A Mystical Practice to Start Your Day

Start Your Day

Friends of Spiritus Lumine, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray who watches over those who live to serve the Light of the Divine. Unknown to most, each day of the lunar cycle has a unique vibrational quality that affects us according to the laws of planetary alignment. These celestial cycles impact each of us in positive and negative ways. Because of this, it is essential that mystics realign their vibratory field each day. So today, we want to talk with you today about an important mystical practice that helps you align your vibration as you start your day.

Start Your Day by Aligning Your Vibration

The purpose of all mystical practices is to attune the body and align it with the Divine-Source. In this way, we commune more powerfully with Source and enter into a consciously prepared sacred space where we are aware of ITs presence. Even though words sometimes fail us, communing with Source is not so much a thing you do as something you realize. We come into the realization that ITs awareness and presence is with us. For the truth is, we are always in communion with Source whether we acknowledge it in with our human awareness or not. The connection between Spiritus Lumine and your soul never breaks.

Start Your Day with a Mystical Practice

Today we introduce you to an ancient mystical ritual for preparing for the day. The exercise is simple and works well as a short morning meditation or as a recitation you might habitually use as you travel to work in your car.

The purpose of this practice is to align our power with the Divine-Source as we remind ourselves that we are here to serve. To do this, we use the power of our Spiritual Imagination to create the desired vibratory state. We plan for the good and the bad that may come our way.

Start Your Day Anticipating both Positives and Negatives

We all know that sometimes things don’t go as we hope. It is vital that we prepare for those eventualities as well. For these potential outcomes, we use our Spiritual Imagination to set our intention to remind us that we will respond with wisdom and love.

A Mystical Practice to Start Your Day

A script and mp3 audio may be found at the end of this message that we’ve prepared for all of you. This is only an example. Other than your intention, there is nothing magical about the specific words we provide. If you want to write a different script, use these words as an illustration and write something that feels right for you. We encourage you to set aside several times a day to either listen or recite this script. If you do, you will attract a higher vibration into your aura as you start the day.


A Mystical Practice for Starting Your Day*

Prepared by Brother Thomas on behalf of

Spiritus Lumine, the Mystical Path of Secret Wisdom and Spiritual Power

This exercise may be done with your eyes open or closed. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is your intention. Say with me, either in your mind or aloud, the following statement.

I now set my intention to welcome this new day.

I also set my intention to rely upon the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God.

It is my intention, to keep my focus upon Divine Spirit all day long.

Now take a moment or two to breathe deeply for five complete breaths. Take your time to inhale and exhale slowly. As you do so, imagine a beautiful gold picture frame is in front of your third-eye. Inside of this frame is gorgeous, luminous white light. As you conclude your five breaths, imagine yourself walking into the white light and recite the following words.

Today is a gift from Divine Source.

I call upon my angels, spirits, and guides of the God-Continuum,

To them, I say that I will appreciate this day–no matter the gifts or challenges.

I am filled with the Spiritus Lumine–the Light and Love of Divine Source.

This light shines radiantly throughout my aura.

This light shines through my eyes–to all that I meet.

I am wearing the Divine Cloak of Light which protects me from all harm.

Angels surround and watch over me.

I attune to the wisdom of my angels, spirits, and guides.

Coincidences throughout the day show me they are here.

I welcome my loved ones who have passed and are with me now.

I listen for your Divine wisdom as well.

This day, I will consult with the Divine Spark within before taking action.

This is a good day.

Everything I do is blessed by Divine Spirit.

Already, Source is preparing the way for me today.

The work I do is filled with the power of Source.

I speak with wisdom and authority.

Today, I maintain a peaceful and cheerful spirit.

I smile at everyone I meet.

Goodwill and compassion flow from my heart to all.

I affirm that all people are aspects of the Divine–even as I am.

My life blesses all.

I merge my will with the Spark of the Divine.

The Divine Light is in charge of all I think, say, and do.

Everything that happens to me today serves Divine Purpose.

Today is a good day.

Some people I meet today may have lost their way.

I will be kind to them.

Some people I meet today may be upset.

I will respond with helpfulness and humbleness.

Some people I meet may be discouraged,

I will show compassion and ask the Divine Light to shine upon them.

Some people may not like me,

I will respond with goodness no matter what.

Expressions of gratitude will be given generously today.

For all kindnesses–no matter how large or small–I will give thanks.

I am a Spiritual Sovereign.

As Sovereign, I offer myself as a channel for the Divine Light,

I use my freedom to serve the Divine Light in all things.

May the light of the Spiritus Lumine use my thoughts, my hands, and my voice, for good.

So mote it be.


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*Please feel free to use the link to download our mp3 version of A Mystical Practice for Starting Your Day to your favorite listening device. In addition to the script we provide above, we also include a brief meditative exercise to help slow your breathing, entrain your mind, and set your intention for raising your vibration.


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