Achieving the Steady State

The Steady State
My dear brothers and sisters of the mystical path, this is Brother Thomas–your friend, guide, and lover of the Spiritus Lumine. I am writing to you today about The Steady State. This is the beautiful condition of life and living that comes the instant one maximizes the blessings of the light–no matter the conditions about them. It is the peace and joy available to all who learn how to experience the unity of all things daily.

Searching for the Steady State

There are those among you that many recognize as true lights in whom I notice great discontent. Some believe their vibrations are too low and seek remedies to raise them. Others think their level of spiritual development should be further along. Many mourn that they have few psychic abilities when compared to others. There are those who feel shame and guilt that they seemingly have no clear sense of direction while others about them have a laser focus.

Where does this discontent come? It is the lack of the steady state which happens as you identify with your egoic nature. Do not allow your mind to misidentify who YOU are! You are not the ego that continually needs pleasing–YOU are Lux Animae– a genuine spark of Divine light–whose very nature is peace, joy, and contentment. You are Source on a mission for Source. Identify with your true character and the steady state, which brings contentment, emerges.

Steady State: Practical Considerations

Let us think practically for a moment, shall we? Here on this earth plane, each of us has a unique address. We each live in a home based on many factors such as convenience of location, affordability, size, and personal things involving our sense of taste and style. Even though each of us has selected a place to live, this does not mean that we cannot visit any other location on earth–provided we have the means of travel and the permission of those we wish to visit. The same is true of the steady state. No matter our vibration, through realization we may visit any of the God worlds.

Before coming to earth, you decided to inhabit a vibratory range for this lifetime. This is much like deciding your earthly address. Some people choose to live in the green valley. Others want to live high on the mountaintop. Still, others are content to live where they have a beautiful view. Some wish to live remotely while others desire to live in a community. The point is this, though there are advantages and disadvantages of living in each of these locations, the Spiritus Lumine shines brightly at each place. You chose the challenges you to overcome knowing the tools of Spiritus Lumine were nearby for help. The steady is available no matter which location you choose to live.

All of us know people around us who have lived in desparate circumstances only to find their way to the Light of God. They chose to live in a lower vibratory state so they might learn lessons and overcome them by the power of Divine Light.

Steady State and Metatron’s Cube

We remind you of Metatron’s Cube. It is the illustration at the beginning of this lesson. This fantastic visualization of sacred geometry tells us that the light of the Divine directly connects to each part of the universe to all other parts! Can you now see how a person who finds God in their root chakra is just as connected to Divine Light as those residing in the world of the third-eye? What a great blessing it is to realize this! Worry not about your spiritual condition, focus instead upon Divine Light–the unity of all things! It will see you through.

One who realizes the unity of all things soon learns that where one lives is of lesser consequence than traveling the God states of the mystics. While we do not wish for any of our mystical friends to live a life of lower vibratory nature, do not despise those who do–and especially those who find the divine and achieve the steady state. Metatron, the archangel who oversees the distribution of the Spiritus Lumine, will help all seekers find that steady state.

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Metatron’s Cube Graphic used by permission of Creative Commons

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