A Soul’s Affirmation

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. Today I bring a short affirmation which I encourage you to copy down and read over and again. If you take the time to study this affirmation carefully, you will not only know who you are but why you are here and the special gifts you have been given.

May the Awakening Light bless you,

Brother Thomas

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience. I am a trinity composed of the Spark of the Divine, an everlasting soul, and a physical being. I come to this world in limited form to grow, learn, and partake of the beauties and wonders of space, time, and physical existence. As I progress along the God-Continuum, Divine Forces surround and lead me to all good things in order to prepare me not only for this world–but also for the next and the next. The Universe intends only good for me. As a sign of good faith, IT extends me the rights of free will, spiritual sovereignty, and co-creation.

Brother Thomas


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