Chaos and Spiritual Life

One of the most important spiritual laws you should know is “As above, so below.” This great metaphysical maxim reminds the Awakened of two things. First, nothing of importance happens in your embodiment that you have not brought about by either a cosmic contract, thinking, or an epiphany (during those times that you go within). Secondly, the same is true on a larger scale. Nothing of consequence happens in this physical world unless it fulfills the cosmic blueprints created by the Lords and Masters as well as the collective will of those embodied.

Mystics throughout the ages know these truths and use them to grow more powerful. Today, as you see the changes happening before your very eyes, it is important for you to keep this spiritual principle in mind. We are witnessing the SHIFT–the destruction of old energies to make room for the new–and it is following this spiritual law. We recommend that the Awakened do the following at this time.

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