Ten Things Mystics Do

Ten Things Mystics Do

Hello friends, this is Brother Thomas–your friend from the Seventh Ray. I send you greetings and warm wishes from the home of the Violet Flame. We always encourage you to deepen your knowledge and spiritual practice so that you might learn how to be the best version of yourself. As we awaken you and others, it is important to stop doing things that keep your vibrations low–and start doing those things that increase your frequency. In this post, I want to suggest ten things all mystics can do to raise their vibration and increase their effectiveness as a mystic.

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The 4 A’s of Mysticism

Asleep, Awake, Alert, and Aware

Hello friends, this is Brother Thomas your elder brother and guide from Spiritus Lumine. Today I am going to talk about the 4 A’s of mysticism. These stand for asleep, awake, alert, and aware. An understanding of these important concepts helps you advance along the God-Continuum as you raise your vibration and become more aware of your God-nature. There is a progression to mysticism that is observable to all who travel the God worlds. I hope that by organizing these concepts in this way that you might learn something that’s a little different and more understandable than your past understandings of who you are and what you are here to do.

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Numbers possess magical energies.

Hello, this is Brother Thomas from SpiritusLumine.com.

I’m so glad you’re with me today and I hope you’re going to enjoy what we tell you about numbers and numerology. A lot of people see repeating numbers every day—like 11:11, 222’s, or repeating threes. Perhaps the numbers on license plates draw your attention or maybe you’ve been randomly noticing your watch at a particular time of the day. If so, you can actually start using these numbers as a way receiving spiritual messages from your angels, spirits, and guides.

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Get the Drama Out of Your Life

Getting the Drama Out of Your Life

Hello, this is Brother Thomas from Spiritus Lumine--the mystical path of secret knowledge and spiritual power! When you come to this website you’ll find many things that are supernatural--but you’ll also find some things that are ordinary and mundane.  The truth is, you can’t be a very spiritual person if you don’t take care of the day-to-day things. Today, we want to talk about something that’s really important--it’s called Getting the Drama Out of Your Life!

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