A Wonderful Loving Life

My friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas. Today I want to send a message to all of you wondering “What I am here for? What is it that I’m supposed to do? What is my unique gift as a lightworker?” Those of us on this side hear your questions and prayers, and we want to give you the answer in its simplest form. You are here to live a loving life. Yes! That’s it. Would you please not overthink this matter? Of course, we have more to say, but nothing you think, say, or do matters very much without love.

Loving versus Importance

The personality has grandiose ideas of the importance of being a high achiever, such as writing books, being a social media influencer, doing important things, and being in the public eye. To the personality, what you do is more important than who you are. The personality cares very much about the favor of other people. And that’s the problem with so many in this world today. Many who run successful businesses buy luxury cars, homes, and goods haven’t a clue about how to be a loving person. We live in a world that hails the achiever and despises the lowly. As the teacher of teachers once said, “What does it profit if a person gains the whole world, but loses their soul?”

Loving versus Looking Good

The ego can be tricky. Some say and do the right things but have little or no love. You’ll see their Facebook posts saying, “Hey, don’t forget that Tuesday is save an animal day!” You’ll see pictures of them holding little puppies next to their face, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen! We are tongue-in-cheek here, but seriously, many people want to be seen doing something good more than they want to be good people.

The Apostle Paul once said, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, if I have not love, I am nothing.” People who want to look good more than being good are little more than covert narcissists. Perhaps the truest test of whether you are a loving person or someone who wants others to think they are loving is whether you are willing to do good when no one is there to see or witness what you are doing. Are you willing to do good and receive no credit for it?

A Loving Attitude

Let me tell you a secret. Most of the tests and trials life brings you are designed to see if you can maintain a loving attitude as you solve what’s before you. An understanding of what we’ve just said is like being a student who has the teacher’s book with all the answers. Only this time, it’s not cheating. For each test and trial you face, will you do it with a loving attitude? Can you withstand unkind remarks in a loving way? Will you face the discouragements of life and maintain a loving attitude? Can you walk through the fire of serious disappointments without resorting to hate? If you can, you will have learned a big secret of life and overcoming the world.

Loving What’s Before You

Lovers of the light are simple people who understand that ascension is built upon loving service to others. In time, like Mother Theresa’s work of serving the poor in India, they may bring a focus to their work. As important as this may seem, it isn’t necessary for most of us. We can begin our life of love by loving the thing that’s in front of us.

When your child interrupts what you are doing, can you take a moment and give her loving attention? When you see a person down on their luck, can you help them with a loving heart–without judging or shaming? Will you show kindness to clerks, food service people, the people who clean your office, and the lowest assistant where you work? Every day, life will bring people who try your patience, interrupts your work and thinking, or treats you thoughtlessly. Can you be loving in return?

A Loving Life is Built Brick by Brick

A loving life is built interaction by interaction. Each time you meet someone, you will either treat them either kindly, unkindly, or indifferently. Those are your choices. And, as you face your choices, your personality will offer all kinds of excuses and reasons for why you might treat someone with less than loving kindness. It won’t always be easy to rely upon the Light of God to overcome the personality’s desire for revenge or satisfaction. However, each time you make the loving choice, you build your life of love. Like a wall of bricks set into place one at a time, so is the life of love built one loving interaction at a time. Do this often enough, and you will have a loving life that raises your spiritual vibration and increases your spiritual power.

Loving by Intention

You might ask, how do I know if I love as I should? We say, “pay attention to your heart chakra.” There is nothing quite like the energy of an open heart chakra. However, only you can do the work that opens this amazing chakra and allows its energy to flow. It cannot and will not be tricked. Your heart chakra knows whether your actions are loving are not. But if you do not yet have the sensitivity to understand this chakra, then let love be your intention behind each of your actions. Just know that when we make poor choices, our body does not feel restful or at peace. As we learn to listen to the body, we learn to make better decisions.

Ask your angels, spirits, guides, and loved ones to help you make loving actions; for they see you as you face your daily tests. They are willing to whisper answers in your ear as you face each trial. But most of all, take time each day to sit in silence and ask your best friend, the soul which inhabits your form, “What is the most loving thing we should do in this situation?” And your soul, which is filled with the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of all Good Things, will help you.

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