Above the Dark Clouds

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Above the Dark Clouds is an Eternal Sun that Always Shines

My dear children of the light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I come to you in these times to bear witness to the Divine Light, that which connects and unifies all things to one another. I remember my times upon the earth when the dark of winter had come. The skies could be dark for days, and it seemed the cold would never leave. The same is true for the winters of our various heavenly bodies (such as the physical, emotional, and spiritual) which must follow the Law of Cycles and make their progression. But if we think about it, we all know the existence of a higher truth. Above the dark clouds, is the radiant light of the sun that never sets. The same is true of all dark clouds in your life, whatever they may be.

Dark Clouds of Death

Have you lost someone dear to you? Those may seem like very dark clouds indeed. Even when we understand the pain and suffering of someone we loved has concluded, we still may feel lost, alone, and in the dark winter of depression. I Brother Thomas tell you that their sun still shines! They are not dead and lost to you–not at all! They are as near as your thoughts. We mystics on earth sense them about us. On this side of the veil, see them clearly standing near you–even though your senses are temporarily blocked for a time. We implore you to call upon the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God, to flow powerfully through you. As your vibration increases, so does your ability to reconnect with those who have crossed.

Dark Clouds of Physical Suffering

Do you suffer from physical pain and suffering? These dark clouds of earth experiences are some of the worst. At times they ground you to your bedchamber where you seek the repose and relief of sleep. Yes, almost all suffer physical decline and the indignities that follow. There is greater truth here.

At the same time, when our physical bodies are weakened, we may more easily learn to draw upon the energetic forces of our healthy light bodies! Yes, it is true! You have many energetic and healthy bodies to draw upon besides your physical one.

In those moments when your physical body collapses, direct your mental and spiritual attention to your light bodies! Do not underestimate the spiritual power that is yours to call upon while you are physically weakened. Call upon your angels, spirits, and guides to visit and to send their healing energies. In these moments where your body is lifeless, ask and receive downloads of spiritual wisdom. Remember, in these moments, many have learned to travel via their light forms across the universe. Illness often provides the very opportunity you have always wanted as you affix your consciousness in the heavenly realms. The wisdom you gather will be all the more helpful as your health returns.

Dark Clouds of Addiction

Do you suffer from the pains of compulsions and addictions? Do you find yourself turning to behaviors that are self-destructive? Have you nowhere else to turn? My friend, I Brother Thomas want to offer you hope. The very tears you experience can turn to joy. Sometimes what appears to be the moment of our defeat is actually the beginning of a new life filled with immense power.

Did you know that your angels, spirits, and guides, are now by your side? Even at this moment of darkness, they urge you to take the next best step. Perhaps you thought those words from your family and friends were angry and insulting. Look behind the words and you will see that your guides are showing you a way forward!

Banish Addictions through Surrender

In the throes of addiction, it may be difficult to believe that we have loving presences everywhere about us–but it is so. And here is the secret, Help comes the very moment you pray words to this effect.

Oh, Divine Master, if there is such thing as Divine force, I can no longer manage the things I think, say or do. My best thinking is causing pain not only to myself but also to others. I now surrender my way of doing things to a greater power if you will but come and show me.

Brother Thomas

My dear friend, there are heavenly guides all over the planet listening and awaiting such pleas for help. They exist for the very purpose of helping those who are in need. They unite with the worldly helpers to bring you what you need. Recovery will be necessary and we do not want you to think it will be easy. Your transformation begins the very second you surrender to the help before you. Do not be choosy!

Accept the help before you–even if you believe yourself to be smarter and better than the person who offers it–for that is often the first test of surrender.

Brother Thomas

My friend, if you turn to the Spiritus Lumine, one day you will be as we guides of the Seventh Ray. Long ago, we too had to learn our lessons of addiction and recovery. Our compassion will guide and heal you. Surrender and learn your new lessons of recovery that you may soon follow your mystical path to salvation and happiness. The light is never far away.

Dark Clouds of Abuse

Are you suffering under the dark clouds of abuse? Are there persecutors in your life who suck the joy from you? Have you endured emotional, verbal, physical, or spiritual bullying? Are you neglected and treated as though you do not matter? No matter what you do, does it never seem to be good enough? My friend, I have great news for you. The Spiritus Lumine will light your path out of this miserable darkness and you will walk out of it victorious under your new strength and power!

You are like the large giant in Gulliver’s Travels who was staked to the ground by the little people. These little nats presume to think they can command you. Once the giant flexes its strength, the cords easily pull away and the giant continues its journey. So it is with you!

As you learn to connect with the Spiritus Lumine, new wisdom channels into your very being. This knowledge will teach you the truth about YOU! Yes, you will soon control a once hidden personal and sacred power. Already this power resides in your Lux Animae. Learn to tap into this.

Brother Thomas

Your hidden fullness has the strength of a mighty lion and the power of a mighty ruler. Soon you will discover your absolute authority over self, which we call the Spiritual Sovereign. As you fully re-assume these ancient forgotten powers, old painful relationships change or fall away. Confidence replaces fear. You assume a new and meaningful path. Allow the Spiritus Lumine to do its work in you, and one day you will wonder how any earthly entity could believe they could control you.

Dark Clouds of Depression?

Of all the dark clouds on planet earth, none are darker than those of depression. These swirls of darkness that tell us that nothing matters–especially ourselves! When under the spell of these dark clouds, we see no hope of a future, no ending to our pain, and feel a sense of continuous loss. Sometimes these dark clouds are the result of physical imbalance. At other times, these dark clouds are attended by dark forces that can only be removed by increasing our vibratory state a little each day.

The Spiritus Lumine is Divine vibratory energy that flows through all open channels. As water flows in canals dug from a high spot to a lower one, so too, we may open ourselves as channels for the light! Our very intention to channel begins the process.

Let no one deter you from arising from your depression. This hunger for help comes to you from your angels, spirits, and guides via the Spiritus Lumine. These heavenly entities will help you in your quest!

Brother Thomas

Yes, it is easy to learn very specific ways of increasing the ability of our bodies to channel energy through meditation, chi-gong, kundalini, and pranayama practices. Through intention and determined day-ish practice, we will find that our energies increase, our frequencies rise, and our spiritual power literally raises the soul above the world’s darkness. Medicines may still be required and we always tell you to follow your best options for healing.

Abolish the Dark Clouds Now!

Above the dark clouds of earthly experience, there is an eternal sun which delivers all that we need. The infinite intelligence of our Sun is one of the innumerable sources of the Spiritus Lumine that can find anyone who is willing to be an open channel. Your moment-to-moment connection to the Spiritus Lumine drives all dark clouds away. On Boot Camp Earth, we learn that things are never as they appear to be. All darkness is merely an illusion based upon the voluntary blinders we wear. For those who truly wish to see, the blinders are removed to reveal a more glorious way. Call upon the Spiritus Lumine to wake you up! Banish the groggy darkness for good. Allow the glorious light of the Spiritus Lumine to bring sharpness of mind and a new ability to perceive everything with distinction.

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