move one’s consciousness from the physical to the extra-physical. In a very real sense, that is the essence of death–a movement of consciousness from one dimension to another.

Some among you are not fearful of death as you are the dying process. We understand certainly understand this and we remember our own fears in this regard. It is, to use your metaphor, like diving into the deep end of the pool for the first time. It is scary for some and exhilarating for others. Like your first roller coaster ride, it is often a fearful event; yet once completed, you want to do it once more! Death is like that.

Assistance with Dying

What we on this side want you to know is that you are always in the best of hands when the time of your death comes–even if you are by yourself.

Brother Thomas

There are angelic workers, also known as the angels of death, who know the precise process of helping you. They do all they can to ease the suffering and minimize any physical pain. What may appear as physical hardship is barely felt, if at all, by the patient. Though you may hear moans of death, unless there is a karmic reason to endure some painful process, one’s conscious awareness is usually far removed from any physical suffering. Often, the assisting angels extract the soul from the body before the pain of an impact or any suffering occurs.

What about Eternal Punishment?

When your time to pass comes, please do not add anguish to your mental bandwidth about whether or not you were a good-enough human being. So many of the earthly religions threaten hellfire and damnation to those who do not live according to their teachings or do what they say. While these folk may be well-meaning, they are woefully misguided.

Judgment is a tricky business best left to the spiritual masters. Many people condemned by religious zealots were only living the lives they agreed to do before incarnation. The same is true about suicide.

Brother Thomas


Never judge the suicide experience. The truth is, all of us have experienced incarnations involving suicide. Besides the usual way in which we think of it, suicide has other forms such as mercy killing, wartime self-immolation, careless actions resulting in death at our own hand, and so on. Only our angels and guides can fully understand the reason why one commits suicide. Even in the worst cases imaginable, our guides understand the reasoning and context in which this occurs. Believe it or not, for some, suicide is an appropriate action–though for most it is not. One thing is for sure, Divine Source loves all–because we are all Divine Source. IT does not condemn–though it will correct a soul as needed.

The Crossing

Once the physical energies are fully transferred to the energetic double, the various remaining energetic elements of the body are given permission to go their own way.

Physical death is like the birth process whereby a soul returns to its natural energetic vibrational state.

Brother Thomas

Upon crossing over, immediate assistance is rendered to a soul according to its need and advancement on the God-Continuum. The soul usually reunite with members of its soul collective. Later, it participates in a life review before continuing its work in the higher planes of existence.

There are some advanced souls who need little or no existence. They know exactly where they are and what they must do next. These master souls visit earth for specific reasons and then return back to their ongoing work in the heavenly realms without missing a step. One day, we will all be as these souls.


As a popular book says, heaven is for real! Having said that, it is usually not like the way major movies and books describe it.

Brother Thomas

The many mansions of heaven, spoken of in the Holy Bible, include not only the Christian heaven but other environments as well. The most important thing to understand here is that heaven is a place freed from the bondage of earthly negative emotions–though other emotions are clearly and purely felt. The soul reunites with its greater purpose and understands more about the purposes of the life it just experienced.

Heaven is forever–but souls do not stay in heaven forever. It is like a home we visit after our daily work where we rest until the next day then leave once more on the next day.

Brother Thomas

Each soul constantly arrives and leaves the heaven best suited for its development on the God-Continuum. Though the heaven worlds are exceedingly wonderful, after a period of time of resting and rejuvenation, souls rejoin the work of spiritual development.

A Closing Thought

As we close this lesson, we remind our friends that the terms, “death and dying” and poor descriptors of the realities of moving one’s consciousness from one dimension to another. Still, it is always wise to remember that one lives upon the earth for a finite period of time in order to maximize their spiritual development. When the time comes for your earthly departure, do not fear. Those who love you most are awaiting your arrival even as they study your progress each day.

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