Whose Planet is it?

Humankind is a benevolent experiment and does not own planet Earth.

Hello, my dear friends. I am Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I bring you information to help you ascend from your present section of the God-Continuum to an even higher vibration where your very thoughts instantly create the world that you want! Your training here in previous progressions of incarnations prepares you for the day when you will join those of us who have immense responsibility for the continued development of sentient beings everywhere in the dualistic worlds–not just Earth. Training, hard and cruel though it may be by your standards and ours, is a vital necessity. Remember, soldiers do not benefit from easy training nor do they benefit from not knowing the facts. Today, we want you to know more profound truths about your biology and the history of your planet.

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Summon the Power

The power of angels are easily called upon

Dear friends of the eternal light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I am here to awaken those who call upon whatever power of good they know for help in escaping the confines of the Boot Camp Earth matrix program. These are the people who say, There must be more to life than what I’m seeing here!

The moment a human says, “I know I’m here for a reason, please show me what I need to know,” We guides appear.

Brother Thomas

Today, I want to remind you of something that you have long forgotten lifetimes ago–the Divine Creator gives all humankind the ability to summon a variety of powers and forces of light to bring forth awakening and accomplish good.

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Above the Dark Clouds

Above the Dark Clouds Photo
Above the Dark Clouds is an Eternal Sun that Always Shines

My dear children of the light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I come to you in these times to bear witness to the Divine Light, that which connects and unifies all things to one another. I remember my times upon the earth when the dark of winter had come. The skies could be dark for days, and it seemed the cold would never leave. The same is true for the winters of our various heavenly bodies (such as the physical, emotional, and spiritual) which must follow the Law of Cycles and make their progression. But if we think about it, we all know the existence of a higher truth. Above the dark clouds, is the radiant light of the sun that never sets. The same is true of all dark clouds in your life, whatever they may be.

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