A Cycle Ends, Another Begins

My dear friends of the light, there is much conflict in the world because change is at hand. Those who once held sway over prominent thoughts and ideas worldwide are feeling the pangs of frustration and rejection as their influence wanes and new ideas come to the fore. A great reset, stimulated by the worldwide pandemic, is taking place, and there will be no stopping it. Across the globe, power structures can see the handwriting on the wall as they watch revolts among working classes, rejection of ideas, rejection of control, and the uncovering of corruption on such a massive scale that it can no longer remain hidden. The decline is imminent. But fear not, as one cycle ends, another begins. This is the cycle that ushers us to the age of Aquarius.

The Rejection of Science and Reason

One example of one cycle ending and another beginning is the outright rejection of science and reason. For many, it is disheartening to see large swaths of people, some highly educated and holding advanced degrees, outright rejecting science, reason, and factual evidence. They cry, “fake news,” offer “alternative facts,” and make claims with little or no evidence to support what they say. In return, people ask, “How can one credibly argue with those who will not accept documented facts, verified experimental data, and historical events we have witnessed with our own eyes?”

On one level, it would seem that one group is logical and reasonable while the other is not. It would appear one group is moral and truthful while the other is not. But the answer is not as simple as this dichotomy would suggest. There are different answers if one is willing to see beyond present circumstances.

A Cycle of Disapproval, not Rejection

The cycle we are entering is not outright rejection of science and reason–instead, it is a disapproval of the world that has resulted from this belief system. Though it might appear differently, “It isn’t a rejection of science, data, or evidence that’s taking place, it’s a rejection of the world and plight of humankind as it exists today, brought about by approaches that are full of reason but having no heart. If one has ears to hear, we believe people are saying, “We don’t like what today’s world has become, and we are afraid it might become even worse if we continue doing what we are doing.”

A Cycle of Distrust

In the United States, many people distrust the media, educational systems, government, religion, medicine, banking, and corporate structures. Though there is broad disagreement on how the nation should address these ills, many appear ready to wholesale abandon these institutions and accept the lies and promises of a would-be dictator instead. We believe the reason many people promote the big lie that the former president actually won the past election-despite massive evidence to the contrary, isn’t because they fully accept the lie–it’s because they have been given up on the present system to the point they believe a dictator would be better than what we have now. Here is what we believe is behind all of this.

A Cycle of Fear Regarding the Future

All sides of humanity fear what is ahead. Those in power fear its loss and will employ ruthless and corrupt methods for holding on to it. Religious leaders fear losing influence and control as they lose adherents faster than they gain them. Religious scandals, including sexual abuse, historical oppression, abuse of political power, and a willingness to abuse scriptural text to control and condemn believers, both now and in the afterlife, continue to emerge. Large groups of people fear living in a world that rejects patriotism, traditional ways of living and believing, and tribal values once held by the majority.

Marginalized groups fear remaining subjugated to populations who have mercilessly abused and killed them for millennia. Progressives fear living in a world run by corporations, oligarchs, and pandering politicians who wish only to create a world that serves the rich at the expense of the rest.

The world is in travail. Resources are being depleted faster than the earth can manufacture. Changing weather patterns are causing food shortages, and water is becoming more scarce. There is much political tension, human rights abuses, as well as hunger and starvation. Further, most of the world languishes in abject poverty while a few nations hold most of the wealth and live in luxury. Even among wealthy countries, most citizens share only tangentially in the nation’s wealth. Technology threatens to eliminate jobs and much-needed paychecks while corporate billionaires vie to be among the first of humanity to build a rocket that will carry them to outer space. There is no heart among today’s capitalists, only greed and an insane chasing of additional wealth and resources for personal aggrandizement.

A Cycle of Manipulation and Change

In uncertain times, there will always be those who see an opportunity for manipulating the masses by trying to overthrow and seize the levers of power and control. These unscrupulous men and women will play to the generalized unrest of the population by making promises impossible to keep. These evil people will foment unrest and seek to overthrow those in power–by force if they are able. Like Hitler, they often blame a marginalized group for the perceived ills and failures of society. They will seek to change existing laws to legitimize their siege of power, including the violent punishment of all who oppose or disagree with them.

When change is imminent, there are usually multiple paths one may choose. The same is true of nations. While no future course is risk-free, we can listen to the best of our angels or the worst of them. We can follow a path of tyranny or make the changes we need to make the world a better place.

We say there is no need to choose a path that will lead to a civil war nor continue the present one that continually pits one group against another in an endless struggle for power. Instead, it is now time to make societal changes that address that addresses both heart and soul as well as reason.

A New Cycle Ahead

Among those who study mystical paths, it is well known that substantial changes occur alongside the celestial processions of the solar system. We are leaving the age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. At this time, there is an overlap between the two Ages–and this accounts for many of the struggles we have today. Soon we will leave our former way of living that relied upon tribal structures of religion, national pride, and large corporate ownership for a more unified global world where technology brings us closer together and humankind becomes more united. Religious values will give way to more personal values and moral systems. The importance of service to others will become more prominent than service to self. In the Age of Aquarius, there will be a redistribution of wealth so that more people have opportunities for growth and learning.

Lightworkers Can Change the World for Good.

Yes, many problems face the world today, but we say humankind has every reason to remain hopeful. We are on the cusp of a new epoch where we can create a new world that respects each person’s mind, heart, and soul by developing a unique society that promotes the best for all concerned. In this time of uncertainty, the message of Lightworkers has never been more critical.

Our message is that we are all one because there is only one being from which we all derive. We proclaim there is great power in unity, and that the strength of unity is found in its diversity. Instead of dividing us, our differences can strengthen us if we will build a relational society that respects human dignity. Our reason for being here is to learn how to love ourselves and others no matter the circumstance.

As Lightworkers, we welcome the Age of Aquarius and the blessings it will bring. But until that time is fully upon us, we continue to work for the good of humankind and pledge to help all who seek ascension.

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