Incarnational Lessons

There are four incarnational stages in the worlds of space, time, and matter.

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray reminding you that time, as you count it is short. From our viewpoint, your lives are mere wisps of vapor. But even from your slowed-down vantage point of three-dimensional earth, you must admit that life is short as well. Take out the earliest moments of life spent as a child–learning to speak and understanding the most fundamental things. Now subtract the later years of mental decline and infirmity. Remove also the years given to sleep and those given to idleness–such media entertainment. Soon you will see that the time one has to grow the soul and learn incarnational lessons in the worlds of matter is very limited!

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Who takes care of whom?

Trust in Divine Consciousness–not people, places, or things

My dear friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. The dense vibration of the third-dimension where you abide is very similar to living in the depths of the ocean. In the deep waters of the ocean, one cannot always see the brilliant light that shines on the water’s surface. In fact, the notion of a surface separating the water from something else would seem an odd notion to marine life. So it is with the race of humankind presently living on planet Earth. The dense vibrations of your dimension make it difficult for you to see the brilliance of the Spiritus Lumine which shines eternally on the surface of your dimension. That is why we ascended masters seek your mystics–so that we may commune with them and you may learn of this transforming light.

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The Secret Power of Four

Four is a sacred number representing not only our 3D universe but time and space as well.

My dear friends of light and life, this is your elder brother in spirit–Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I come to those who seek deeper meanings and know there is more to life than what appears to the eye. I am the one who communicates through the Spiritus Lumine and today I will speak of the hidden wisdom, beauty, and power of the number four. There is an underlying sacredness to this number that many do not perceive–and we want you to know more about it. We will start simply and end with a startle. Let us begin by stating that four is the foundation of physical and spiritual civilization–and of civilizations to come!

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What’s the point?

Though things may appear hopeless, you are meant to fly high!

Hello my beautiful friends. This is Brother Thomas, your elder brother and guide from the Seventh Ray. I come today so that I might speak with you about the importance of your life, and all lives which live in the worlds of duality. If you could hear the thoughts of humankind as we do, you would immediately notice a sense of desperateness. Those living in misery, more often than not, feel cursed to be alive. Other sensitive souls see the failings and injustices in the world and feel robbed of happiness. So many of you existentially wonder, “What’s the point? What is the meaning of my life? What difference, if any, does my life make?” Let us explore these questions.

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