22 Spiritual Laws that Could Change Your Life

Spiritual Laws

My dear friends, there are ways of living that encourage spiritual ascension. These laws are not always intuitive to those who fixate upon the physical five senses. Spiritual laws are broad statements about life, living, and how humans and the Divine  best work together. These laws are not absolutes; instead, they provide direction for those who desire to grow spiritually while making sense of their present circumstances. An understanding of spiritual laws helps the mystic apply Divine insight into the daily lessons we face to help us advance spiritually. What follows below are twenty-two spiritual laws that deepen your awakening and hone your spiritual awareness.


As above, so below

There is a direct relationship between the Spiritual and earthly worlds. The same is true of your inner and outer worlds. What you see in one world is a representation of what is available in the other world as well. Practically speaking, when things do not appear to be ordered in your outward world, it is likely your inner world is not well-ordered as well. To change one is to change the other.



The Law of Cause and Effect

Also known as the Law of Karma, the Law of Compensation, and the Law of Reaping and Sowing. The same energies of thought and action—whether good or bad—come back to you. What goes around comes around.



The Law of Change

Nothing stays the same. Energy and matter are constantly changing and transmuting itself. Nothing stays the same. Remember the phrase, “This too shall pass.” In times of trouble, be assured that “it will pass.” In times of ease, understand that challenges will arise. Nothing stays the same. Instead of resisting change, we cope best as we learn how to “go with the flow.”



The Law of Creation

Also known as the Law of Attraction. As a Divine Being, you are fully vested with creative powers. Your energetic field emanates energies that attract similar energies. Like attracts like. Most of what is happening in your life now is a result of your creative abilities. Be careful. Fear attracts fear. There is an old saying, “That which you resist is drawn towards you.”



The Law of Cycles

All energetic forces follow a cycle (i.e. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Life, Death, Renewal, the Zodiac, etc.). Each segment of the cycle has unique qualities and its own set of rhythms. It is natural for humans to prefer one cycle, or a part of a cycle, to another. It is a mistake to think that any portion of the cycle lasts forever. It is futility to resist change.



The Law of Divine Oneness

Only God exists. There is nothing else for nothing can exist apart from God. Because there is only one thing going on, there is also a universal unity—a oneness that expresses Itself in an infinity of forms and actions.



The Law of Divine Order

As with the Law of Divine Oneness, only God exists. Everything else is an illusion. Because only one thing is going on, everything is as it should be. This means that Divine Order pervades all that is. Things may not be as we Sparks of the Divine would like them to be, but Divine Order rules and nothing happens that is not the will of the One.



The Law of Divinity

As Soul, you are a Spark of the Divine, Source-Consciousness. You do not exist apart from God. You are God experiencing Itself as an independent Spark. As your mystical awareness increases, your Divine powers expand as well.



The Law of Eternal Existence

There is only one thing going on—eternal Source-Consciousness. IT cannot die, and neither can we. We may rest, but we do not die. We are, however, subject to the laws of cycles and change.



The Law of Free Will

We always have a choice about what we do–even if it seems we do not. The choices may not be to our liking, but they are choices nonetheless. Sometimes surrender is the best choice.



The Law of Harmony

All energetic forces seek harmony and balance. At the center-point of God-Consciousness, there is absolute balance and harmony because all energetic forces offset the other. It is the nature of spiritual growth to remove the disharmonious in favor of balance and harmony.



The Law of Location

You are always where you are supposed to be. You may not be where you want to be; but, you are where you are supposed to be.



The Law of No Divine Mistakes

The challenges before you now are those you agreed to before you came to earth. The difficulties you face are not “set-backs” or bad luck in the cosmic sense. You are experiencing exactly what you agreed to experience.



The Law of Reflection

When we look in a mirror we see ourselves. So too, those qualities (whether good or bad) that we see in others are probably little more than our own reflection.



The Law of Spiritual Aid

All prayers and requests for help are answered by the God-Continuum. The answers may not be what we want or expect, but all prayers are answered. Do not forget the Law of Self-Sufficiency. The God-Continuum will make certain you have all the tools you need to either succeed or master your present circumstances.



The Law of Spiritual Good Will

No Law of God is meant to harm us. Any law or teaching that brings intentional harm to another is not from the Divine.



The Law of Spiritual Imagination

Everything that happens is an imagining of the One Source-Consciousness. As Soul, your imagination is the fundamental key to accessing all spiritual resources. Through the imagination, sympathetic energies are created which allow astral travel, access to the Akashic Records, and the ability to converse with advanced souls on the God-Continuum.



The Law of Spiritual Sovereignty

You and you alone are responsible for all decisions made in your life. Most people follow the dictates of laws, customs, traditions, religious teachings, philosophies, and culture as a means of deciding good, bad, right, and wrong. Once the mystic awakens, they realize that they share responsibility for any good and bad outcomes produced by these systems of understanding. Even when consulting with our angels, spirits, and guides, we are responsible for our actions. The Spiritual Sovereign, not the various systems of programming, decides for themselves what is right and wrong going forward.



The Law of Sufficiency

No matter the problem you face, there are success and mastery pathway solutions available. Source has already provided the tools that will be needed. No matter how difficult these tests may seem to our outer consciousness, no surprise tests or exams are given over material for which you not yet prepared. Simply stated, you will always have what you need to meet the challenges before you.



The Law of Surrender

The advancement of our Souls on the God-Continuum is related to our ability to continually surrender and sublimate our human decision-making processes to the Spark of the Divine which abides in all of us. This surrendering must be made of our own free will. The Divine Creator intends that all Souls experience what it is like to follow their own will before they can fully understand the reasoning of following Divine Will.



The Law of the Continuum

All things exist on a continuum. What appears as a polarity (good-bad, right-wrong) is little more than a section of the continuum we may be examining.



The Law of Threes

Related to the Law of Cause and Effect. The energetic forces we send out, whether good or ill, comes back to us three-fold and more. If we bless, we receive more blessings than we sent. If we curse someone, we receive more than we gave. The more we help others, the more help we receive.



The Hopelessness of Human Accomplishments

Souls that have yet to unite their Spark of Source with their Higher-Self sentience will always create worlds of haves and have-nots. By itself the human sentience creates nothing of lasting value. Plainly stated, all governments, religions, educational systems, economic paradigms, and system of laws created by human sentience will fail to withstand the test of time. All fall to corruption, chaos, and disarray. The only way forward is for the Soul to unite the sentience of the higher self with the Spark of the Divine provided by Source.

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